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UNCIVIL WAR: Unionists sacked by Fegan forces at HSU but Jackson forces say decision overturned

newshasafuture There is never a dull moment at the Victorian branch of the Health Services Union, which patriotically represents thousands of health workers under the enlightened leadership of Jeff Jackson.

Yesterday, long-time officials of the union, including popular figure Terrie Seymour, were sacked by the Branch Committee of Management, which is currently controlled by Jackson foe, Pauline Fegan, who is currently under suspension after allegations of bullying and harassment were made against her by union staff. The decisions to sack the unionists was contentious with nine votes in favour against six.

But this decision, dubbed anti-worker by Jackson’s supporters, was quickly overturned by patriot union members at a general meeting today. Jackson’s opponents dispute whether that meeting was properly constituted and is able to overturn BCom decisions anyway. Some think it is a cunning ploy by Jeff, a shrewd and wily operator, to encourage Fegan into the courts where she could be mowed down by the machine gun power of his legal team.

Either way, union elections are eighteen months off and the usual arsenal of lawyers, guns and money is being assembled by the warring clans.

Wiser heads are hopeful though that a peace deal will be negotiated.



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  1. You’ve got to love a Union Official who uses Howard’s Work”Choices” on their own.

    Posted by Blatant Hypocrisy | December 11, 2008, 16:59
  2. The snout is a most sensitive organ. People hurt my snout & I’ll hurt them right back.

    Posted by Ms Piggy | December 11, 2008, 17:02
  3. The sackings are unlawful. Three senior staff were targeted because they dared to stand with the rest of the loyal staff team against the bullying of their mates by Fegan and her bought off mates. The Courts will find this to be so and each of the culprits at the heart of this injustice better open their wallets because they will be sued for all they have. And Fegan’s legal brain (the prominent coburg lawyer)has advised his clients wrongly (again). And so much for the union’s OHS rep who supported the bullying and the outrageous sackings. Justice will be swift and retribution deep.

    Posted by legal eagle | December 11, 2008, 18:51
  4. There will not be a peace deal. This will be a winner take all contest with the vanquished put to the sword. The players have chosen their teams and now must be prepared to live (or die) by their decisions. If I was a betting man, I would get my money on the Jackson team. The Fegan puppets will not have the stomach for what will happen when Jackson’s dogs of war are released from their shackles.

    Posted by Sun Zsu's cousin | December 11, 2008, 19:49
  5. Conrad. Clown.

    Posted by Sun Zsu? | December 11, 2008, 19:55
  6. Fagen’s cash supply drying up? At least the first round of resolution were lawful albeit an attempted coup. It seems that she has indeed sought advice from a prominent Coburg lawyer for the second round of resolutions. An orgy of illegal resolutions offending the Workplace Relations Act, OHS Act etc etc. The work of a legal fool, resulting in the charging and suspension of the Committee members who voted for it. Nice one Yianni, thanks for the free kick.

    Posted by captain marvel | December 11, 2008, 21:02
  7. I would like to thank Kim Carr and the left unions for all their financial support, I would also like to thank the Asmars for introducing me to Kim, May i also thank my BCOM members who today stood out the front of the HSU office abusing SGE credit union staff as they tried to enter the building. What a team i have!

    Posted by Pauline Fegan | December 11, 2008, 21:33
  8. I watched the movie Dumb and dumber last night just to help me understand the HSU branch committe

    Posted by I married my cousin | December 11, 2008, 21:42
  9. BCOM – what a disgrace, you call yourselves unionists, resign from the union you weak scum,so much for all for one and one for all!Good luck if your employer does to you what you have just done to loyal union staff. Fegan has you all on the end of her broom stick.

    Posted by pissed off | December 11, 2008, 22:42
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    Posted by Twisted Oliver | December 11, 2008, 22:51
  11. My oh my it’s wall to wall Asmar. Having just pulled Fegan’s knives out of her back she embraces her again. Nuff Nuff of the week surely!
    Vexnews’ glowing report of her council success, is a tad askew. [deleted]. Such a winner.

    And then there are bribes from developers, and that nose job. The reconciliation between Asmar and Fegan, a union of village idiots.

    Posted by captain marvel | December 11, 2008, 23:44
  12. In condemning Fegan’s rabble, we seem to have forgotten a key player in her team of Bogun Inquisitors.
    The Ace in the pack, the Wise Old Gun from Ballarat (well in her mind at least). For years, it seems like Eons, she has regaled us with tales of her experience and wisdom like hot wind from a turbulent stomach, bursting out of a butt hole.
    Now in an act of strategic imbecility, she has exposed herself as a fat bloated rat.
    Experience and wisdom she is not, just another mediocre peasant that drools after the dangling carrot.

    Posted by w axl rose | December 12, 2008, 0:47
  13. Leave Joyce alone.

    Posted by Uncle Doug | December 12, 2008, 0:54
  14. Hey Doug I’ve [deleted] your wife.

    Posted by Lee Atkinson | December 12, 2008, 0:55
  15. Isn’t Joyce Doug in drag?

    Posted by Dissatisfied Member | December 12, 2008, 0:58
  16. Nah she’s too short, or maybe he skilfully walks on his knees when in drag?

    Posted by William 'The Idiot Savant' Ricketts | December 12, 2008, 1:01
  17. There will be no sackings and I will remain impartial.

    Posted by Joyce | December 12, 2008, 8:51
  18. In my considered view and given my long experience, qualifications and many long minutes actually doing something, I believe the sackings are justified.

    Posted by Michael | December 12, 2008, 8:54
  19. Yes my learned little one, I’ve looked at the brief and the behaviour of those sacked staff members would rile the feathers of even the most ardent pacifist like you my dear friend. How dare they stand against the mighty Pauline and threaten the riches she will bestow. See you for lunch? Say from 11 a.m. until 3:30?

    Posted by Yianni | December 12, 2008, 10:48
  20. I worked for the HSU but had to leave because of Fegan, I cannot understand how anyone could support such a bully.

    Posted by Anonymous | December 12, 2008, 12:10
  21. [deleted] is a pig and for the BOM to stand by her is injust. If she manages to pull thorugh this and lead the union I know all the members from my health service will resign. And as far as the BOM goes I wish someone would put a bomb up their arse to help them realise what they are doing to a great union that has brilliant membership thanks to Jeff and Shaun. If it comes to Pauline their will be no HSU so wake up and smell the roses.

    Posted by Concerned Member | December 12, 2008, 20:33
  22. Go Jeff and Shaun!! Its time to use the support you have from members and chew the fat pig and her committee of management up and spit them out into thousands of little bits. We are one big happy family and we dont need wankers like them trying to destroy us. And for the staff at the HSU, stay strong and remember that us members out there really do support you guys aswell. Without you we would not be where we are today. Stay strong and will survive this like any other attack from low life scum

    Posted by Anonymous | December 12, 2008, 20:40
  23. This fight has nothing to do with Doug or Joyce so leave them out of it!! This is all about one fat pig wanting her own way and not getting it. And Pauline if you read any of this, please be reminded that there are not many HSU members that want you in the union! we fight against bullies not encourage them, so go quietly and dont make such a fool of yourself

    Posted by Anonymous | December 12, 2008, 20:46
  24. In all of this of which I am part of….what is happening to our members, where is the service? Gone with the sacked members. I urge all staff and members to stay strong focused and united to the end.

    Posted by anonymous | December 12, 2008, 22:24
  25. Doug and Joyce made a choise to dump Jeff,Shaun and 95% of the staff in favor of the Pig and for that they will NEVER be forgiven!

    Posted by Anonymous | December 13, 2008, 10:01
  26. I’ve heard about the behaiver of Fegans nutters at the front of the Hsu office on Thursday, where is the Hsu federal body in this?

    Posted by Anonymous | December 13, 2008, 10:50
  27. I;ve been told Fegan had one of the officials bashed, How would you like to be a member of that union with her in charge

    Posted by Anonymous | December 13, 2008, 11:46
  28. The end is near for the HSU.

    Posted by The Angel of Death | December 13, 2008, 12:53
  29. The end is NOT near for the HSU – We the righteous will endure, and be stonger than before.
    The end is near for the perpetrators of this futile attempt to gain power through corruption and old school bully boy tactics.

    To quote Alfred (Michael Caine) in “The Dark Knight” – Some ‘men’ are not looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reassured or negotiated with. They just wanna watch the world burn”.

    I say to anonymous that yes it has everything to do with the traitors such as Doug, Joyce, Michael, Yianni and BCOM and the few other staff members that have been brainwashed and promised the unatainable spoils of this coup attempt.
    Members take heart, this is a cleansing…….out with the old, in with the new. Touch one, touch all

    Posted by magenta | December 13, 2008, 14:58
  30. When will the members see the details of [deleted] expenses ?

    Is it true he has spent more on alcohol/entertainment/overseas travel/luxury cars than on union representation at the Commission ?

    How many personal friends and family of [deleted] were working at the union and did the collective salaries–benefits exceed half a million dollars for nearly zero output ?

    This is how the Labor right runs unions. C-O-R-R-U-P-T

    Posted by Mal Feasance | December 14, 2008, 12:58
  31. Misinformed Mal Feasance, cast your eye to facts and close your ears to idle gossip, sounds like you spend too much time in girls toilets at nightclubs.
    Fuck the tit for tat, I have never seen Terrie Seymour or anyone else in my working life dish out the psychological violence, or make so much money from photosynthesizing, as the one and only Pauline Fegan.
    And if you believe that some support her out of concern for the Union, and not their own pathetic & petty interests. Get your hand off it, and let me jerk you off. I’m more imaginative!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 14, 2008, 15:21
  32. Mal Feasance what an ill informed fool you are,Fegan had no less than 6 family members on the books and a company that sold over priced goods to the union.Trust me when those clowns from the hsu bcom that support fegan have to start doing some very uncomfortable hours in the witness box you will change your tune!

    Posted by The Coburg lawyer | December 14, 2008, 15:42
  33. So Jeff is the innocent one, anyone remember Zora ?

    Posted by what goes around comes around | December 14, 2008, 18:42
  34. Yes I remember Zora, she had the full support of one Ms Seymour – my how things have changed

    Posted by Anonymous | December 14, 2008, 19:02
  35. and how many has Ms Seymour on the books – her husband, her neighbour, her sister in law, her mother worked there, Irene Weber worked there – oh dear nobody is clean it seems – and of course she recruited Melissa Jacka. Also when her husband was Mayor – did her collect two salaries????? Poor members and ratepayers

    Posted by Anonymous | December 14, 2008, 19:14
  36. I warned everyone about [deleted]. Don’t say you weren’t warned. When he’s in jail, I hope all the rats who took sides against my brother and me will come to my office, sit in the foyer and wait for the chance to apologise for destroying a union.

    Posted by Greg Sword | December 14, 2008, 20:00
  37. Its time the DOGS who voted to sack 3 employees for no reason are named and shamed.

    Posted by The Coburg lawyer | December 14, 2008, 20:13
  38. Maybe Pauline could bring her best friend Glenys back to work for the hsu, oh thats right Glenys did a runner after a week.

    Posted by The Coburg lawyer | December 14, 2008, 20:22
  39. Don’t diminish the seriousness of this situation by engaging in a tit-for-tat debate. The Fegan supporters on the BCom have directed that three employees be unlawfully terminated because they engaged in a peaceful protest against bullying in their workplace. As unionists we fight for the rights of workers. Freedom of association is fundamental to our belief system. To terminate the employment of a unionist because they engaged in industrial activity is farcical – and unlawful! No matter where you sit in the broader debate, as a unionist you should be outraged by this conduct. The BCom members and their ‘puppet master’ who are responsible for this ridiculous situation don’t represent the interests of HSU members. They have committed multiple breaches of various state and federal legislation. What they have done is unacceptable and unforgivable. Enough is enough! Get on with the job of returning stability to our union.

    Posted by Mother of Two | December 14, 2008, 20:28
  40. Very good point mother of two,the HSU Bcom are the new hero’s of the liberal party! who said workchoises is dead !

    Posted by Anonymous | December 14, 2008, 21:52
  41. I think that Hudson and [deleted] should have a good look at the staff supporting them. Hudson you can only buy so many drinks (probably out of union funds) to keep these staff on side but sooner or later someone will see what you have been up to and realise that you could be in deep deep water (drink up Shaun the auditor is on the way)

    Posted by Anonymous | December 14, 2008, 22:08
  42. This whole thing is quite disturbing, Surely it could have been sorted out. I bet the same thing will happen as before, sides are taken in the hospitals and if you do not support the Jackson team, then the members of that network suffer – it happened at Northern and it will happen again.
    Cut the bullshit, get to the facts and sort it out, the networks are cutting jobs everywhere, and the members have a disfunction union who do not seem to care about them.
    Also, Pauline Fegan I believe is not the only on who is bullying – how much are off on stress leave.
    Also, the Fegan “nutters” as was quoted above supposedly intimidated staff, what about the staff intimidating the BCOM, and who screamed abuse at a staff member. Not all staff want to be involved in this – THEY WANT TO HELP THEIR MEMBERS – let them do their job without harrassing them.

    Posted by irene webber | December 14, 2008, 22:14
  43. Further, anon said that the BCOM are the new heros of the liberal party. Why, because they had the guts to stand up to someone. I wish that I had done that when I was on BCOM No. 5 but I just went along with it – for which I am ashamed – well done BCOM, it is about time

    Posted by irene webber | December 14, 2008, 22:16
  44. I am lost without access to the Darebin mayoral drinks cabinet, [deleted] has promised me my own bar paid by union funds if I don’t turn on him in court and rat him out to investigators. Can he trust me ??? Only if he brings the single malt…

    Is $2000 a week enough to pay a manager like me. Instead of the bitter menopaususal old c-nts on BCOM giving me much needed pay rises, I get nothing but grief and sackings. The only sack I like is when I get to scratch me nutsack after I stagger home drunk after a hard days night on the piss.

    Now [deleted] promises me his fancy pants lawyers will save me. I don’t believe the c*nt. His little mate Robin won’t even look me in the eye, not even my brown eye.

    I want to die.

    Posted by Mare Stephenson (hic) | December 15, 2008, 6:53
  45. Yes the Auditor will enjoy looking at all the free drink ups the bcom enjoy

    Posted by Anonymous | December 15, 2008, 9:42
  46. Why did [deleted] lose support on the B.C.o.M.???

    1) Some never liked him despite running on his ticket

    2) Some are loyal to Fegan Fagin

    3) Some think he is a crook

    4) One didn’t like having her bottom punched

    5) Some think there’s too much politics and not enough union work and want the HSU to leave it alone

    6) Some are jealous and upset that their union secretary will play sticky finger with everyone except them

    Posted by [deleted] | December 15, 2008, 9:50
  47. Oh dear.

    There are so many comments that need trimming for reasons of impersonation/defamation/anti-patriotism that we scarcely know where to start.

    Time we spend doing this eats into time we should be investing in new articles – and there is a lot happening at the moment – so please keep that in mind.

    Your Editor.

    Posted by VEXNEWS | December 15, 2008, 10:50
  48. How is it that you describe Jeff Jackson as an enlightening leader – even though he presides over this mess, and Dean Mighell who presides over a fairly stable & growing union is described as:

    “Mighell presides over a union now beset with intrigue and suspicion as different internal union fractions spoil for a fight.”

    geez…. your analysis is a bit dodgy

    Posted by anon | December 16, 2008, 12:19
  49. perhaps it depends on which union supports which faction?

    Surely not…..

    Posted by what goes around comes around | December 16, 2008, 17:46
  50. Oh my is that a letter of complaint going to the nurses board regaeding Jenny Banks and elder abuse

    Posted by yiani | December 17, 2008, 13:33
  51. Fegans dream team

    Pauline(10 dim sims) Fegan
    Absolute ruler

    Doug(sober up ) Byron
    Chief of Organisers

    Jenny( the Elder abuser)
    Nursing offer

    John( sick leave) yianoulatos
    senior Legal adviser

    Toni( i sack unionists)Joyce
    fainess inthe workplace adviser

    Stuart(i’m havin a bit on the side )marshall
    Urban giftware seller

    Anistasia(fuck im a fat pig)cuntos
    I.T. adviser

    Posted by yiani | December 17, 2008, 16:49
  52. Jenny Banks an elder basher! Why on earth is she still in a trusted position in a Hospital. Surely when a scumbag like Ms Banks assaults frail old people at the Geoffrey Carter Nursing Home in Ballarat, she should be locked away like the feral beast she is. Yet it’s all kept hush and hush and now she’s still working in health. Her new employer will be made aware of this, and must exercise a duty of care to their patients. Shame Ms Banks shame, you rank slightly above a paedophile in the pecking order of human filth. Justice will prevail, you will be exposed very soon.

