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THE ONLY WAY IS OUT: Casey council boss demands tributes as he prepares for an emergency exit

Emergency exit, roof Notorious Casey council boss Mike Tyler, the subject of at least two Ombudsman inquiries and more scandals than a Spice Girl, is increasingly expected to retire from his high-paying post.

A clue that Tyler is on the way out was in the Berwick News this week, Council officers say, in that Tyler accepted an honour from one of the local Rotary Clubs thanking him for his long service at the council.

The thousands of residents at Brookland Green estate who live over the road from a toxic municipal dump presided over during Tyler’s reign of error don’t have much for which to thank him. He’s potentially left a thousand home owners with properties worth much less and caused untold stress and loss of peace and mind for thousands of people.

Council staff who are disgusted by Tyler’s mal-administration think the award is an attempt to shore the beseiged boss up ahead of reports into the municipal landfill disaster and looming class action lawsuits that could because of Tyler’s bungling cost ratepayers in excess of $100 million.

But one of the chaps present on the night with the Rotarians was Mick Morland who is plenty grateful to Tyler that his liberation of alcohol from the councillor’s booze stash wasn’t reported initially to authorities.

An informant whistleblower once told VEXNEWS’ predecessor publication that:

But when Liberal Mick Morland stole huge amounts of alcohol, soft drinks and chips from the council offices over the past several years (even captured on video footage), Tyler, after being made aware of this from a junior council officer didn’t raise a finger.

The Victoria Police did investigate Morland for theft although no criminal charges have yet been laid. Click here to read about the scandal from articles that have curiously since been pulled from the Star News website, published by a company seen as doing Tyler many favours over the years.

Good to have little mates here and there.caseyretirementtyler


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  1. Good riddance to bad rubbish

    Posted by ahem | April 23, 2009, 16:03
  2. Both Morland and Tyler have one thing in common, they are both thieves.

    Morland stole alcohol and other stuff out of the fridge from within the council office’s and Tyler covered that up for him…….and:
    Tyler stole the value out of my house and everyone else’s in the Brookland Greens Estate through his miss-management and Morland (when he was a councillor) covered that up returning the favour to his mate……

    Both of these crooks deserve to be in jail and its actually disappointing as a supporter of Rotary Clubs and the work they do, that they have bestowed such an honour on two deceitful people…Paul Harris would be so ashamed.

    Posted by The Foxman | April 23, 2009, 16:15
  3. I think it is perfect timing for Mike Tyler to receive this recognition as he must be under a tremendous amount of stress at the moment, both professionally and personally. All this trouble the methane issue at Cranbourne and the anticipation of the possible negative findings suggested from the Ombudsman Office. The fact is that irrespective of these findings, council’s budget is going to blow out by millions.
    And regrettably, I’m have been assured that Mike’s wife, Glenda, has left him and seeking a substantial divorce settlement. Glenda is a lovely lady and more than qualified herself as a successful high school teacher at Hailbury in Berwick. I am lead to believe that Glenda had, had enough of her husband bringing his council problems home and giving no time to her or his two lovely daughters.
    Glenda is also not satisfied o Mike’s assurances that he is not straying with one, possibly two other ladies, including one being a current serving female Councillor at the City of Casey. I wish Glenda all the very best with her future, she has had a lot to deal with over the past two years with Mike’s up & down behaviour and hopefully she will find peace once the divorce is finalised. My only hope is Mike does the honourable thing and not fight it and departs gracefully.

    Posted by Rev Peter | April 24, 2009, 11:08
  4. Poor Mikey, after years of abusing his postion entrusted to him by the Council and residents of the City of Casey, things are starting to turn on him and his inept miss-management of various issues is now coming back at him at a million miles an hour.

    Posted by anon | April 24, 2009, 12:51
  5. The lies and deceit at Casey would not surprise any of the former employees, some of whom were bullied out of the organisation for making middle management look somewhat ordinary. Hopefully all the residence of Brooklyn Greens Estate have joined the class action and get what is owed to them. Unfortunately, the Casey residents are going to cop the bill for this gross mishandling of the situation. They should get a good law firm to issue a class action against the Management personally, for their mismanagement and negligence in the handling of this matter in which they failed to mitigate the loss.

    Posted by Anonymous | May 4, 2009, 15:57


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