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UGLY: Iranian MPs close to Ahmadinejad caught chuckling about election fraud and torture until warned they are "live on TV"

When the Iranian Parliament convened to approve President Ahmadinejad’s cabinet, some MPs linked to him were caught having a laugh about election fraud and the torture and imprisonment of democracy campaigners.

His new cabinet includes Ahmad Vahidi who was implicated in a terrorist attack on a Jewish community centre in Argentina in the early 1990s where eighty-five people were murdered and hundreds more seriously injured. Most of the victims were Jewish.

The so-called Islamic Republic of Iran has become a sewer of political fraud and corruption:

Graft has become so widespread in Iran that the government’s anti-corruption efforts have been criticised as being insufficient to stem the growing malaise in the country, which many Iranians say is getting worse by the day.
”If I do not pay a ‘success fee’ for any contract I sign with government organisations, big or small, I will be out of business very quickly,” Mahmoud Asgari, the proprietor of two medium-sized printing houses in Tehran, told IPS.

The regime responded to the Argentinian outrage over Vahidi’s appointment by exclaiming it was a “Zionist plot.”




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