    Posted by Roger Ramjet | December 17, 2008, 16:54
  53. I’m shedding crocodile tears

    Posted by Joyce Robinson | December 17, 2008, 16:58
  54. I feel good that i will forever be known as the woman who sacked 3 unionists for no reason, i realy like workchoices, i wish Rudd would keep it

    Posted by Toni Joyce | December 17, 2008, 17:10
  55. Oh Dear, the self acclaimed gun organiser from Ballarat, that’s Joyce Robinson for any who actually wondered, is at it again.
    When will she learn that her limited bag of tricks is transparent, and that no one is falling for her bullshit. Crocodile tears, self appointed mediator, toss, toss, and toss. As I’ve said before, a fat bloated rat, and one of mediocre ability. Have the guts to show your colours and get in the ring Bravefart. You slimy old fuckwit!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 17, 2008, 17:16
  56. Toni Joyce and Banks are the bile of humanity and should be flushed away

    Posted by Anonymous | December 17, 2008, 17:22
  57. Joyce Robinson, knows the words but does not hear the music. Another pretender who wears her soul on her face. The years have seen her grow bigger, yet her brain has always remained tiny.

    Posted by The Ghost of Frank Zappa | December 17, 2008, 19:14
  58. Don’t misunderstand Joyce for chrissakes. She IS the way the TRUTH the LIGHT!

    Posted by biff | December 17, 2008, 21:43
  59. As she has told me many times herself

    Posted by biff | December 17, 2008, 21:44
  60. I know this is stating the obvious, but who the f**k in the Union movement would summarily sack 3 workers without reason or process, because they acted as Trade Unionists? Then they declare they would do the same to another 3 in 7 days, because they acted as Trade Unionists. Then who from the Union movement would support this, help such perpetrators, or stand by and do nothing? I ask this question of Joyce, John, Doug & Michael and maybe others? I do not ask it of Fegan or the BCOM, as we know the answers.
    Fegan is a sociopath clinging to her gravy train.
    The BCOM are partly brainwashed and partly indulged.
    Fegan should start a Cult, for this is her true path. I’m sure she could claim communion with the Green Reptilian Bovines of Alpha Centaurus.

    Posted by Tarzan | December 18, 2008, 0:18
  61. ÷;p-0i9 0
    \ hv mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm n j
    j8m ,m

    Posted by Harvey | December 18, 2008, 7:26
  62. Oh my,
    I hear we have some tough times ahead for Toni (workchoices) Joyce and Donna( i have a hit list) Conquo.Sorry to hear you have some work place restructering coming up in the next few weeks

    Posted by Tough times ahead | December 18, 2008, 11:28
  63. Public rally coming up to protest at the unlawful sacking of 3 Unionists by Stuart Marshell Toni Joyce,Anistasia Fatros And Donna cumco. deatails of the rally to be posted soon

    Posted by Defend the HSU 3 | December 18, 2008, 14:04
  64. Where do we sign up for the rally in support of the sackings???

    Posted by Anonymous | December 18, 2008, 14:37
  65. Jackson is in power and here to stay!! do some work Deloris

    Posted by Defend the HSU 3 | December 18, 2008, 14:46
  66. Smoke another fag and croak irene you poisonous toad

    Posted by another anon | December 18, 2008, 23:22
  67. John Yianoulatos is a legend. Lets make no bones about this. His is a legend who should not hide. He needs to fly and be let fly. Fly fly legend MAN, Declare your legindariness to the world, don’t be cowed by those that seek to quash your inestimable talents. The losers don’t understand you.

    Posted by biff | December 19, 2008, 1:28
  68. Thank you another anon for your best wishes – yes I do have cancer and have not long to go but I will go with a clear conscience. As for being a poisonous toad, well you taught me everything I know. You guys should bring in a mediation consultant, perhaps les Butler would be good, to sort out this mess, to this day I do not know what it is about. I have said right along I do not have a problem with Jeff or Kathy, but as for you as some others, get out of the gutter and start looking after your members. They are all reading this site.

    Posted by irene webber | December 19, 2008, 12:52
  69. makes me want to quit the union and save my fees for a lawyer, if I ever need one

    Posted by member | December 20, 2008, 20:16
  70. So how much has Fegan cost the union in Legal fees?

    Posted by Anonymous | December 21, 2008, 15:30
  71. Anonymous probably as much as you.

    Posted by irene webber | December 21, 2008, 15:53
  72. Big night for Fegans stormtroopers, a number of HSU staff had their car windows smashed last night.

    Posted by Jail thugs | December 21, 2008, 16:04
  73. Well if that is true, it is a very very sad day for everyone. I knew it was getting nasty but never imagined it would turn to this. I sincerely hope it is only gossip

    Posted by irene webber | December 21, 2008, 16:09
  74. Trust me its not gossip

    Posted by Jail thugs | December 21, 2008, 16:21
  75. Do not trust anyone but if it is true surely you report it to the authorities and charges woulde be laid.

    Posted by irene webber | December 21, 2008, 16:36
  76. This is the last time I am going to put anything here, because I have been accused of liking young girls, sexual harrassment, wishing that I would croak it etc.

    What I do not understand that the waring parties were best friends when I left there just over 1 year ago. What has happened to turn you all into better enemies, this is beyond me. It is not that they had only just met, but they had known each other for years and years. The one who is lodging the bullying claim against Pauline Fegan has worked with her for many many years, so why all of a sudden is she claiming that she is bullied.

    Yes, Terrie Seymour did get me the position at HSU, and I accepted it as I thought I could make a difference. How wrong was I, I have never been subjected to such bullying tactics in my life.

    I had been a member of the HSU for over 15 years but unfortunately when I needed them they were not there. I still have an ongoing issue with The Norther Hospital regarding an extreme invasion of my privacy, but were/are the union prepared to look after their members – no. This is NOT No. 1 I am talking about.

    So guys, please sort this out like adults instead of getting down and dirty in the gutter – your members deserve better than what they are getting.

    Have a nice Christmas

    Posted by irene webber | December 21, 2008, 17:24
  77. The police are investigating a number of smashed car windows,

    Posted by Fegans end | December 21, 2008, 19:05
  78. One day, and it will be soon, the prominent Coburg Lawyer’s daughters will be ashamed of him. A bent opportunist salivating in pursuit of the dollar. Shame your corrupt prick, how’s your former Articles Clerk? Fall on your sword, and maintain what is left of your honour. Otherwise you are destined to be the object of your daughters’ shame.

    Posted by Tarzan | December 21, 2008, 20:42
  79. I eat my food with a shovel, and I still want more.
    I wear so much bling that metal detectors within a 10km radius go beserk, and I still want more.
    My credit card gets more use than my knickers (parachutes), and I still want more.
    I am uglier than a deformed toad, and still I want indulgence.
    I am a rabid pig that feeds on the bacon, and Fegan is my ally.
    Just give me all of it I am wobbling with greed.

    Posted by Vicki Yianoulatos | December 21, 2008, 21:06
  80. You guys are the pits – you deserve
    to be exposed for what you are –
    this site will now become the favourite place for all union members to see that you not only attack staff but the family of staff. You are a pack of very very sick puppies

    Posted by irene webber | December 21, 2008, 21:13
  81. Return the tapes and stop smashing up HSU staff cars you dog

    Posted by Anonymous | December 21, 2008, 21:29
  82. what r u referring to me – shit you are a sick person

    Posted by irene webber | December 21, 2008, 21:33
  83. Where are the stolen tapes oh great Coburg Lawyer?

    Posted by Anonymous | December 22, 2008, 9:24
  84. Fegans Faggots had a big night on Saturday smashing up staff cars

    Posted by Anonymous | December 22, 2008, 10:15
  85. The ETU say no to FEGAN, Time to face the members sweetie!

    Posted by Irene Webber | December 22, 2008, 18:48
  86. Would the person who is posting comments that are not by me, stop it, you gutless wonder, say who you are

    Posted by irene webber | December 22, 2008, 19:44
  87. Jeff and Shaun, you can run but you cannot hide – the auditors are coming

    Posted by anon | December 22, 2008, 21:13
  88. Yes the auditors will be very keen to look at the criminals in the bcom,go smash up a few more cars

    Posted by Defend the HSU 3 | December 22, 2008, 21:48
  89. oh my Fegans faggots have a bit to worry about, very interesting legal history Mr Yiani

    Posted by Irene Webber | December 22, 2008, 22:04
  90. this is the real irene webber is that why all you free loaders used his serviced for free when he was your friend, got a few of you out of a bind when he was yr FRIEND or did you just use him like everyone else. God, I hardly got on with him and I am defending him, because I cannot stand what is going on

    Members,keep reading,

    Posted by irene webber | December 22, 2008, 22:10
  91. i thought you were going to stop posting irene. or can’t you help yourslf you wicked witch?

    Posted by another irene | December 22, 2008, 22:47
  92. Irene, Darling come over and help me shovel a dozen or so pies down my throat.

    Posted by Vicki Yianoulatos | December 22, 2008, 22:50
  93. Yeah I was, but cannot help myself with you sick puppies, and thanks Vicki alias, yr gut is so big a dozen more pies would make no difference to you. Seriously, when the auditors finish their jobs, one of you warring sides will be proven right and then hopefully you will get back to running a union.

    Posted by irene webber | December 22, 2008, 23:17
  94. Dear BCOM enjoy your Xmas swill, some of the HSU staff have no money to feed their familys this Xmas thanks to you

    Posted by unemployed | December 23, 2008, 12:03
  95. Oh dear unemployed – do you really believe that your members will fall for that. As if the ones who have been sacked would not be paid and as if they had no money – come on, you have treated the members as morons for too long. Wait for all the investigations to be completed because now you are making absolute dickheads out of yourselves. You are hurting the HSU, union movement as a whole and also the ALP. Do not try to kick the arse of the BCOM they did what they thought they had to do – if only I could turn back time, perhaps none of this would have happened.

    Posted by irene webber | December 23, 2008, 13:18
  96. If I could turn back time
    If I could find a way
    I’d take back those words that have hurt you
    And you’d stay
    I don’t know why I did the things I did
    I don’t know why I said the things I said
    Pride’s like a knife, it can cut deep inside
    Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes
    I didn’t really mean to hurt you
    I didn’t wanna see you go
    I know I made you cry
    But baby
    If I could turn back time
    If I could find a way
    I’d take back those words that have hurt you
    And you’d stay
    If I could reach the stars
    I’d give them all to you
    Then you’d love me, love me
    Like you used to do
    If I could turn back time
    My world was shattered, I was torn apart
    Like somebody took a knife
    And drove it deep in my heart
    When you walked out that door
    I swore that I didn’t care
    But I lost every thing darling then and there
    Too strong to tell you I was sorry
    Too proud to tell you I was wrong
    I know that I was blind, and darling

    Posted by cher | December 23, 2008, 13:45
  97. good someone has a sense of humour – now go and get on with it

    Posted by irene webber | December 23, 2008, 14:43
  98. Oh Stuart, you sacked amother of two, for that little effort you and your little buddy bill will soon be drinking soup through a straw, watch your shoulder boys

    Posted by Thumper | December 23, 2008, 17:14
  99. Its time someone also gave Jenny(the elder abuser)Banks a going over as well,lets hope the bcom have a save xmas we’d hate for something to happen!

    Posted by about time | December 23, 2008, 17:51
  100. Dear old Irene,
    You speak of things you have no knowledge or understanding of. The managers were sacked with no notice or payment, just for participating in a peaceful workplace protest against a travesty of justice wrought by Fegan and BCOM. The HSU would not stand for if it happened in a members workplace, and you are supporting it. Get your facts straight and get a life. This thread is not about you, although you reply to comments as if they are directed at you alone. Most surely the investigations will show BCOM’s puppet master as the thief, liar and bully she is. Fegan & BCOM, you’re going down

    Posted by magenta | December 23, 2008, 17:52
  101. There are many Irene Webbers posting here. One is the real Irene Webber, and who might the other be? Well the words and the rhythm are unmistakable, the false Irene Webber is John Yianoulatos. Yianni spare us the emotion of your most recent post as Irene Webber; you, Fegan, and your good wife have broader motivations and none of them are a concern for the Union. $$$$$$$ are your motivation and Fegan’s. Spare us your patronising and feigned gallantry, you don’t have the heart.
    Your use of the Irene Webber alias is quite a Freudian Slip, it says a lot about what you really think of yourself deep down inside.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 23, 2008, 18:30
  102. oh so that is who it is – well thanks for that Captain Marvel but cannot understand why

    Posted by irene webber | December 23, 2008, 18:48
  103. Ok Captain you’ve caught me out again, i will soon be the cheif industrial officer at the HSU and with my crack shot team of Byron, toro, hondros and banks we will control the world, Vici can you please call in sick for vme in the morning.

    Posted by John Yianoulatos | December 23, 2008, 19:01
  104. I’m irene webber and so is my wife.

    Posted by irene webber | December 23, 2008, 19:48
  105. No i’m irene webber

    Posted by irene webber | December 23, 2008, 20:04
  106. So who the f**k is Brian?

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 23, 2008, 20:19
  107. I just take the opportunity to declare Lloyd Williams’ neutrality in all this.

    Posted by Brian O'Connor | December 23, 2008, 20:23
  108. Lloyd neutral? Have you been drinking Brian? there is evedence that Lloyd is paying Fegans bills

    Posted by irene webber | December 23, 2008, 20:57
  109. Im so outraged by Paulines actions in sacking 3 staff that i had to send out a loud protest, so i went out and had Christmas dinner with Pauline and we got pissed, on the union tab of course

    Posted by Joyce Robinson | December 23, 2008, 21:04
  110. The union’s branch was nearly dead,
    It was once so nobly led,
    And now it’s so stiff and cold,
    And the member’s rights have now been sold.

    Let’s raise our union’s standard high. (chorus)
    Within its ranks we’ll work and maybe cry,
    Though the Jackson’s flinch and their supporters sneer,
    The members will keep our hopes flying here.

    Look round, the bosses hate its blaze,
    The bloody VHIA curse its praise,
    In the members homes our songs are sung
    The HSU swells the surging throng.

    We forged ahead during our infant might,
    When all ahead seemed dark as night;
    It witnessed many a deed and a vow,
    We must not change our course now.

    The branch well recalls the triumphs past,
    It gives the hope of fair play at last;
    Our futures bright, the symbol plain,
    Of members rights and members gain.

    It suits today the weak and base,
    Whose minds are fixed on self and place
    Don’t cringe before the Jackson clown,
    We won’t let them tear our union down.

    With heads uncovered swear we all
    We will not let our great union fall;
    Despite Jackson, Seymour and Hudson grim,
    This song shall be our winning hymn.

    Posted by Attaturk | December 23, 2008, 22:17
  111. I am not irene bardsley – I worked at PANCH I was talked into taking the job as secretary of STAY because it was believed the former secretary was a Pedophile, but I would not make a falseo report to the police. I was on the BCOM of No.5 when Ian Douglas was pushed aside for the present person. Oh yes, I have a story to tell and not afraid to do – I know who the Poisonous toad is – and before I croak it will be in the public arena, have fun while you can – because there is much much more of this.

    By the way, I do not support either side, all I have said from the start is that I did not have a problem with Pauline Fegan and that I did not find her a bullying type. others, well yes, they were the worst bullies ever

    Posted by irene bardsley | December 23, 2008, 22:26
  112. The union’s branch is dead they said,
    It was once so nobly led,
    And now it’s so stiff and cold,
    And the member’s rights have now been sold.

    Let’s raise our union’s standard high. (chorus)
    Within its ranks we’ll work and maybe cry,
    Though the Jackson’s flinch and their supporters sneer,
    The members will keep our hopes flying here.

    Look round, the bosses hate its blaze,
    The bloody VHIA curse its praise,
    In the members homes our songs are sung
    The HSU swells the surging throng.

    We forged ahead during our infant might,
    When all ahead seemed dark as night;
    It witnessed many a deed and a vow,
    We must not change our course now.

