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COST OF COSSIE: Lobbyist Peter Costello could be time-bomb for an Abbott government

Some ex-politicians cope better than others. Many Liberals think Peter Costello needs to be saved from himself with a cushy appointment to a prestigious job by a future Abbott government before his commercial dealings explode in the party's face.

DAY OF ATONEMENT: Mortal enemies John Howard & Pyne kiss & make up to celebrate Christopher’s 20 glorious years

Former PM John Howard once hated once-youthful ambition-machine Christopher Pyne. As the nation readies for its longest ever national election campaign - called for September 14th - the Jewish Day of Atonement - it appears Pyne and Howard have atoned to such an extent the former PM has agreed to be Guest of Honour at Christopher Pyne's glittering celebration of his 20 years in Parliament.

HAMAS FINDS A FIEND: ACT union rabble-rouser Kim Sattler denounces Abbott as “raving Zionist”

ACT Uinions boss and riot-initiator Kim Sattler seems to think "Zionist" is an insult. We have a few insults for her.

LESSONS FROM AMERICA: Under Abbott, Australia’s Coalition has so far avoided the Big End of Town Republican party’s mistakes

The US Republican Party made a big mistake picking a Big End of Town, Establishment-figure Mitt Romney, argues Brandon Welsh. Australia's Coalition parties should resist the temptation to do the same and stick to their true-blue conservative leader, Tony Abbott.

THE CRIMINALISATION OF POLITICS: Are our political leaders PM Gillard and Tony Abbott crooks?

Tony Abbott has been accused of bribery offences. PM Julia Gillard is regularly accused of being involved in embezzlement when a young solicitor in the 1990s. We think scepticism is the right response to this kind of thing but why is it that Australia (one of the least corrupt nations on Earth) is so quick to presume criminality in our leaders?

THE SLIPPER DROPS: But conservative dreams of an early election go unfulfilled

Nick Mack is outraged about the smears against Tony Abbott being a misogynist and thinks middle Australia isn't buying the latte sipper talking points.

FRIENDLY FIRE: Abbott’s failure to shoot feral Barnaby creates opportunity for Turnbull

With friends like Barnaby Joyce, Tony Abbott doesn't need enemies like Malcolm Turnbull.

BUBBLES BURST: China confronts hard landing while Australia obliviously whistles a happy tune

Tony Abbott's frenemies think they're helping by insisting the PM is a crook. They're as useful to the Coalition as the 9/11 terrorists were to Islam. While they fiddle around talking up conspiracy theories, Australia's biggest trading partner, China, is burning out of control, with soaring inventories, an ailing and corrupt banking system and, as one analyst has compelling argued, is the greatest kleptocracy the world has ever known. How long can it last before it hits the Great Wall? What will become of Australia when it does?

ABSOLUTELY MAD: John Howard didn’t repeal racial vilification laws for the same reason Tony Abbott ought not

The odious nature of the judgment against Andrew Bolt is no reason to throw out a ban on racial vilification. Tony Abbott's plan could tear at Australia's social fabric and leave many thousands of Australians vulnerable to the racial attacks of hateful bigots.

THEY CAN’T BE SERIOUS: The Age’s “editorial independence” means it’s OK to slag Abbott as a proud, arrogant opportunist on the front-page

The imminent closure of The Age's print edition will cost a lot of people their jobs and no-one can take pleasure in that but when you see the muck they produce, their proudest boast, of editorial independence, is clearly just a big lie. Without the enthusiasm we once had for celebrating their misery, we consider the viciousness of their partisan attack on Abbott and why it partly explains why few will miss it.


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