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THREE’S COMPANY: We identify unindicted third co-conspirator in Age hacking scandal as rats in the ranks emerge

benschneidersThe Age’s Ben Schneiders is being accused by colleague Nick McKenzie of also being involved “up to his neck” in The Age cyber-criminal hacking scandal. Deflection from “slick Nick”? Or can we infer guilt from searches on Schneiders’ girlfriend and family members and other unsubtle clues?

Word around Melbourne beseiged Fairfax bunker is that there is another Age journalist sweating like a pig over recent revelations in the Sunday Herald Sun by their award-winning writer James Campbell that The Age had illegally hacked ALP computers.

It’s Ben Schneiders, the workplace reporter for The Age.

So keen is co-accused Nick McKenzie to identify others as culprits for what appears to be his serious breach of federal and state cybercrime laws that he is pointing the bone at any colleague he can to minimise the chances of him being criminally prosecuted.

Some say McKenzie has already approached the Australian Federal Police with his own version of events, in a cunning attempt to gain first-mover advantage.

He fears being imprisoned prior to the targets of the Securency probe, a McKenzie signature story of which he is very proud but has yet to yield anything other than headlines.

So great was this fear that, it’s rumoured, McKenzie has also been dropping Millar and Schneiders right in it to his higher-ups like Mark Baker and Paul Ramadge who regard the young lad as an important asset worth protecting.

Some colleagues fear that Millar and even Schneiders might be made the scapegoats of the scandal by the cost-cutting management, possibly after McKenzie moves on to greener pastures, possibly to the ABC, where he is thought to covet the taxpayer teat.

They’ll all be hoping the authorities don’t receive complaints from those already identified as victims by the Sunday Herald Sun or any one of the tens of thousands of Victorians who appear to be a victim of their cybercriminal activities.


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  1. And I thought The Age was an ethical paper…not.

    Posted by Ben | June 15, 2011, 12:28
  2. Every time I’ve ever met someone from The Age they have had an air of superiority belying their irrelevance. I hope they enjoy their unemployment.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 16, 2011, 12:56


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