    The branch well recalls the triumphs past,
    It gives the hope of fair play at last;
    Our futures bright, the symbol plain,
    Of members rights and members gain.

    It suits today the weak and base,
    Whose minds are fixed on self and place
    Don’t cringe before the Jackson frown,
    We won’t let them tear our union down.

    With heads uncovered swear we all
    We will not let our great union fall;
    Despite Jackson, Seymour and Hudson grim,
    This song shall be our winning hymn.

    Posted by Attaturk | December 23, 2008, 22:30
  113. Its all about me, Irene Webber. Poor poor me. forget about the fact that there are already three staff without jobs to return to after Xmas, but the hit list already singles out more. But don’t cry for them, cry for me. Poor poor Irene. Irene Good fucking night!

    And this is my last post. And don’t forget I am neutral in all of this. I jut feel that kissing Pauline’s arse tasted better than any others.

    Posted by another irene | December 23, 2008, 23:22
  114. Attaturk!
    Such a moving piece, one could call it poetry. I’d wager you have spent a couple of weeks on that one. Summoning all the inspiring words you could assemble, whilst giving the computer screen a determined, fighting look. No doubt you also borrowed a little from here and there, giving birth to an inspirational battle hymn.

    Is “was once nobly led” a reference to Marko, Fegan, & Armstrong? A comedic line indeed!
    “Let’s raise our union’s standard high” I’m quivering with inspiration!
    What’s with the VHIA line? It rhymed?
    Members are singing the tune in their homes! Oh dear, it’s getting cheesy.
    Stand up to the Jackson frown! Totalitarianism by facial expression, will be bravely resisted! Has not anybody told you not to converse with the voices in your head?
    “Despite Jackson, Seymour and Hudson grim” Struggling a bit there at the end weren’t you? That line is just plain crap.

    Spell your name right, and listen to more Bob Dylan rather than Irish Folk shit.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 24, 2008, 0:28
  115. It looks like Attaturk actually is a composite character: Fegan, a prominent Coburg Lawyer, and the Barwon Commando, writing a song after a night(s) drinking!

    I myself would prefer to see irene webber give us a tune.

    Posted by Irene Bardsley (The Second) | December 24, 2008, 0:57
  116. Bring it on attaturk, as each sun sets its one day closer to the BCOM being put in the witness stand. cant wait to watch brave heart from geelong start crying

    Posted by Defend the HSU 3 | December 24, 2008, 9:48
  117. Doug Byron SEX scandal, all to be reveiled on new years day.
    You have a good family Christmas now Uncle Doug.

    Posted by truth seeker | December 24, 2008, 10:54
  118. Doug big boy, he spend time at my brothel in Shanghai in 2007.

    Posted by Chinese Hooker | December 24, 2008, 12:12
  119. It was not a brothel thanks very much. I’d never go to a bothel. It was a gentlemens club and I did not have sexual relations with that woman, or the one the next day, or the next day.And my docto confimed that I didn’t catch anything either.

    Posted by Doug Byron | December 24, 2008, 12:32
  120. oh dear me i think its time that we all concentrated on the real issue instead of slagging the persons involved. as a member i would really like to see all this in fighting resolved quickly because before to long we will be fasted with the new eba and no union to go in and bat for us. So Jeff, Pauline, and the rest of you please sort this out soon. merry Christmas to you all

    Posted by anon | December 24, 2008, 13:36
  121. Big Bill Rickets the man with a liking for young farm boys is about to have a very bad week! The town dont like dogs who sack working mothers

    Posted by Stewie | December 24, 2008, 14:04
  122. The real issue is:
    Fegan has misappropriated funds; she had most of her BCOM bunnies turn a blind eye; she is now trying to take over the union; Byron, the crooked lawyer; Michael May, Joyce Robinson and a small crew of others have knifed Jeff Jackson and; the sacking of loyal staff has begun. Are they not the real issues?

    Posted by You cant handle the truth | December 24, 2008, 14:07
  123. thank you for clearing that up for me..I would like to see a united union once again and quickly. its very disheartening as a member who so believes in the union movement to have the union i believe in be in such disarray and i am sure that this issue will be sorted out soon. But i do not agree with the personal attacks about all the people involved that to me si very childish and stearing away from the issues.

    Posted by anon | December 24, 2008, 14:41
  124. Perhaps I should hire John to handle my privacy issues, he seems to be getting up everyones nose.
    Cannot wait to find out who is really telling the truth in this issue and who went away with Doug to China – did he just watch

    Posted by irene webber | December 24, 2008, 15:45
  125. Well Irene I think the Prominent Coburg Lawyer will be a bit preoccupied at the moment. He and his good wife’s great mate Uncle Theo the former Minister has just been charged with rape. The dirty grub! He will be the first of the bigger and smaller fish in this confrontation to be disgraced.

    Posted by Greg Middap | December 24, 2008, 16:42
  126. I heard a bit about this breaking scandal with Byron it sounds like it will be big

    Posted by concerned | December 24, 2008, 16:59
  127. There is no scandal, I love my husband Doug

    Posted by open marriage | December 24, 2008, 17:36
  128. I am no composite of anybody. Call a general meeting and let the members decide or is that too democratic?

    Posted by Attaturk | December 24, 2008, 18:12
  129. Attaturk, again I say spell your name correctly, and spare us your poetry which sucks gigantically.

    Whether you are aware or unwitting, one of your puppet masters was charged with rape today, and be assured that democracy will prevail.

    As if 10 members of 16000 represents a democratic majority, you f**kers know nothing of democracy. Just typical wannabe bosses, just plain scabs. Simple as that!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 24, 2008, 18:19
  130. Dear Captain Marvel

    Please note there is u and c missing from one of your words. You must have 2 dicks as you can’t be this silly playing with one. Happy to supply my real name at any branch meeting.

    My advice to you is get out of the office and actually represent your members as that should be a simple exercise for one so smart

    Posted by Attaturk | December 24, 2008, 18:39
  131. Be assured Attaturd there will be a members meeting and trust me it wont be pretty, and make sure you announce who you are oh brave heart

    Posted by Bring it on | December 24, 2008, 18:55
  132. My family will be munching into a nice big fat anistasia tomorrow, i will spare a thought for those i’ve sacked

    Posted by Toni Joyce | December 24, 2008, 19:02
  133. Attaturk you are quite simply a moron, was the c and u comment an attempt at wit! You are just pissed, because I picked your retarded attempt at poetry to pieces . No need to make yourself known at the branch meeting, I know who you are.

    How are the farm boys in Waracknabeal?

    Once again learn how to spell Ataturk and get the fuck off this forum you in bred fuck!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 24, 2008, 20:33
  134. Merry Xmas everyone, Fuck the Unemployed and their children, I have power now , SACK SACK SACK,

    Posted by Toni Joyce | December 25, 2008, 8:27
  135. Merry Christmas, I intend to eat 200 pies today and dream about my new found power until i spew

    Posted by Anistasia Fatdros | December 25, 2008, 9:48
  136. Merry Xmas Captain, the war on these filthy dogs will resume tomorrow.

    Sober up Banks!

    Posted by defend the HSU 3 | December 25, 2008, 12:32
  137. Seasons greetings to our 2 Dick friends “Captain Drivel” and “Bring it On”. Sold out any members this week?

    Posted by Attaturk | December 27, 2008, 9:58
  138. My friend Attaturk, you are a mastermind. I personally like your poetry, and your latest retort is a blinder. Fegan surely must make you her speech writer, that squeaky voice and your words should be something to behold. You must have written Uncle Theo’ touching xmas eve statement to the press.

    Posted by The Prominent Coburg Lawyer | December 27, 2008, 11:08
  139. Thanks John, I appreciate the adulation from a man of such honor and wisdom.

    Posted by Attaturk | December 27, 2008, 11:11
  140. Attaturk it is obvious you have a fixation with dicks, just leave mine alone.

    Posted by Farm Boy | December 27, 2008, 11:12
  141. Hey Attaturd was that your ugly head we filmed leaving a prominent Coburg lawyers house a few weeks ago? BTW Doug Since when has Coburg been part of your run, your look good on video

    Posted by Anonymous | December 27, 2008, 15:40
  142. Not me Sam

    Posted by Attaturk | December 28, 2008, 11:48
  143. I think Attaturk is a security guard at Western Hospital. If so I think he should know better.

    Posted by cartman | December 28, 2008, 12:50
  144. Attaturd and his buddy will be delt with very soon, Doug, The staff are starting to provide details about your tales, not very good old son!

    Posted by Its over | December 28, 2008, 17:18
  145. Attaturk,
    Enough of your fearsome rebuttals, I like this one from Brett, a comment in an earlier article. I think it sums all this up, have a read:


    As I understand it, the HSU is an organisation on the move, not without its flaws, but growing by the week under the stewardship of somebody with vision, Comrade Jackson and a team bristling with talent.

    I’ve met you Pauline and this is where you dip out. HSU members might be familiar and somehow comforted by your old school bullish and contrary ways but not when they are the collateral. They are the ones you are killin here. As you did with those itchy ill-fitting Your Rights At Work T-shirts in 07. Classics. Well sourced!

    Any member that reads this be aware that Pauline’s Dreamy Team, minus one charismatic but waywardly loyal scot, are committed to an old world that values you not one bit (but recruit away if you could). They do not work, they are not accountable, and with their wayward mate and president they want to stay that way if thats alright with you.

    Time to go Old Girl.

    Posted by BRETT | November 21, 2008, 20:58

    Posted by captain marvel | December 28, 2008, 23:49
  146. Doug Byron SEX SCANDAL

    ONLY a few days to go until all will be reveiled!

    Posted by Yiani | December 29, 2008, 10:34
  147. Good to see Captian Drivel back in action with his unoriginal thoughts. When are we the members going to get a meeting?

    Not while Drivel and Bring it On are have any say will be the reply.

    Posted by Attaturk | December 30, 2008, 11:43
  148. You are truly retarded attaturk, I suggest you pay close attention to Brett’s comment, because that’s the sort of Union you appear to want.

    Do you know how to spell Captain?

    Can you put together a sentence? What the fuck does the last sentence of your comment mean? You have no mastery of the English language do you?

    Go fondle a farm boy you imbecile.

    Posted by captain marvel | December 30, 2008, 11:52
  149. Just checking to see if you were in the office and awake.

    You will see and hear what mastery I have of the English language when we meet at a General Meeting.

    Interesting that you to refer to me as being retarded as I thought that that expression was outdated or was it still fashionable for you to use it in your previous employment in Disability Services and you simply carry it on in your position with the HSU.

    If you wish to keep your identity a secret you should stop writing the way you speak and put a bit of thought into your drivel.

    Posted by Attaturk | December 30, 2008, 12:06
  150. I hear Fegan is sending the HSU broke with her legal fees

    Posted by Concerned member | December 30, 2008, 12:39
  151. Just keep talking Attaturk. Actually, I am not, and never have been in the Office. Well the new one at least. You sound frustrated, are the Farm Boys home for the Xmas break?

    Posted by captain marvel | December 30, 2008, 13:37
  152. Good to see you have not changed one bit Pauline,i’ll call Jackson tomorrow and give him the ok to use my story in any court procedings

    Posted by blast from the past | December 30, 2008, 15:19
  153. Check this out Attaturk, might keep you away from the Farm Boy Calenders for a few minutes.


    Posted by Kubrik | December 30, 2008, 23:58
  154. Nice one Stanley, that rocks!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | December 31, 2008, 0:03
  155. Where did it go? Here it is again


    Posted by kubrik | December 31, 2008, 0:05
  156. The moderator has intervened, just go to youtube and search for fegan’s coup

    Posted by kubrik | December 31, 2008, 0:06
  157. Doug Byron SEX SCANDAL:

    Only hours to go big fella

    Posted by Yiani | December 31, 2008, 10:15
  158. I intend to break in a young rooster in my love barn for NYE!

    Posted by Bill Ricketts | December 31, 2008, 11:17
  159. Why am i being sued? i believe everything Pauline tells me about that nasty man!

    Posted by Donna Conquo | December 31, 2008, 11:32
  160. Grow UP!!! Just read all the statements and you will see how childish it all is. Just sort out the truth. I don’t know who to believe. Please all act like adults and kids throwing unsults back and forth. Keep to the facts, whatever they maybe. We as members just need to know the truth… someone please tell it.
    a country member

    Posted by Anonymous | December 31, 2008, 14:56
  161. Dear Anonymous

    Captain Marvel will savage you for not spelling insults correctly.

    I agree with you, let the truth come out. We need a general meeting of members where we can ask questions that are relevant to this debate.

    I don’t like our chances of getting one in the near future.

    In the meantime the members particularly in Aged Care are missing out as their EBA’s expire.

    The only winners in this are the lawyers. The bosses love to see a union using their courts to settle internal disputes.

    Time to take a step back and assess possible solutions. Give the members a say as they are not as stupid as some contributors to this site would have us believe.

    If you analyse the 160 statements you don’t have to be Captain Marvel to see that they are written by 4 or 5 contributors.

    It is now time for all members to be consulted. Call a general meeting and give us all a chance to make a positive contribution.

    I expect to get the usual suspects replying to this post with comments re farm boys etc. even though I live in Melbourne.

    Comments of this nature only have the potential of doing untold damage to our unions reputation in Rural and Regional communities.

    My challenge to contributors to this site for 2009 is to ‘grow up’and stop contributing defamatory rubbish to this forum.

    Posted by Attaturk | January 1, 2009, 11:09
  162. There was no internal dispute until Fegan launched her grab for power, The BCOM who support her have not sat down and spoken to Jackson once to discuss their so called concerns, we the staff have been living in fear of this bully and her bandits since day one, try working in our office for a day.

    Posted by disgusted staff member | January 1, 2009, 13:14
  163. Disgusted staff member – you are talking a lot of bullshit – get real – nobody was game enough to sit down and talk about their concerns. Let the members speak – they deserve it – after all they are paying your wages

    Posted by irene webber | January 1, 2009, 13:21
  164. Its clear who you support irene,you should run in the next election on Fegans ticket

    Posted by Irene webber | January 1, 2009, 14:05
  165. Sorry, do not support anyone – no I would not run for any ticket associated with the union. Remember,I have been on a BCOM of No 5 and all the decisions were made BEFORE the meeting. By the way, I believe that the members of No.5 have never had a vote to amalgamate (or be taken over by No 1)surely they should have been given a say, but then I suppose they do not matter.

    Once again, I do NOT have a problem with Jeff, Kathy or Pauline
    so the agitators behind the scene, the ones who have been stirring up unrest for a long time – get over it.

    Posted by irene webber | January 1, 2009, 14:50
  166. Pauline is just a poor victim as she always has been in evey HSU fight

    Posted by Irene webber | January 1, 2009, 15:00
  167. sorry guys not me – get it right

    Posted by irene webber | January 1, 2009, 15:12
  168. any one for a bong?

    Posted by Irene webber | January 1, 2009, 17:29
  169. you are all so screwed up, as if I would have a bong think u have the wrong person. Obviously I know who wrote that because his brain is stuffed because he has had too many

    Posted by irene webber | January 1, 2009, 17:36
  170. Attaturk get a grip. Do NOT denigrate the good work and intent of the staff of the good HSU. They are paralyzed by this attack on them by your mate Fegan. They work their arses off daily to service members at the same time as daily fearing for the safety of their jobs because they believe that their secretary is doing the right thing.

    And why would they not? The HSU Secretary has assiduously and boldly overseen the introduction of new staff into the organisation over the last few years, something that has seen member numbers steadily grow. He is not sitting on his arse.

    There is no catastrophe at the HSU other than that caused by you. An engine room of the organisation has been shut down by your frivolous sackings and the rest are left scrabbling to pick up the pieces, all workers fear for their jobs as a result and you cry poor about under-servicing? MEMBERS ARE BEING SERVICED IN SPITE OF YOUR EFFORTS.

    You have been sold a bunny by Pauline about the organisation being mis-run. She who has done close to nothing for the organisation apart from some sporadic and predictable grandstanding cameos over the last few years.

    When your key supporters and architects are the biggest muppets in the trade union movement let alone the HSU you have to worry. You slack slack bastards wouldn’t know what an honest days work was if it hit you in the face.

    Oh sorry, yes you would, it’s another excuse to run off to your hideaway cubby for coffee and mutual consolation. Soft cocks.

    Posted by biff | January 1, 2009, 22:44
  171. Some of these critics should call the HSU and offer to work with the staff for a week, trust me that would be a very rude wake up call!

    Posted by Irene webber | January 2, 2009, 10:35
  172. I did not write the last post, but agree work in the MST and you will get a rude wake up call. Then again, everyone would be on their best behaviour. Actually that would be a good idea, members would be treated with respect and dignity – gee the other Irene webber is very very smart – must be the bongs she is having

    Posted by irene webber | January 2, 2009, 12:49
  173. Gees folks, there’s a bit of straw clutching going on in here.

    The Jacksons goose is cooked, face it.

    Bolano, Hudson, See-more and Stephenson, you backed the wrong horse and no matter how many times you bitch about it in here, and send extremely ill advised letters to us members, you aren’t going to change it.

    Time to move on.

    And to jeff, better start using those ALP votes and shifting those (dubiously acquired) HSU dollars to the Cayman Islands while you still have ’em chuckles, the sun is starting to set.

    And leave Irene alone, the fact that you idiots recruited her and she is now speaking out against you is indicative of the the river down which you travel completely oarless.

    P.S. To other members, their is no truth to be had on this page. My advice, talk to your organiser, they still (generally) have your best interests at heart.

    Posted by 1st Brother Raul | January 2, 2009, 13:05
  174. Brother Paul, why dont you call Jackson yourself and make these claims, i’m sure you would stand up and defend them in court. On the urban giftware payroll are we?

    Posted by Irene webber | January 2, 2009, 14:48
  175. Good point irene, the brother supports people who smash up cars, bash officials,sack staff using work choices,bullying of staff and of course the famous non tender procces for HSU products

    Posted by Irene webber the2nd | January 2, 2009, 15:06
  176. As I’ve said earlier, Attaturk is a Security Guard from the Western Hospital. Once he was an Organiser with the HSU, a reasonably decent one albeit a one trick pony. Then along came Workchoices and he jumped ship. Now he’s getting bored meandering around the hospital, after choosing the soft option, and he is allowing himself to be drawn into the drama. Why don’t you tell your colleagues at Western Health why you refused to Organise them, although you were the best equipped to do so? Why don’t you tell them about your cosy deal with Wayne Simmons? You are just plain lazy and lacking in guts attaturk, your alias is sheer compensation. It’s easier to snipe from the sidelines and heckle with the dark side, rather than exercise integrity and honour is it not?

    As for 1st brother raul, obviously a prominent coburg lawyer. I assure you there is no sunset for the Jacksons, but what we have is sheer exposure to the hot sun for you, your wife, Fegan, and Uncle Theo. Your corruption and greed exposed for all to see. You are just another sneaky peasant lusting after gold, and terrified to look in the mirror.

    Posted by cartman | January 2, 2009, 16:37
  177. Kisses for the New Year Attaturk. Have you or any other seduced by Fegan’s tales, actually considered talking to Jackson regarding his side of the story? Have you considered that Jackson actually was elected by members (Fegan the only incumbent Secretary to lose an election in HSU history) and has a democratic mandate until 2010? Have you queried why Fegan can’t just contest an election in 2010, the democratic way? Do you wonder why instead she is using 9 or 10 BCOM members to subvert such a democratic process, using unsubstantiated and secret reasons? Have you asked Fegan why she resigned, to the BCOM about 8 or 9 months ago? Lifestyle reasons? Get serious!
    If you purport to be a fair minded and decent person, these are the questions you should be seeking answers to.

    Posted by captain marvel | January 2, 2009, 17:01
  178. If only there were more Captain Marvels of the world

    Posted by Anonymous | January 2, 2009, 17:52
  179. Must admit Captain Marvel is full of shit – just let the true justice come on – and stop making absolute idiots of yourselves. My you are all getting very personal and very nasty – to think you were all best friends once – but not surprised certain or maybe one person has her own agenda.

    Posted by irene webber | January 2, 2009, 18:07
  180. You are my HERO Captain

    Posted by Irene Webber the 3rd | January 2, 2009, 18:44
  181. Here is the truth for all to hear

    Seymour, Barrett, Jacka, Cook , Stephenson, Bolano have all been allowed to bully staff and Jackson and Husdon have sat back and done nothing. Cook has a long history of it. Worksafe and the police will now deal with this matter.

    Hudson ( I am too dumb to see I am being set up) will be dealt with by the courts. Playing both sides means you end up losing doesn’t matter who wins. Start shifting your assets mate.

    Jackson is being sued again ( already lost one defamation case and had to pay $80000).

    Kathy Jackson (Jeff’s wife, I am so great I can run 2 unions) finds herself in the middle of a huge investigation regarding the finances of the National Union that’s about to become very public and get very ugly.

    And in a very short time the auditors are coming in to the number 1 branch ( and not your mate auditor Jeff a real one), lets see who is left standing then. What was Hudson heard to say ,” I don’t have a credit card”. What a load of garbage. ( Have the staff and a lot of members have watched your spending mate) and that’s only the start. Already Jackson’s ALP mates are making themselves scarce wait till they see what is coming.

    And after it is all over maybe the members may start to get looked after. Jackson and Hudson what have you done about the members EBA , 3 years and nothing I guess we will end up like your wifes members and have to fight it out in court cause the officials are too lazy to do any work.


    Posted by anon | January 2, 2009, 21:10
  182. Irene get off this site nobody cares what you think. The only bad decision Terrie Seymour made was putting a serial sexual harasser like you on the Branch Committee of Number 5. You would claim it was only words but your conduct belongs in the dark ages. In life you have to pick a side and you have picked yours right behind Fegan and her band of crooks. Get a life Irene and have another fag and leave everybody alone.

    Posted by Freedom Fighter | January 2, 2009, 21:13
  183. Why pick on Irene, when I wrote the last statement. Why hide behind a false name. By hiding behind a no-name u carry no weight in this discussion. Your comments are defamatory

    Posted by Tracy | January 2, 2009, 21:48
  184. For all of u signing of as Irene, you’re all gutless

    Posted by Tracy | January 2, 2009, 21:50
  185. I’d be very careful if I were you anon. You ought to revisit the legal definition of bullying before you start tossing black balloons around. You should know better.

    Posted by Not Impressed | January 2, 2009, 21:56
  186. I was bullied by a union official and she scared the shit out of me. She was supposed to be looking at a problem I was having at work, yet all she she did was give me a talk down. I had a valid case, but to think i pay nearly $500 a year in this climate on the off chance they can help me, is disgusting. I have called them once for help and have been a member for 7 years.

    Posted by Tracy | January 2, 2009, 22:08
  187. Gladly will get off this – the comments are only coming from one side. By the way Freedom Fighter Terry Seeless only got me on the BCOM because she thought she could get me to follow her, sorry did not work out. Keep on with the sexual thing – everything is being monitored -yes will have another fag and I am sure you will get down in the gutter again. Shame you are taking some nice people with you.

    Posted by irene webber | January 2, 2009, 22:38
  188. anon | January 2, 2009, 21:10 your name is Yiannoulatos. You are the weakest prick known to mankind if you can charge Jacka with bullying.

    Stand up and be a man and WALK AWAY. Tell Vicki and Paf that you don”t buy their lies that you are a great man.

    Tell ’em you can’t be bought. Tell em you have your own mind and you embrace your piss weakness. Its your right remember.

    Posted by biffuckinnpisedsoffbynow | January 3, 2009, 0:20
  189. Dear Anon,

    Do tell us were all the money goes that Fegan makes on the HESTA board,
    i hope you get a share of the riches

    Posted by Anonymous | January 3, 2009, 10:16
  190. Dear Anon,

    As a man of the truth why dont you put your name to your statements?

    Posted by John Yianoulatos | January 3, 2009, 10:57
  191. Dear Anon (aka John Yianoulatos)


    Posted by plumpers4me | January 3, 2009, 13:28
  192. Fegan has a “bulldog mouth” – oh your so unkind to that “woman”! (although some people call her mutley, she could easily pass for an ugly bloke.What she/he needs is a muzzle not only on her mouth but her dirty grubby trotters!!)

    Posted by getfeganamuzzle | January 3, 2009, 13:34
  193. I always wondered why John is so secretive when he takes phone calls and does photocopying.

    Posted by concerned | January 3, 2009, 13:35
  194. Fegan, are you breaching you statutory and fiduciary duties to your members. How can you have the gall to put yourself forward as the leader in waiting of a union where, in your capacity as President, you have been making secret commissions by having the union buy crap – utter crap – from your own company. Those diaries with a week to a spread – with the week starting on a Tuesday!!! Those diaries cost you company 50c each. You sold them to the union pursuant to an order that you placed with your own company for $5. You are a dirty crook. But don’t worry. The truth will come out – and very badly for you and your crooked supporters like that spineless crooked dog Yianoulatos. He is so concerned about bullying that he is supporting the nastiest bully of them all – that fucking hypocrite.

    Posted by Macpherson Kelly | January 3, 2009, 13:42
  195. Thank you anon(John Yianoulatos) you have givin us what we want.

    Posted by Michael May | January 3, 2009, 13:43
  196. Dear Pauline

    I stumbled across this site and could not believe what I was reading (fingers cross, actually I can believe it only too well). I so do not miss you. My wife and I are doing really well. You tried to bully me to leave my wife but you failed. Thank God.

    Posted by John Clancy | January 3, 2009, 13:44
  197. Fegan= Vici Yianoultas= Theo=GJK cleaning getting public sector cleaning contracts.

    Posted by Michael May | January 3, 2009, 13:46
  198. Pauline, Were you in Greece? Were you with GJK aka George Stamos and Vicki the Bald of Gunt organising the contract out your members’ jobs across the public sector? Who paid for this trip? I understand that disgraced former minister Theophanous was on that trip. You down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Theo must have laid down with you. We all know he isn’t that fussy – girl, boy, animal.

    Posted by GJK | January 3, 2009, 13:57
  199. Did Byron go with her? or was he in another part of the world being PLEASURED?

    Posted by Michael May | January 3, 2009, 14:26
  200. Well, well, well, it is obvious who anon of Jan 2 at 21.10 is. As many of you have already realised, it is the one and only John Yianoulatos.

    Many members may be wondering what all the ruckus at the HSU is about. Well here is the true story:

    There is a fellow called George Stamas, a CLEANING CONTRACTOR, for whom Mr Yianoulatos’ good wife has fund raised. Mr. Stamas was awarded cleaning contracts for Housing Commission buildings under dubious circumstances and Mr Theophanus was involved. This was investigated by the Victorian Ombudsman. [EDITOR: And as we recall Mr Theophanous was completely cleared in circumstances particularly embarrassing to The Age’s Michael Bachelard who was essentially found to have made the whole thing up.]

    The HSU under Jeff Jackson will be seeking ‘no contracting out clauses’ in the upcoming Public Sector and Aged Care EBAs, which will probably come into force prior to the 2010 HSU Election (where Fegan could democratically challenge but that would be too late for her purposes).

    About 18 months ago Pauline Fegan went to Greece with John and Vicki Yianoulatos. There they were the guests of Mr. George Stamas the CLEANING CONTRACTOR at his holiday home in Athens.

    Are we putting 2 and 2 together yet? What is going on at the HSU is painfully obvious, quite simply this is an attempt by Fegan to f**k HSU members over for personal profit, as simple as that.

    If you want to research these dodgy pricks, feel free to Google these names George Stamas; Vicki Yianoulatos; John Yianoulatos; Yianoulatos Lawyers, you will find that it is compelling reading.

    Posted by captain marvel | January 3, 2009, 17:51
  201. P S Happy New Year Yianni, you really are a big stupid fish.

    Posted by captain marvel | January 3, 2009, 17:57
  202. Hey Vicki, wanna usec my comb?

    Posted by Michael May | January 3, 2009, 18:50
  203. Anon,
    aka John Yianoulatos,
    Thank you so much for defaming Jackson and co, your i.p address provided to us should make for some interesting court room action

    Posted by Michael May | January 3, 2009, 18:55
  204. Fegan your no better than a theiving junkie stealing from honest people (members) for your next fix (stolen funds), please crawl into a hole and die, you’ve more faces than Dimmies Clock, go and get a job and earn your living you parasite.
    Yiani your a typical Greek sleaze, weak as piss, hiding behind a fat mole which would normaly be the mother or the fat wife but you’ve chosen Fegans fat arse to hide behind, another parasite.

    Posted by Star | January 3, 2009, 20:39
  205. Cartman, I have just noticed your recent comment, I’m afraid you are wrong about Attaturk being a Security Guard at Western Hospital. The Great Attaturk is actually the self proclaimed gun organiser from Ballarat, Joyce.

    So Joyce why don’t look Fegan in the eye and ask her what she did in Athens, or should I say who she met with. Unfortunately I suspect you’re too dim to see the lie, although a Fegan lie is as easy to detect as a turd under your shoe. Yet you couldn’t really care less could you? It’s all about what’s in it for you isn’t it? You are no trade unionist sweetie.

    You have warbled on about me having two dicks in your quaint limited way. Well I have not got two dicks, however in comparison to you sweetie, I have two or three brains.

    Posted by captain marvel | January 3, 2009, 22:23
  206. Plumpers4me you are a legend, very well put. Yianni you are sniveling coward.

    Posted by Johnny Y's Heart | January 4, 2009, 1:59
  207. In 1999 Pauline Fegan was handed the Secretary’s position (without the vote of members), by a Secretary who had just resigned in embarrassing and dubious circumstances. In her two years as Secretary Pauline Fegan ran a rudderless ship:
    * no Public Sector EBA.
    * minimal (if any) Aged Care EBAs. * and no interest in the Disability Sector.
    * office politics and internal factional conflict prevailed.
    * Industrial incompetence.
    Membership dropped to the lowest in the history of the Union, a paltry 6700 members.

    Pauline Fegan was resoundingly defeated at the 2000 Election, the only incumbent Secretary to lose an election in the history of the Union.

    In 2002 Jeff Jackson was elected to lead the HSU Victorian Branch. At the time the low membership was still a concern, and a significant weakness of the HSU. In close to 7 years at the helm of the HSU, Jackson has:

    * Delivered successive Public Sector EBAs significantly enhancing members wages and conditions, and securing strong consultative provisions.
    * There are now in the vicinity of 600 EBAs in the Aged Care Sector. Most delivering above average pay increases, and providing strong conditions.
    * The Disability Sector is now firmly entrenched on the industrial landscape, real wages have increased by up to 40%. Employers are being kept honest, and 60 good EBAs are in place, covering most of the sector.

    Overall Membership has increased to 16000, more than doubled. Relationships forged with Credit Union and Superannuation Funds, for the benefit of members, made possible by increased membership.
    Quality skilled staff have been recruited, and there has been internal stability. The HSU has developed the numbers and the ability to deal with, and if necessary effectively take on Government.
    All this in the face of the industrial tsunami that was Workchoices. The HSU also contributed enormously to the anti Workchoices campaign, and significantly contributed to the political campaign against the Howard Government.
    Despite Workchoices, the Union’s members hardly felt the impact of AWAs, and rarely had to concede conditions, in fact overall they improved.
    We are now on the verge of challenging economic times, and under Jackson the Union is well positioned. In fact at possibly it’s most influential in it’s history. With an introduction of fresh new faces, they are poised to meet the challenge of a difficult yet exciting time, the start of the 21st century.

    Now Fegan and a handful of cohorts want to impeach Jeff Jackson and Officers of the Union, on the basis of slanderous and sometimes adolescent gossip. So that they may seize control of the Union, without an election, to settle their petty grievances. Then no doubt they will trade on their power to their financial benefit.

    This cannot be allowed to happen.

    It is illogical.

    Posted by Mr. Spock | January 4, 2009, 3:27
  208. MEMO
    MR& MRS Yianoulatos

    You are about to feel GOD’S WRATH!

    Posted by George Pell | January 4, 2009, 11:58
  209. Buddha, I have stlaynge feeling that you name being used in vain by someone with a much much lower agenda than you would approve of. Rooking around Box Hill may yield results.

    Posted by biff | January 4, 2009, 21:40
  210. Gone quiet Attaturk (Joyce)? Why don’t you answer the questions posed in my comment on Jan 3 at 22:23? Maybe you’ve realised that you’re stuck in a spider’s web? Two dicks? Maybe it’s eight legs? Heard of Georgie Stamas and his GJK Services?

    So you’re planning to speak at a General Meeting. No suprise as Fegan is just incapable to do so and would be paralyzed with anxiety at the thought of addressing more than half a dozen people at once. She can’t control that.

    Do you realise that the meeting will specifically (and I emphasize the word specifically), address the BCOM resolutions including the THREE UNLAWFUL DISMISSALS and their generally undemocratic behaviour.

    No doubt like a cross between a tabloid current affairs host and an avon lady, you’ll bleat that that something underhanded is afoot at the HSU. Without being specific of course, and with no relevance to the purpose of the meeting. Just spewing sexy gossip that you think will push buttons.

    Then you’ll wheel out some dissatisfied members, and every Union has them, talking about their negative experiences. A cumbersome sleight of hand to distract the meeting from the real issues. The clear sign of a huge bullshit artist.

    And then you may start singing some archaic solidarity song which you have adapted, to get the hearts pumping. Oh dear!

    We’re ready for all that.

    A suggestion, why don’t you wheel in Anna Coren? There’s a place for you on Today Tonight Joyce.

    And while you are it answer the questions:

    Why did Fegan and the Yianoulatos’s meet with George Stamas (the cleaning contractor) and Theophanus in Athens?

    Why did Fegan resign to the BCOM in early 2008?

    Why did Fegan agree to an independent investigation of bullying complaints against her, and when the investigation found that the complaints were substantiated, why did she not challenge the findings, but resign?

    If there is dissatisfaction with the Secretary, why isn’t he being challenged democratically at an election due in 2010?

    Remember 11.11.1975? Or do you admire John Kerr?

    I could quiz you about Urban Giftware, but these questions will do to start with.

    Answer the questions Attaturk.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 4, 2009, 23:53
  211. In response to Biff January 4.





    Posted by Buddha | January 5, 2009, 9:56
  212. Hey Captain,

    Is it true Fegan was seen walking out of Lloyd Williams office today

    Posted by Irene Webber the 4th | January 5, 2009, 19:09
  213. What do think I am, omnipresent? You tell me.

    Posted by Forensics | January 5, 2009, 19:22
  214. I agree with Budda, she did sleep with Lloyd

    Posted by Anonymous | January 5, 2009, 19:46
  215. I mean Buddha

    Posted by Anonymous | January 5, 2009, 19:47
  216. I have been an interested reader of this article for a couple of weeks. I have found some of the comments childish and insulting. But I am not worried about that, because it’s just angry people from both sides having a go at each other and letting off steam. I am now commenting, because I am interested in Macpherson Kelly’s comment on 3 Jan @ 1.42pm, GJK’s comment on 3 Jan @ 1.57pm, Captain Marvel’s comments on 3 Jan @ 5.51pm and 4 Jan @ 11.53pm, and Mr Spock’s comment on 4 Jan @ 3.27am. Before these comments Fegan and Jackson supporters were going tit for tat. Since the comments I have mentioned were posted, it appears that Fegan’s side have gone quiet. Well as a concerned member, I would like a response to the questions raised and statements made in those posts. As I said the the tit for tat mud throwing is unimportant, I want to know the facts, and some specific statements and questions should be answered. I fear the silence of Fegan supporters indicates a lack of credibility on their behalf.
    I also want to know why the 3 people were sacked and what process was followed in doing so?

    Posted by Aged Care Member | January 5, 2009, 20:07
  217. Here, here aged care member. I want answers from those who have posted in support of Fegan, or Fegan herself.

    Why did she meet with the cleaning contractor in Athens? Why has a Union summarily sacked 3 employees? Why did she purchase goods on behalf of the union from her own business? Why did she resign a few months ago? Why is she in league with an obviously corrupt lawyer and his wife (I have done my research on Google)?

    The members have a right to know.

    Posted by Anonymous | January 5, 2009, 20:51
  218. I doubt that the four contributors(Given that they are the same person) you mentioned would have any idea what an Aged Care Member is.

    Can some one post the petition for the General Meeting on this site, should be a good laugh. Laurent Kabila and Idi Amin would be proud of the author if they were still alive.

    To satisfy your request Drivel I am happy to ask all of the questions mentioned in your diatribe at the General Meeting.

    PS: I am not Joyce, Trevor Lawson, a Security Guard at Western, don’t work for the HSU or the Ambulance Service, am not a job rep, not on the BCOM and live and work in the Melb Metro area. I guess that gives you another 15,000 names to choose from.

    Good Luck!!!!

    Posted by Attaturk | January 5, 2009, 20:57
  219. Attaturd such a brave soldier

    Posted by Irene webber the2nd | January 5, 2009, 21:33
  220. Actually there are about 50 contributors to this site, give or take a few.

    Posted by the sparrow | January 5, 2009, 21:49
  221. …..and I hear that the 3 sacked workers were immediately provided and alternative income source, and are footloose and fancy free with nothing to do but campaign. Attaturk, your puppetmaster or adored Queen Fegan should sack a few more and release them to do nothing but campaign.

    Posted by the sparrow | January 5, 2009, 21:55
  222. Attaturk,
    Sweetie you are back. Don’t procrastinate just answer the questions. Why are you ducking the hard questions?

    Why did Fegan and the Yianoulatos’s meet with George Stamas (the cleaning contractor) and Theophanus in Athens?

    Why did Fegan resign to the BCOM in early 2008?

    Why did Fegan agree to an independent investigation of bullying complaints against her, and when the investigation found that the complaints were substantiated, why did she not challenge the findings, but resign?

    If there is dissatisfaction with the Secretary, why isn’t he being challenged democratically at an election due in 2010?

    Simple straight forward questions, and there can only be one reason why they remain unanswered.

    Because the answers expose Fegan and equal her demise.

    Then the poor fools on the BCOM will have to deal with the litigation. Freedom of Association breaches, Unlawful Dismissals, and Defamation. Bankruptcy beckons for these BCOM members, everything they own will be lost.

    And what will your hero Fegan do for them, I doubt she’ll even care. Has she warned them of their fate, she wouldn’t know because she’s as dim as you.

    Maybe you can write them a verse or two to cheer them up when the Writs start to fly. Here’s one you could pinch:

    Better get a lawyer
    Better get a real good one

    Cheers Sweetie.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 5, 2009, 23:18
  223. The proof of the leadership under Jackson Hudson is evident. We used to get $14 an hour as Techs now I get about $20 an hour. I am about $240 per week better off than I was before. What did you do Fegan when you were Secretary in your mad couple of years rule? Nothing. With the new Public Sector agreement coming up I can’t risk having you in charge of the show.

    Posted by Theatre Tech | January 6, 2009, 12:04
  224. I’ve been a member since the early 90’s and I remember the disgrace the union was under Pauline. Something I was not proud of, and I was not such a staunch unionist I would have resigned. Jeff Jackson has been a breath of fresh air, the union is now consistently getting outcomes and seems to be one of the more influential unions. I have been proud to be a member. All we got under Pauline was nothing but grubby internal turmoil. I don’t want my union going back to that garbage. There are some of her supporters on this blog, but not one of them has talked about any of her actual achievements. So to those people I ask, what has Pauline Fegan done for the Union?

    Posted by long term member | January 6, 2009, 18:31
  225. Fegan and BCOM (fellow union members)are standing between members and the next EBA, its not the employers, not the government, and not VHIA holding us back. Dont allow them to continue.

    Posted by Star | January 6, 2009, 21:05
  226. I’m waiting for the answers Attaturk:

    Why did Fegan and the Yianoulatos’s meet with George Stamas (the cleaning contractor) and Theophanus in Athens?

    Why did Fegan resign to the BCOM in early 2008?

    Why did Fegan agree to an independent investigation of bullying complaints against her, and when the investigation found that the complaints were substantiated, why did she not challenge the findings, but resign?

    If there is dissatisfaction with the Secretary, why isn’t he being challenged democratically at an election due in 2010?

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 6, 2009, 21:09
  227. Want to know why three managers from the HSU were sacked? Because they made a laughing stock out of Fegan in front of her BCOM buddies.

    Fegan waltzed (not terribly gracefully) out of that Special BCOM Meeting on 14 November 2008 grinning from ear to ear, thinking that she and her brains trust had achieved the biggest triumph in HSU history. Ask Fegan to describe what happened and she’ll recount how she successfully undermined the Secretary and Assistant Secretary and manipulated her foolish fiends into granting her absolute power.

    What did el Presidento find when she pulled back the boardroom doors on that fateful day? A sea of HSU t-shirts emblazoned with the words “Jackson Hudson 2010” and placards denouncing her and her cronies for their perilous actions. One word said it all – SHAME. It was an unambiguous declaration of support for Jackson and Hudson and shock enough to wipe that mutley grin off her face.

    Boy was Fegan surprised to see some of the faces in that crowd. She shot the angry mob a nervous smile, ducked into her over-sized (under-used) office to take a deep breath and then all you could hear was the swish, swish, swish of polyester rubbing between bulbous thighs as she shuffled down to the kitchen with her head hanging low eager to suck down a monte carlo or two before making a dash for the front door, never to be seen again.

    Where were her parasitic pals I hear you ask? I bet she was thinking the same thing as she rounded the corner at the end of the hallway expecting to fall into the open arms of her devotees. Sadly, there was not a soul in sight. The Prominent Coburg Lawyer had his wife call in sick for him and Byron had nicked up to the TAB to have a crack at backing a winner. Neither one of them had bothered to brief their bald-headed buddy and so the poor bastard had no choice but to slip out the back door as soon as voices were raised (ooohh, I’ve been converted and I don’t like violence – my arse!).

    Reports suggest that Fegan took days to recover from the battering that she copped from her BCOM disciples that day. They wanted to know why the staff were so irate and what it was that they were supposed to be ashamed of. Rather than face the music, Fegan did what all bullies do. She convinced her puppets that the staff were trying to intimidate them at the behest of Jackson and Hudson. She demanded to know who was responsible for the protest. And when Jackson declined her invitation to play ball she took it upon herself to rewrite industrial and discrimination law (or maybe she just took some dodgy advice from Dennis Denuto?). She redefined serious misconduct, making it illegal for managers to participate in collective action of any kind, and directed the secretary to sack three managers. No notice. No payment in lieu of notice. Bullshit!

    Our Fegan, bless her little cotton socks, she’s not all that smart. She forgot about the fact that the HSU represents a significant number of managers and specialist staff who understand their industrial rights. They know about the right to freedom of association. They know about natural justice and procedural fairness. They know that you can’t just sack a person without following a proper process. They have minds of their own. They are hard-working HSU members who will vote for what is right.

    If only the BCOM members knew all of that before they raised their hands and passed a resolution unlawfully terminating the employment of three hard working managers. If they had been better informed they could have avoided the hours that they will spend in the witness box making a futile attempt to defend their actions. They could have avoided the discrimination complaints that will have them tied up in knots and shamed from the union movement forever. They could have avoided the civil penalties that they will inevitably have to face when claims are brought against them – individually and collectively. They could have avoided facing up to the cold, hard reality that Fegan is loyal to nobody but herself.

    To all of those BCOM members who have wronged the HSU – get out while you still have the chance because you are on your own now. Fegan is about to exit, stage right!

    Posted by Angel of Mercy | January 6, 2009, 22:47
  228. Good riddance to Peter Stephenson. Now with no job at Darebin and no work at HSU, maybe he will have to resort to his old tricks of pushing through land developments for a ‘contribution’.

    Posted by JT Bamberalla | January 7, 2009, 5:36
  229. JT Bamberalla,

    You’re gloating is premature and therefore illogical. Peter Stephenson has a home, and will get his job back at the HSU.

    I compute that no less than 8 BCOM members will lose their homes within the year. Unless of course they have six figure sums in their bank accounts.

    This is inevitable.

    Posted by Mr. Spock | January 7, 2009, 8:36
  230. Can the real Branch No. 3 Secretary please stand up

    Posted by anon | January 7, 2009, 10:15
  231. Angel of Mercy,
    Just a few things – someone tipped you off about the special BCOM – wonder who. Can you please tell me the length of time these people have been on the BCOM.

    Who paid for the Tshirts – bet not you.

    I believe that some staff were screamed at to join the so called protest.

    Okay paragraph 7, about Managers, you still have not replied to me as to whether the members of No. 5 were given the chance to vote on the amalgamation (takeover). You know what the vote would have been.

    What will happen when you say have a member who is a IR Manager and a complaint is put in about him/her against say a cleaner. How would you handle that.

    You have also put down the majority of your members by stating that you have Managers and specialist staff who understand industrial laws. What are you saying about the majority, interesting comment you made.

    The last few paragraphs are nothing short of blackmail of these people. Surely, you are not just putting anything on to frighten the shit out of them. For Gods sake – back off – let the courts handle it and stop trying to
    threaten people.

    Posted by irene webber | January 7, 2009, 11:08
  232. I thought you promised to make your last posting weeks ago. Get a life, no better have another heart attack and drop dead you idiot Webber. You fucking sexual harrasser, the dirtiest and filthiest twisted old woman that has EVER been employed by a Union. We hear you have been offered a job by Fegan, minding everybodies business as usual. Just drop dead will you. You have NO IDEA and your twisted recollections of the past demonstrate dementia is well established in your tiny brain.

    Posted by Fuck off Irene Webber | January 7, 2009, 11:24
  233. on me oh my you are some sick and twisted puppy –

    Posted by irene webber | January 7, 2009, 11:49
  234. Clearly you have missed the point Irene.

    The fact of the matter is that the BCOM members have used the IR laws against their own. They have exercised their ‘managerial prerogative’ without understanding the rules of play. Most managers know the laws governing their actions and if they don’t know they find out before they act. Most members don’t need to know, the HSU is there to advise them.

    Either the clowns on BCOM knew that what they were doing was unlawful and chose to do it anyway, or they were ill-informed and acted out of ignorance. Last time I checked this was not a legal defence.

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 7, 2009, 12:09
  235. and last someone who makes sense without getting into the gutter.
    I honestly do not care who wins this battle, my only concern is the damage it is doing to the union movement as a whole and the ALP. The comments about me – well fine – some sick puppy is doing that to get their jollies.

    Posted by irene webber | January 7, 2009, 12:14
  236. “my only concern is the damage it is doing to the union movement”

    Surely the most damaging thing that could be done to the movement is to allow the HSU to be run by people who think it is acceptable to discriminate against employees because they took legal industrial action?

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 7, 2009, 14:34
  237. Agree with you but most of us have only heard one side of the story.
    Time the other side came clean and let the members know.

    Posted by irene webber | January 7, 2009, 14:45
  238. That is crap Irene – it’s now a month since the HSU 3 were sacked, and we have nothing but silence from Fegan and her cronies.

    The resolution on 10 December instructed that they be sacked because they “…organised the action of holding up placards”.

    So Fegan must make a public statement about why she chose to sack 3 good unionists 2 weeks before Christmas. How the fuck you could justify that is beyond me.

    Perhaps she should just resign and go and work for Telstra where her skills in using WorkChoices would be better appreciated.

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 7, 2009, 15:00
  239. you are missing the point – that is exactly what I am saying.
    Statements from BOTH SIDES. This is what I have been trying to say.
    BOTH SIDES should make a legally binding statement – get it over with and move on. Instead I have copped utter crap and lies from some sick puppies.

    Posted by irene webber | January 7, 2009, 15:12
  240. Go back to the computer Irene. Are you missing sexually harassing the young boys – I’m sure you would be.

    Posted by Irene Webber loves to be a sexual harasser | January 7, 2009, 15:59
  241. so it is boys now, first it was girls – once again the dickheads are at work

    Posted by irene webber | January 7, 2009, 16:02
  242. So Irene – it’s been a month – how much longer would you like to wait?

    ’cause I know of three people who haven’t been paid, and were sacked 2 weeks before Christmas for ORGANISING WORKERS.

    I think they are sick of waiting – I’d like to know when you think they should be able to go back to work (if ever)?

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 7, 2009, 16:15
  243. Here, here Irene.

    You have to wonder why they’ve been so reluctant to tell their side of the story.

    I would love to hear the BCOM members explain their motives. After all they are supposed to represent the members, and the members deserve answers. The resounding silence is telling indeed!

    2009 is set to be a big year. Members in the public sector, private hospitals, pathology, aged care and ambulance are all depending on the HSU to deliver better wages and conditions.

    Jackson has strategically aligned all of these negotiations to put the pressure back on the Government and employers to deliver the best possible bargaining outcomes for members.

    With our membership strength we could shut down the entire health system. We could make the bosses realise that health is about more than just Doctors and Nurses.

    It’s time that all health workers were taken seriously and Jackson is ready to lead that battle. It’s going to be a tough gig without a strong industrial team.

    Fegan and her followers just took out the lead negotiator that was brought in to deliver the goods. She can hardly claim that her actions are in the best interest of members.

    Bring on the general meeting and let the members decide what they want.

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 7, 2009, 16:21
  244. yes I agree with you, and always believed that your members could shut down the whole health service.
    I also agree that it is not all about doctors and nurses. So everyone stop the really dirty personal stuff going on, call a General Meeting and the members will decide, and hopefully the members will be happy with the new EBA

    Posted by irene webber | January 7, 2009, 16:42
  245. Ms Webber. We have been talking about what has happened, I and others have also asked very specific questions on this forum.

    Fegan’s supporters, and probably Fegan herself have posted, and yet the weeks pass and there are no answers. As I have said before, a clear sign of lies, lies, and more lies.

    There have been no answers from the Fegan camp on this forum or ANYWHERE else.

    Why do you think this is so Ms Webber? Feel free to answer, because there are no answers from Fegan, Hondros, Toro, Ricketts, Marshall, T Joyce, Mc Cormack, Banks, and Conquo.

    P S Have you noticed that since the start of this disgraceful episode BCOM members Touvinen, Dritsas, and Stemmer (today) have resigned. Why do think?

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 7, 2009, 20:15
  246. My thumb is sore…

    Posted by bum bandit | January 7, 2009, 20:21
  247. I am a sick perverted liar, I will lose my house and my bovver boy will do time.

    Posted by Sonya Mc Cormack | January 7, 2009, 20:33
  248. Who is Brian Yeates ? According to the AIRC website he has been the Secretary of the Number 3 Branch for nearly 12 months. Do the members and delegates know? Surely this cannot be right, Kathy Jackson is the Secretary, at least that’s what everyone thinks and according to the HSU Health Professionals updates on the website she still signs off as the Number 3 Secretary. I am sure this must be just a big mistake, I don’t believe Kathy Jackson would mislead or misrepresent herself to her members or is it to his members.

    Posted by anon | January 8, 2009, 8:19
  249. It is time questions were answered, and I’m going to respond.

    Why was there a meeting in Athens? Well my wife and I, always on the look out for a free holiday at the expense of someone else, organised a meeting at George Stamas’ villa in Athens, and invited Pauline. Dear Mr Theophanus also dropped in.

    There we showed Pauline the sights of Athens, gorged ourselves on the finest Greek food and retsina, and worked on our plan.

    Mr Stamas was keen to get Hospital cleaning contracts, and then possibly aged care. Mr Theophanus was keen to control the HSU’s numbers in the ALP. The HSU under the leadership of Jeff Jackson, stood in the way of their desired conquest.

    Pauline was happy to offer her absolute assistance to Mssrs Stamas and Theophanus. So the plan was for Pauline to seize control of the HSU. Contesting an election in 2010 was problematic as by then there would be no contracting out clauses in the Public Sector and Aged Care EBAs, and also Pauline would be absolutely incapable of winning an election.

    Therefore a number of BCOM members would be manipulated by Pauline to turn against Jackson allowing Pauline to seize control of the HSU. Then she would allow Mr Stamas to get cleaning contracts in the Hospitals and ultimately aged care, by offering no resistance and telling the members that it could not stopped after some token protestations and bells and whistles.

    HSU members’ jobs would be lost and conditions slashed. Pauline would have power and secret commissions from Mr Stamas, and that is all she wants. Mr. Stamas would make a fortune, Mr Theophanus would control HSU numbers in the ALP, and my good wife and I would receive a tidy commission.

    These are the answers.

    Posted by The Prominent Coburg Lawyer | January 8, 2009, 8:52
  250. Thank you The Prominent Coburg Lawyer, this is now starting to make sense. I can now see what Pauline Fegan is up to. Jeff Jackson must win this battle for the benefit of HSU members and the ALP.

    Posted by That's clear to me | January 8, 2009, 9:57
  251. I commend the Prominent Coburg Lawyer (John Yianoulatos) for coming clean. The veil is lifting on Fegan’s treachery.

    Posted by The Black Adder | January 8, 2009, 11:34
  252. HAHAHA… split personality disorder seems to be rife among the Jackson clan, a blind monkey (or maybe even terrie see-more) can see that the same idiot posted the last three comments.

    Long live the the prominent coburg lawyer, a fighter for truth, justice and the union way! He saved my arse on more than one occasion.

    And jeff, don’t bother coming back here, your not welcome.

    Posted by Epworth member | January 8, 2009, 15:19
  253. So Epworth member, Tell us how the meeting went yesterday – I hear that it was a SCREAMING success……..

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 8, 2009, 15:59
  254. My instincts tell me that the “Epworth member” is charading and sadly mis-informed about yesterday’s meeting.

    The Epworth members made it very clear who wasn’t welcome. Their problem was not with Jeff. It was the sreamin’ banshee that got them off side.

    It’s about time you started listening to what the members really want because they will get it.

    Posted by epworthmembermyarse | January 8, 2009, 16:28
  255. C’mon Epworth member, or should I say John Yianoulatos. There is nothing more pathetic than someone singing their own praises. By the way how is Georgie Stamas? And how are Ali and Helmet?

    Posted by The Black Adder | January 8, 2009, 16:49
  256. Come on Epworth member were you at the meeting? I dont think so!Why dont you ask the members that were there to tell you what it was like to listen to dumb Donna and dumber Anastasia trying to remember the resolutions they past when sacking 3 HSU staff. They couldnt remember as they never wrote the resolutions.Fegan wrote them and they delivered, scum.

    Posted by Star | January 8, 2009, 21:23
  257. Just bring on FEB 11, Fegans end

    Posted by Irene webber the2nd | January 8, 2009, 21:23
  258. Stuart, Stop reading this and get back to your PSA time and motion study

    Posted by Irene webber the 3rd | January 8, 2009, 21:25
  259. dear Bill your massive garden awaits you!

    Posted by Irene webber the 4th | January 8, 2009, 21:29
  260. Attaturk, Attaturk, where are you? We want to hear the answers.
    Or perhaps the BCOM members can enlighten us? Then again how could we expect them to untangle themselves from their puppet strings, and contribute words to this forum, when they struggle to read the resolutions they didn’t write or don’t understand.
    In fact Fegan could save paper and send 8 parrots into BCOM meetings mimicking her despotic resolutions.
    Our feathered friends would at least offer a more articulate discourse than the neanderthal BCOM.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 8, 2009, 21:43
  261. Attaturk, you have declared “bring on a General Members’ Meeting”.

    You have been promising us your presence at the meeting, and promising to reveal yourself there.

    You have declared your intention to speak at such a meeting.

    Alas, Fegan and the soon to be bankrupt BCOM, want to put a stop to the meeting, denying you your moment in the sun. They desperately want to stomp on democracy with their cheap jackboots (supplied by Urban Giftware).

    Attaturk your ability to bluff is worse than your verse.

    Posted by Jack Sparrow's Parrot | January 8, 2009, 22:02
  262. Turd!

    atta boy,

    Lets face it, you are not a patch on Mr Marvel.

    In word or deed.
    So far.

    Talk tho you might.

    Seems, by your own words, that you have done fuck all for the union movement despite your ‘brilliance’ by refusing to become a workplace rep.

    biding your time were you? Hope you declare your hand and id at the members meeting.

    Posted by biff | January 9, 2009, 1:13
  263. I see that we are back to mindless bad language and personal attacks. If you have no positive comments to make then perhaps you should keep quiet.

    I will be at the General Meeting and will be happy to identify myself. You may find intimidating me will be a lot more daunting than you expect.

    It is also interesting that you question my contribution to the union movement and in particular the HSU. Perhaps I should detail my contribution at the meeting in February.

    Hope to see you there and I am looking forward to the challenge.

    Posted by Attaturk | January 9, 2009, 9:14
  264. Attaturk come out from under the mask, you are PAULINE FEGAN. When the Captain suggested that you listened to more Bob Dylan and less irish folk shit, he was clearly pointing the finger at you Pauline. (Forget the rest of the Attaturk speculation, it was a ruse to keep you posting).

    Spare us your bravado about the General Members Meeting, when you and your cult of 8 are really trying everything to stop the meeting.

    “You may find intimidating me will be a lot more daunting than you expect”.

    Is your above quote a threat Pauline? Only fools fear your bark Pauline, there is nothing daunting about you.

    In your numerous posts you have effectively said nothing Pauline, just amateur rhetoric and diversion. As the Captain and others have requested, answer the questions.

    Like Adolf Hitler sixty odd years ago, you are trapped in your bunker flailing against reality. As the Angel of Mercy commented, not very smart are you?

    Here’s a suggestion, for the first time in your life behave with some dignity, and leave what has never been yours alone. No one owes you, not a thing! You will not be allowed to destroy the HSU, you will be defeated. For those standing up to you are smarter, more honourable, more courageous, and have truth on their side.

    In a nutshell, God is on our side you dick.

    Posted by The Wizard | January 9, 2009, 17:58
  265. Fegans Finest hour

    Today Fegan and her merry crew voted to make the union pay their own legal bills.

    Today Fegan and her crew announced that they will go to court to stop the members meeting on FEB 11

    Today Fegan and her crew voted fill 3 vacancies left by BCOM members who have resigned by appointing her mates, so much for a democratic election of the members.

    The MEMBERS have no place in FEGANS world!!!!!!

    Posted by Irene Webber the 5th | January 9, 2009, 18:06
  266. Fegan will go down in AUSTRALIAN Trade union history for sacking unionists, THAT will live with you for the rest of your life!!

    Posted by Dr tomb stone | January 9, 2009, 20:13
  267. Pauline (Attaturk) how are you keeping sweetie?

    Just a few questions directed straight to the horses mouth (I’m glad I no longer have to bother with your alternate personality):

    * Can you deny you and Yianoulatos (John & Vicki) met with George Stamas the Cleaning Contractor (GJK Services) and Theo Theophanus in Athens?

    * Why did you meet with them? Please don’t expect us to believe it was a social gathering.

    * Why did you order the BCOM to sack 3 HSU staff for their Union Activity?

    * Why did you not challenge the independent findings of serious bullying against you? And why did you subsequently resign to the BCOM?

    * If you want to lead the HSU, why won’t you face the members at an election in 2010, the democratic way?

    * Do you believe that you and 8 BCOM members (9 people) constitute a majority of 16000? If so, do you struggle with basic Prep Grade numeracy?

    * Why are you seeking to stop (despite your alter ego’s hot wind) the General Members Meeting on 11/2?

    * Have you, the self appointed leader, ever won an election? In fact do you accept that you are the only incumbent Secretary in HSU history to lose an election?

    * How do you form the view, that you and the BCOM can appoint an Investigator to investigate allegations against yourselves?

    Now instead of talking about me having two dicks, talking about positivity, and spewing forth empty bravado. Just answer the questions, because this is where you come unstuck.

    Although we know the answers, we want to hear them from you Queenie.


    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 9, 2009, 20:22
  268. Hey Shaun( I am going to be the next Secretary) here is a tip about your credit card , when you use it you have to have paperwork that will stand up not just a receipt like you are telling everyone. Start looking for a job mate your in more trouble than Jackson. what a moron

    Posted by anon | January 9, 2009, 21:34
  269. Hey Anon, We’ve all heard ducks fart in the wind before, people like you do grow on trees, you sure your not a worm you spineless being? Your opinion is as credible as my dogs last shit. MORON

    Posted by Star | January 9, 2009, 22:20
  270. A stunning retort anon, or should I say Yianoulatos. The Forensic Auditors will look at it, as they will all the books, and Hudson is relaxed and comfortable. Attaturk is the one with headaches.

    Posted by Ali Aydin | January 9, 2009, 23:06
  271. Remember everybody, google Yianoulatos Lawyers, google Vicki Yianoulatos, and google George Stamas.

    Posted by Mr Google | January 9, 2009, 23:16
  272. My apologies Captain. You have clearly grown another ‘dick’ since we last communicated.

    Given that you seem to be close to the action, why don’t you post a copy of the BCOM resolutions which you find so offensive and give us all a look at them?

    This little flight of fancy by elected officials is now becomming very boring and costly.

    I understand there are now allegations against the Secretary and Assistant Secretary in documents before the court.

    It saddens me to see the ‘Bosses Courts’ being used this way but I guess when we do not take history into account it will continue to repeat itself.

    You make the comment that Fegan is the only incumbent to lose office but you neglect to mention she is not the first to be shafted by our Jeffrey.

    Posted by Attaturk | January 11, 2009, 11:56
  273. Interesting choice of words Attaturk.

    Jackson is not responsible for Fegan’s demise. She has brought this upon herself.

    There’s no place for bullies in the union movement. Our job is to defend workers rights. Sacking unionists for organising workers is outrageous.

    Fegan and her BCOM buddies will pay the price ‘cos the members won’t stand for it.

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 11, 2009, 12:25
  274. Hey Attaturk, you reckon Fegan’s been done over. What’s your take on the sackings? There must be more to the story. There was a clear majority of BCOM members supporting the dismissals – “nine votes in favour against six”. They wouldn’t have done it without good reason. What do you know?

    Posted by Truth Seeker | January 11, 2009, 12:40
  275. I don’t know anything other than that which has been posted here, is contained in rumour and inuendo and has been sent to the members.

    Leaving out all the tongue in cheek rhetoric all I have been seeking is for someone independant of the union to to look at all the allegations. Keep it out of the Federal Court. Makes no difference to me who is guilty. If it is shown that they all have had their fingers in the pie they all should go.

    If the sackings are in fact unlawful I would have thought that the 3 staff members would have been savvy enough to know where to seek remedy. (Maybe they have.)

    Posted by Attaturk | January 11, 2009, 14:35
  276. Attaturk you are a goose.

    In the same posting you say that the dispute should stay out of the Federal Court but if the sackings unlawful then the victims should take it to court.

    Which one is it?

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 11, 2009, 14:44
  277. Attaturk, I note that you did not deny that you are Pauline Fegan. So let’s just cut the crap Pauline, your cumbersome efforts to remain mysterious are the actions of a dullard trying to be clever.

    There is no need to post the devious, undemocratic, unethical, and in cases illegitimate resolutions of the BCOM for you and all to see.

    You have seen them, in fact you devised them, and then handed them to your puppets who struggled to even read them. I assure you that these heinous resolutions are being circulated far and wide, so if anybody wants to see them, well that will be easy for them.

    Particularly the resolution to sack 3 staff for their union activity (holding up placards), without notice or process.

    You talk about costly legal action, but thus far the legal action has been initiated by you and your cult of 8 only. Then your friends on the BCOM have resolved that the Union should pay for your legal action and defence.

    The allegations against Jackson and Hudson are pathetic hollow counter allegations, and I understand have triggered much mirth and laughter. You desperate fool!

    Since when was the Federal Court the ‘bosses court’, you’re not even tossing shit there, rather plain farty noises.

    Pauline does the allegation that Jackson has shafted others refer to exposing a certain lingerie purchase on a Union Credit Card? Quite a legitimate shafting I would think.

    Jackson has won an election, when have you?

    Just answer the very specific questions that have been asked on this forum Pauline.That would be a great difficulty for you wouldn’t it Pauline.

    As for me growing another dick, I might say that your phallic fixation is curious. Two dicks, three dicks, couldn’t care less about what you think or say sweetie. I, unlike you, am not enslaved by a fragile ego the size of Everest.

    Just answer the questions Ms Fegan.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 11, 2009, 15:09
  278. Attaturk (Pauline) just noticed your latest post. Nice try!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 11, 2009, 15:11
  279. You must leave now, take your shameful coup, it will be your last.
    If your dignity you wish to keep, you better grab it fast.
    Yonder stands your BCOM with it’s resolutions,
    Crying like a fire in the sun.
    Look out all the saints are comin’ through
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 11, 2009, 17:05
  280. Sorry Captain. I am not Pauline.

    I estimate that with the identities that you have accused me of being that have now been discounted you 15,946 names to go. As you need all the help you can get I am a financial member of the HSU.

    As you obviously have access to the membership list this little exercise should keep you amused.

    Posted by Attaturk | January 11, 2009, 17:24
  281. The IP adress is coming up as geelong

    Posted by Anonymous | January 11, 2009, 17:45
  282. You are Pauline.

    I note you mention 15,946 members, a lazy 10,000 more than when you shambolically ran the place.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 11, 2009, 17:56
  283. Captain, like you I had drawn the conclusion that Fegan and Attaturk were one and the same. But I am starting to question it.

    Revisit the earlier posts from Attaturk and you will discover repeated calls for a general members meeting. Fegan would never have played this card. Right now she’s working overtime to prevent the members meeting from proceeding.

    I recognise the superior tone and penmanship of dear Attaturk. He couldn’t care less for the HSU – for him this is personal (and no doubt a bit of fun). That chip on his shoulder just won’t heal.

    Do us all a favour Attaturk. Piss off back to your ‘funky bunch’.

    Posted by Roller Girl | January 11, 2009, 21:09
  284. Roller Girl, are you suggesting it’s that pudding Donohue?

    It’s Fegan, and the questions remain unanswered.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 11, 2009, 22:05
  285. Ay, Ay Captain!

    Posted by Roller Girl | January 11, 2009, 22:34
  286. lovely work roller girl. Captain you know she is mine.

    Attaturk, know your product

    Posted by biff | January 12, 2009, 1:04
  287. This is absolutely hilarious,the amount of vitriol you slack jawed troglodytes are spewing forth is astounding.
    You call youself unionist?
    Well heres a news flash!
    One of my steaming TURDS is more of a unionist than any of you pathetic, poisioned maggots.

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 8:59

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 9:03
  289. Armsakimbo,

    A “news flash” would be an original posting from you – dickhead.

    “slack jawed troglodytes”
    “steaming turds”
    “pathetic, poisioned (sic) maggots”
    “raving queen”
    “closet dweller”

    Where the fuck did you come up with such unique insight.

    There is more plagiarism in 7 lines of your tripe than in a whole year of Piers Ackerman rantings.

    Back in the box boy.

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 12, 2009, 12:28
  290. OUCH!!!!

    Thanks for the constructive criticism

    Clever name by the way.

    Posted by Armsakimbo | January 12, 2009, 12:58
  291. OUCH!!!
    Well you certainly told me, I’m shattered.

    Thanks for the invaluable criticism Stoolpuddle.

    Clever name by the way, very original.

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 13:18
  292. ouch !!!!

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 13:20
  293. Again

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 13:20
  294. you smell!!!!!

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 13:21
  295. I want to use you as my toilet Marty.

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 13:22
  296. Marty?????????????????????????????

    Birdy num num.

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 12, 2009, 14:38
  297. i like to fondle small animals and am leader of the troy buswell fan club

    Posted by Terrie Seymour | January 12, 2009, 16:27
  298. To Armsakimbo and whomever is posing as Terrie Seymour. Trying to provoke us are you? Nice try, my haven’t Fegan’s camp lost all decorum. Attaturk isn’t answering questions, and her cult is obviously feeling the pressure.

    Posted by The Wizard | January 12, 2009, 16:56
  299. Pauline stop ducking.

    Can you deny you and Yianoulatos (John & Vicki) met with George Stamas the Cleaning Contractor (GJK Services) and Theo Theophanus in Athens?

    * Why did you meet with them? Please don’t expect us to believe it was a social gathering.

    * Why did you order the BCOM to sack 3 HSU staff for their Union Activity?

    * Why did you not challenge the independent findings of serious bullying against you? And why did you subsequently resign to the BCOM?

    * If you want to lead the HSU, why won’t you face the members at an election in 2010, the democratic way?

    * Do you believe that you and 8 BCOM members (9 people) constitute a majority of 16000?

    * Why are you seeking to stop (despite your alter ego’s hot wind) the General Members Meeting on 11/2?

    * Have you, the self appointed leader, ever won an election? In fact do you accept that you are the only incumbent Secretary in HSU history to lose an election?

    * How do you form the view, that you and the BCOM can appoint an Investigator to investigate allegations against yourselves?

    Simple questions Pauline.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 12, 2009, 16:59
  300. Good questions Captain! how about some answers

    Posted by Truth seeker | January 12, 2009, 19:23
  301. Well for weeks Fegan has been casting veiled and shadowy allegations against Jackson and Hudson, to justify her and the BCOM 8’s disgusting agenda. A frenzied attempt to deflect attention from her own serious predicament.

    The situation has forced her to make specific allegations, because the “nudge, nudge, wink, wink, all will be revealed soon, it’s secret that only Pauline and the 8 BCOM members are allowed to know” line was wearing thin.

    The silence was revealing the lie.

    So her allegations are finally, after fleeting chinese whispers, unveiled and there is no doubt that Pauline has drawn a little inspiration from George W Bush and little John Howard. Her allegations are an audacious and clumsy attempt to emulate two of the greatest lies and distortion of fact, of the 21st century. “Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” and “children overboard”.

    At least Bush and Howard relied on questionable photos and intelligence to sell their lie. Fegan relies on ‘rumours’ from person(s) unknown and unnamed, and a good deed done by the Union.

    In an act of malicious political buffoonery they allege that there is a ‘rumour’ of improper credit card use. Not a trace of specific detail, no mention of who the ‘rumour’ came from, and no clear allegation. There’s a reason for that, and it’s because there is nothing.

    A couple of Fegan’s stooges are actually putting this shit out there at a Public Hospital south of the Yarra. Not to mention the other rumour, regarding Jeff Jackson’s Lear Jet!

    The really bizarre thing is that she thinks everyone will swallow this shit. Getting Troy Buswell’s public support would be shrewder.

    Disrespectful Pauline. Shame!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 12, 2009, 21:18
  302. Roger Houston, Fegan doesn’t need Buswell she’s got ARMSAKIMBO.

    He’s surely from down Barwon way. The question being is it Colonel ‘Time and Motion Study’ Marshall or that mass of reverberating jelly Donohue?

    Posted by Captain Biggles of Jeff Jackson's Lear Jet. | January 12, 2009, 23:05
  303. Wrong dick heads, I actually look to JJ as a role model AND SUPPORT HIM FULLY , however you clowns do make me laugh.

    Welcome to the BigTop children, lets dance.

    WHOOP, WHOOP!!!!!

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 13, 2009, 8:51
  304. Armsakimbo, you seem to have a fascination with stools, turds, toilets and maggots. Whilst there is a common thread linking your areas of interest I haven’t made the connection between your comments and the overall discussion about Fegan’s coup. Did I miss something?

    Posted by Concerned Member | January 13, 2009, 12:25
  305. yes concerned member, I do have somewhat of a bent regarding all things scatological,hence my reason for visiting this poo farm.
    As for any constructive comments re: the slow (albeit unfortunate) implosion of the hsu, I think they would be wasted here.
    So, to continue to amuse my tiny brain, I shall have to endure this fascinating discourse and try to figure out how you sad, reactionary, little monkeis, think any of this is going to do any good at all.

    Getchmis olsun.

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 13, 2009, 13:00
  306. Marty stoolpuddle…..

    pleese Korect any spelleng/ gamaticall eros you spot.
    You pretentious #*@T!!!!!

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 13, 2009, 13:18
  307. I think I’ve worked it out…..

    Armsakimbo is using the “Chewbacca defence” (from South Park)


    “The Chewbacca defence is a … legal strategy [in the] form of Red Herring argument, used to deliberately confuse the jury”

    (s)he is essentially trying to drown out the voice of decent and reason by using the ramblings of a crazy person.

    Hence Armsakimbo is trying to take attention away from the main game.

    i.e. Pauline Fegan please answer the following:


    * Why did you meet with George Stamas the Cleaning Contractor (GJK Services) and Theo Theophanus in Athens? Please don’t expect us to believe it was a social gathering.

    * Why did you order the BCOM to sack 3 HSU staff for their Union Activity?

    * Why did you not challenge the independent findings of serious bullying against you? And why did you subsequently resign to the BCOM?

    * If you want to lead the HSU, why won’t you face the members at an election in 2010, the democratic way?

    * Do you believe that you and 8 BCOM members (9 people) constitute a majority of 16000?

    * Why are you seeking to stop (despite your alter ego’s hot wind) the General Members Meeting on 11/2?

    * Have you, the self appointed leader, ever won an election? In fact do you accept that you are the only incumbent Secretary in HSU history to lose an election?

    * How do you form the view, that you and the BCOM can appoint an Investigator to investigate allegations against yourselves?

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 13, 2009, 15:49
  308. Armsakimbo, are you of unsound mind?

    Posted by Concerned Member | January 13, 2009, 15:59
  309. Good one Marty, thats actually quite funny.
    Keep up the good work.

    Now if you will excuse me I have a date with a latrine and several soiled urinal cakes.

    Medication time children.
    G,dee Up, woo back!!!

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 13, 2009, 17:12
  310. Quite excitable, that Armsakimbo!

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 13, 2009, 18:32
  311. Armsakimbo, some Hamlet if you will.

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

    You are out of your depth. Now scurry along my pretty…..

    Posted by Anonymous | January 13, 2009, 20:24
  312. God is our guide! from field, from wave, From plough, from anvil, and from loom;
    We come, our country’s rights to save,
    And speak a tyrant faction’s doom:
    We raise the watch-word liberty; We will, we will,we will be free!

    George Loveless
    ‘Tolpuddle Martyr’


    It’s nigh time the tyrant and her faction members answered Marty Tolpuddle…………

    Posted by magenta | January 13, 2009, 21:07
  313. the sun slants in

    like a golden sword

    as the odds grow


    I tell you

    such fine



    in the




    Posted by Henry Chinaski | January 14, 2009, 9:44

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 14, 2009, 10:22
  315. Hmmmm, interesting choice of alias…

    Henry Chinaski: the ‘Dostoyevskiesque anti-hero’ described on Wiki as, “a misanthropic and misogynistic alcoholic who drifts from job to job and woman to woman.”

    “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” (Barfly, 1987)

    That’s the second time that Mickey Rourke has come up in conversation in as many days.

    Posted by Curiouser and Curiouser | January 14, 2009, 10:24
  316. February 11

    Posted by Lord of the new dawn | January 14, 2009, 10:45
  317. One of the first Australians to be punished for organising workers was Comrade James Straighter, who in 1822 was sentenced to a month in solitary confinement (on bread and water), 500 lashes and 5 years servitude for “inciting his Masters’ servants to combine for the purposes of obliging him to raise the wages and increase their rations”.

    I wonder if the master mentioned was any relation to Pauline Fegan.

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 14, 2009, 10:51
  318. February 11 the members will make Fegan Pay

    Posted by Joe Hill | January 14, 2009, 11:15
  319. Posted by Death to the Fegan | January 14, 2009, 11:30
  320. CLASSIC!!

    Posted by Joe Hill | January 14, 2009, 11:34
  321. FEBRUARY 11

    Posted by The Monash moth | January 14, 2009, 11:48
  322. FEBRUARY 11

    Posted by Lee Atkinson | January 14, 2009, 14:04
  323. FEBRUARY 11

    Posted by Time and motion | January 14, 2009, 17:50
  324. All your seasick sailors, they are rowing home.
    Your empty-handed armies, they are going home.
    The grey pigtail is laying in the gutter.
    A prominent lawyer is quickly turning to butter.
    The carpet, too, is moving under you
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 14, 2009, 20:02
  325. FEBRUARY 11

    Posted by BORAT | January 14, 2009, 20:22
  326. Chinaski is speaking from the grave of his great drunkard poet creator so forgive him his “Depth” ARMSA.

    It might seem a bit off. But he actually seems to be channelling this debate and speaking some truth. ‘spose he has the time.

    The only one who should be feeling their own mortality like he is lives by the name Pauline.

    “Curioser x 2”, a peasant invokes Mickey Rourke in Bukowski’s stead and a peasant admits quoting Wikepedia to build a case.

    > I know the case you are building.

    It is so obvious it is laughable. Members and we all are too smart. The great man is bigger and more complex than that. And so are the members whose intelligence you condemn. You are not.

    Posted by HOLLYWOOD | January 14, 2009, 23:58
  327. Hey Hollywood, don’t read too much into my comment – it ain’t that deep.

    Wiki is the greatest resource available to lazy-arse researchers like myself – don’t knock it!

    Posted by Curiouser and Curiouser | January 15, 2009, 8:53
  328. FEBRUARY 11

    Posted by Woody Guthrie | January 15, 2009, 10:37
  329. Postoffice, factotum, women, hollywood, pulp and ham on rye.

    read them before you die and your existance will have been well spent.

    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 15, 2009, 15:27
  330. and also his numerous works of poetry.

    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 15, 2009, 15:29
  331. and all his collections of short stories.

    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 15, 2009, 15:30
  332. Sorry curioser, just getting toey. And when you are as deep as me sometimes you see depth where it aint. I use wiki too.

    Posted by HOLLYWOOD | January 15, 2009, 17:05
  333. When a true genius appears in the world,you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.

    Jonathan Swift.

    p.s. keep’em coming Chuck baby

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 15, 2009, 18:29
  334. FEBRUARY 11

    Posted by Paul Robeson | January 15, 2009, 18:47
  335. Well you could certainly call Fegan and the BCOM a dunce confederacy.

    Will Armsakimbo offer some constructive comments on the HSU situation? We await with interest.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 15, 2009, 22:26
  336. “Yertle the Turtle” aka JJ

    “Gertrude McFuzz” aka PF

    We, the members, are in a bit of strife.

    Enough said!

    Posted by ARMSAKIMBO | January 16, 2009, 9:25
  337. Hey Doug,

    Stop calling Delegates, they are not interested in you shit!!

    Posted by Toni (sack em) Joyce | January 16, 2009, 9:41
  338. Yeah Doug,

    Stop calling ME!!!

    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 16, 2009, 10:18
  339. me also, stop with the calling all the time .NO means NO!

    Posted by ARMASAKIMBO | January 16, 2009, 10:23
  340. Dougy Mcdoug
    sat on a rug
    Scratching his wobbly bits

    Dougy Mcdoug
    moaned on the rug
    rubbing his man tits

    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 16, 2009, 11:45
  341. We like to have Byron at Dandenong hospital, it gives all of us something to laugh at

    Posted by Anonymous | January 16, 2009, 11:51
  342. Lovely Dr Seuss metaphor Armasakimbo. So you say Jackson is a despot and Fegan is ruled by vanity. Well you’ve got it half right, Fegan’s vanity killed off her reason many moons ago.

    As for Jackson being a despot, how do you come to that conclusion? Unless you consider any leader a despot for being a leader, because you’re the type who hasn’t the spine to be a leader.

    Jackson is displaying steady, calm leadership, in the face of a vile attempted undemocratic coup by a tiny minority within the Union.

    When Attaturk (Attagirl Fegan) stopped posting, because the hard questions had her ducking and weaving, along you came with your white noise. White noise to distract from the argument, white noise to stop people reading what that Despot Fegan doesn’t want them to read.

    Spare us your misleading neutral stance, and feigned concern for the HSU. Make an unambiguous statement, and spare us your literary quotes and white noise.
    You have an interest in all this, what it is we don’t know, and quite frankly don’t give a fuck.

    The HSU is dealing with a vile workplace bully, a corrupt disgrace, who wants to destroy to save her fat arse. So what should we do, turn the other cheek and let her do it?

    Under your logic the Nazis should have been allowed to rampage through Europe and then the world unopposed, killing anyone that wasn’t blonde. Deals should have been done instead, because you sound like the type political whore that would deal with anyone.

    It is obvious you were educated at some elite school, where you were programmed in prehistoric disciplines, and rendered sexually repressed. You could be that conceited fuckwit Shorten, just another awkward private school tosser. Go and get yourself laid Armsakimbo, sounds like you need it desperately. And don’t be neatly folding your clothes beforehand, and jumping straight in the shower afterwards.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 16, 2009, 11:58
  343. Leave your stepping stones behind, retirement it calls for you.
    Forget not the dead you’ve left, they will rise against you.
    The vagabonds who are crawling behind you
    promised all the clothes that you once wore.
    Met your match, time to start anew
    And it’s all over now, Baby Blue.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 16, 2009, 13:15
  344. Fegan needs to get a job with a cleaning contractor! or has she already been offered one?

    Posted by shit on my shoe | January 16, 2009, 13:36
  345. No, she get’s a commission and control of the HSU so that she may allow the Cleaning Contractor to get hospital contracts first, and then probably aged care.

    Yianoulatos (John & Vicki) get a grubby commission.

    Unfortunately for them, they’re not going to pull it off.

    Fegan is loyal to no one but herself.


    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 16, 2009, 13:55
  346. “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

    Charles Bukowski

    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 16, 2009, 14:06
  347. kicked out of a western suburbs Secondary School actually.

    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 16, 2009, 14:12
  348. Forget it Yianoulatos, Shorten wont take your call

    Posted by shit on my shoe | January 16, 2009, 14:18
  349. FEBRUARY 11

    Posted by Dame Nellie Melba | January 16, 2009, 14:20
  350. How did it come to this? management all over the state would be reading this complete dogs breakfast . so instead of uniting us there ripping us apart and management of the hospitals will be thinking what a great time to strike at the union while they have in house fighting going on! the problem is our union seems to have to much time on there hand and way to good a salary so they thought what the hell just for fun will start a fight between ourselves! Mean while the poor member has to pay full fees and is’nt represented properly because of the bullshit thats going on within our union! bloody wake up to yourselves and get on with the real fighting , for our jobs!

    Posted by Captian turkey | January 16, 2009, 14:26
  351. Captain Turkey,

    You need to direct that question to Fegan, The Union was running very well until her attack. She started it and now Jackson will finish it!

    Posted by Anonymous | January 16, 2009, 17:38
  352. Captain Turkey, you’re absolutely right. This whole debacle is a veritable boss’s picnic. The Union has gone for about 6 years without this kind of nonsense.

    It’s worth noting who started this fight in the first place. It was the Fegan camp. They were the ones who passed all those resolutions at BCOM late last year. It was the Fegan camp that sacked 3 HSU staff for daring to organise a peaceful protest. I don’t know about you, but I think it is disgraceful for a supposedly dedicated unionist such as Fegan to use rotting carcass of Howard’s much hated Workchoices laws.

    Have the Fegan camp produced any credible reasons why we should allow Jackson to be ousted?

    Why are the Fegan camp so keen to shut down a member’s meeting that they resort to using the courts to block it? I bet she’s not paying for that legal action.

    If Fegan had an ounce of politcal savvy, she would have quietly mounted her coup for the 2010 election. But she hasn’t. She’s mounted a full frontal assault, and caused the union to be seen as a basket case. If she has her way, the union will bleed members. The old adage, “Disunity is death” applies.

    Now, I don’t believe Jackson is perfect but facts speak forthemselves. He has presided over growth in union membership (in spite of the attacks on our rights from the previous Howard regime). This growth continued when other unions were struggling.

    Jackson has strategy and rat cunning in droves. Fegan on the other hand seems to like to crash through in her own personal Operation Desert Storm. For me the choice is clear, the modern times Jackson will get results far better than the Jurassic tactics of the Fegan camp.

    Posted by Twisted Oliver | January 16, 2009, 17:41
  353. Thanks for righting the ship ‘twisted’.

    TURKEY, noble talented people are fighting for the RIGHT, nay, the SPACE to fight for your jobs. They are tired yet they do it. Don’t ever doubt their endeavour.

    Better people than you or i are quietly fighting and being stopped from doing their work and accused for not doing it, by an egomaniac, someone craving the cush and comfort that comes with power.

    Cruelled by a bad old haircut that has dogged her political life.

    Posted by Brett | January 16, 2009, 23:57
  354. Defined her dogged political life

    Posted by Brett | January 16, 2009, 23:58
  355. A big deep breath all.

    With Pauline Fegan and her band of backward, ineffectual, no account muppets, the HSU is doomed.

    Let’s be honest here.

    A whopping 5% of Office staff – surely a barometer of not only popular by sensible opinion, are the only ones, the ONLY ones to champion Pauline.

    And these supporters are the most ineffectual, inept, unengaged, least accountable figures on the HSU payroll.

    Pauline has chosen these muppets not for their talent but their support.

    That support is borne directly out of their ineptitude and their fear of exposure, and a consequent fear of, and loyalty to her.

    Posted by Biff | January 17, 2009, 1:04
  356. Can someone please explain how a competent union secretary loses control of his BCOM?

    Posted by the observer | January 17, 2009, 9:18
  357. Observer, it has nothing to do with the competence or incompetence of the Secretary. His only crime is looking at people in a positive light.

    There’s is little he or anyone could do, when Fegan employed techniques used by cults, to program a few BCOM members in secret.

    He is dealing with it now, and it will be fixed within a few weeks.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 17, 2009, 9:53
  358. Hey observer here is the answer, Jackson is lazy and was not interested in fixing any industrial issues. He did nothing about the Royal Womens Hospital being contracted out. The BCOM had enough. Jackson was only interested in ALP and his flashy lifestyle. Forget about anything anyone says the main game is the auditior that is why he won’t win. Once the books are auditored he is gone. And as for you Captain Marvel you are right about one thing, it will be fixed in a few weeks, don’t hold your hat on a meeting. no one can save Jackson from what he has done and he knows it.

    Posted by Concerned Member | January 17, 2009, 10:16
  359. I agree we got shafted at the western thanks to Jackson aand Seymour The sooner he and his mates are gone the better. Let the Audtiors in Jackson.

    Posted by Western | January 17, 2009, 10:50
  360. Concerned Member and Western whom are no doubt one and the same. Now in your enlightened opinion how could contracting out at the Women’s have been stopped, particularly under Workchoices. This will be addressed in the upcoming EBA where ‘no contracting out’ clauses will be vigourously pursued.

    Now what would Fegan have done? Oh that’s right meet with a cleaning contractor in Athens (read earlier posts), and conspire to topple Jackson before the next EBA is finalised, so that cleaning services at all hospitals may be contracted out.

    And please articulate precisely how members at Western have been sold out? No one have lost jobs or money, this post Workchoices and in the midst of a global economic crisis. Not a bad effort one would think.

    Concerned Member and Western, although in reality you might want to call yourselves Dorothy Dixer. You are just one of Fegan’s stooges posting what she tells you to post, or Fegan herself.

    So can you provide the detail I have asked for? And while you’re at it, answer the questions posted on this forum, and ask whatever happened to Attaturk?

    In a nutshell, nice try dickhead.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 17, 2009, 11:07
  361. Oh my the BCOM are not a very happy bunch this weekend!!
    Having Auditor problems are we?

    Posted by SACK the BCOM | January 17, 2009, 11:28
  362. Wow what a great name: “Concerned Member”. Honestly you being just a ‘concerned member’ and not a Fegan stooge is about as likely as Yiani being found to be a competent IO.

    The auditors you speak of! Are these the auditors that Fegan tried (unsuccessfully) to stop in the federal court on Wednesday?

    So far we know a few things to be true:
    – The BCOM unlawfully sacked 3 people for holding up some signs.
    – An independent (and highly qualified) investigator found that Fegan bullied staff and should be sacked from the HSU for doing so.
    – Fegan is trying to stop a members meeting that will end this impasse.
    – At a time when the Union officers should be concentrating on the biggest EBA in the health sector they are also fighting for their jobs.




    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 17, 2009, 11:36
  363. Interesting bit of rumour mongering:

    Last week two members of the BCOM received some concerning news.

    They have been told that they are about to have defamation action taken against them because they have been making up stuff about a senior member of staff and spreading it far and wide.

    This coup could end up being a costly little exercise.

    Posted by Vlad the defamer | January 17, 2009, 11:42
  364. The evidence is in the books thats why Jackson is fighting so hard to keep them out, but time is slipping away now his wife can’t help him, and by the way captain marvel Jackson has been saying he will stop contracting out for years and yet for the first time in history we have the whole of the RWH contracted out, go down there and see if Jackson is welcome. I work at the western and the members here are not happy with the outcome and you are well aware of that. Let the auditors in Jackson.

    Posted by Western | January 17, 2009, 11:50
  365. The best evidence Fegan and her clowns have provided to to the court is that they heard a rumour, The members look forward to your startling evidence at the meeting on the 11th, oh thats right your using the courts to try and stop the democratic process!

    Posted by SACK the BCOM | January 17, 2009, 11:56
  366. Western you nong – Jackson is trying to get the auditors in. Sonya McCormack (Fegan stooge) was in the federal court on Wednesday trying to stop the auditors.


    If the members at western and the women’s are really concerned then I look forward to hearing from them at the general members meeting on the 11th?

    Why is Fegan trying to stop them from getting this opportunity?

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 17, 2009, 12:00
  367. Nice one Western, or should I say Pauline or a Pauline Puppet. Again you fail to be specific, and just spew a little mist of conjecture.

    The books will be thrown open to Forensic Auditors, who will look at everything. The Fegan camp is trying to stop this.

    As for the contracting out issue, anyone that knows a skerrick about Industrial Relations, knows that ‘no contracting out’ clauses were illegal under Workchoices. I am not suprised at your feeble criticism because neither Fegan nor her stooges know anything about Industrial law. After 15 years in the caper the Great Fegan can barely interpret an Award clause.

    In regards to members being unhappy at Western, again I challenge you to articulate why? This you have avoided, indicating that you are being deliberately misleading.

    Also are two so called issues all you can scrape up from Jackson’s 7 years at the helm?

    Why don’t we discuss Fegan’s shambolic 2 years at the helm?

    Again in the face of Workchoices and a Global Economic Crisis, HSU members have done extremely well. Most of them still have jobs, the conditions they had prior to Workchoices, and improving conditions. Most other Unions would be delighted to have achieved even close to that.

    Be assured the auditors are quite welcome, and it’s Fegan that’s running scared.

    And Pauline if you must deploy a stooge on this forum, find one that has the intelligence, and can make the effort to mount some modicum of a rational argument.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 17, 2009, 15:41
  368. Hey there Captain cock smoker,
    It,s quite obvious that all the propaganda from your end is coming from JJ, as he sits on your lap, sucking on a fag, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, your frantic little fingers turning them into what we see here.
    You speak of others as puppets?

    JJ obviously has his hand so far up your shitter, that he’s massaging your prostate as I type.

    However, I do view your dilemma with a sympathetic eye… some people will always give up their soul to the Devil in the hope of a nice little reward.

    Keeping banging away at keyboard Joseph Goebbels and you just might get what you deserve.

    You will go down on your ship Captain>

    Posted by Autofelatio | January 18, 2009, 11:29
  369. I hate Phonies

    Posted by Holden Caulfield | January 18, 2009, 12:17
  370. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

    Surely some revelation is at hand;
    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out

    When a vast image out of Spritus MundiTroubles my sight:

    somewhere in the sands of the desert
    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,

    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again; but now I know

    That twenty centuries of stony sleep

    were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


    Posted by Henry Chinasky | January 18, 2009, 14:09
  371. Autofelatio / Yanni:

    “Some people will always give up their soul to the Devil in the hope of a nice little reward.”


    You tool.

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 18, 2009, 14:26
  372. another very bad week coming up for Fegan and her BCOM clowns!

    Posted by SACK the BCOM | January 18, 2009, 14:37
  373. Autofelatio

    Posted by Wake Up | January 18, 2009, 15:08
  374. You got me there Autofelatio, fuck I’m reeling and so scared. You wanker! Is that the best you can do Autofelatio, or should I say John?

    Let’s clarify some things Autosucker, firstly no one has their hand up my arse, my comments are absolutely independent apart some fine lines borrowed from Bob Dylan.

    Secondly, I am not motivated by anything other than supporting the right thing. The consequences of that, I do not fear or consider when I CHOOSE the right path. Whether or not I sink with the ship, I do not even consider.

    Can you do that you sniveling pansy?

    We’re getting sidetracked here Autosucker, aren’t we. Still the questions remain unanswered from your side of the fence.

    What were you, your greedy wife and Fegan doing in Athens with George Stamas of GJK Cleaning Services and Theo Theophanus? Playing Trivial Pursuit, after vetoing Theo’s strip poker suggestion, were we?

    Goebbels I am not Autosucker, yet something as vile as a Nazi Collaborator you are John.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 18, 2009, 15:40
  375. theo involved in impropriety? surely not

    Posted by Astounded of Melbourne | January 18, 2009, 16:00
  376. Hey Chinasky/Armsakimbo, it’s not all quite that dramatic actually. Just an Office Sociopath fighting for survival and dragging the whole union into it.

    Getting a bit biblical and messianic aren’t we?

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 18, 2009, 17:59
  377. Ahh, argumentum ad hominem from Autofelatio…. yawn. Try playing the ball rather than the man next time.

    It seems to me plenty of questions are being raised here about the motives of the Fagin(sic) camp. Nothing I’ve heard from the Fagin camp gives me confidence that she’ll do a better job of running the union but I think she’ll do a better job of ruining the union.

    Up until the first putsch, Jackson has presided over steady membership growth. Not many other unions achieved that, especially during the Howard onslaught of Workchoices.

    So far, there appears to be very little advanced from the Fagin camp by way of facts or logical argument. If there are sound reasons for ousting Jackson then I’m sure we’d all like to see them.

    Posted by Twisted Oliver | January 18, 2009, 18:10
  378. HA!
    WRONG and WRONG!

    TRY agan Captain Cock-a-lot.
    You too Marty.

    P.S. who the fuck asked you twisted ass muncher.
    keep trying wankers.

    Welcome to the doll house.

    Posted by Autofelatio | January 18, 2009, 18:51
  379. Autofelatio. Got anything constructive to add? Something like a cohesive argument would be a good start. Otherwise, go back to troll school and learn how to do it properly.

    Posted by Twisted Oliver | January 18, 2009, 18:57
  380. Captain Mavel and Marty Tolpuddle seem to be the same person. Believe me, JJ would not do what
    Autofelatio said – no way. She has her own agenda – once she gets her once best friend out then she will work on undermining JJ. Funny, how best friends turn and when they turn watch out world.
    She has another best friend but she is claiming workplace bullying.
    For Gods sake stop the shit – both sides produce evidence – the gulty one be charged – all that is happening are threats and counter threats and attacks of avery personal nature on people who dare to have a say.

    Posted by anon | January 18, 2009, 19:03
  381. Only a few days to go until Jackson delivers a fatal blow

    Posted by Stop waving i'm drowning | January 18, 2009, 19:38
  382. Oh dear, Irene Webber is back (anon jan 18 19:38)!

    For f**k sake Irene, there is also cracking debate on the ALP factional turmoil and Israel on this site. Go comment there.

    Posted by Allan Duckworth | January 18, 2009, 21:01
  383. Nice one Autosucker!

    Considering the deterioration of linguistic skills since your last post, it appears you’ve spent the afternoon/evening on the punt and grog.

    Can anyone guess who it might be?

    Answer the hard questions Big Boy.

    I’d like to point out that no one from Fegan’s camp including Fegan, has denied that John & Vicki Yianoulatos, and Fegan met with George Stamas the cleaning contractor and Theophanus in Athens.

    Posted by Allan Duckworth | January 18, 2009, 21:12
  384. C’mon Allan I thought we were mates, you know me, you and Dolores have a good thing going.

    Posted by Dug Biron | January 18, 2009, 21:15
  385. Dear Captain Marvel and Marty.
    yes I am back and I bet that you are up to your best tactics with the ALP and your little friends there. As I said, get over the bloody shit that is coming from you, get to the truth and get rid of who is the crim. in this.

    Posted by anon | January 18, 2009, 21:42
  386. anon you said – “Captain Mavel and Marty Tolpuddle seem to be the same person.”

    We are not – don’t know if I can provide any real evidence of this, but you can take my word for it.

    You have asked for both sides to produce evidence: I agree.

    All the evidence I am aware of is:

    – The Paulene Fegan and her merry hacks unlawfully sacked 3 people for holding up some signs.
    – An independent (and highly qualified) investigator found that Paulene Fegan bullied staff and should be sacked from the HSU for doing so.
    – Paulene Fegan is trying to stop a members meeting that will end this impasse.
    – Paulene Fegan is delaying the negotiation of the biggest EBA in the health sector.

    I look forward to hearing the evidence (ANY EVIDENCE) from Fegans.

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 18, 2009, 22:00
  387. Pauline rings me and tells me to post stuff here, so don’t blame me.

    Posted by The Anonymous Irene Webber | January 18, 2009, 22:49
  388. My, oh, my – Fegan’s mob are going on the attack. It’s all getting a bit personal too. They must be starting to feel the pressure. There have been numerous calls to get the facts on the table, so here’s a few to get us started.

    1. Fegan aspired to be the next National Secretary.
    2. Fegan didn’t have the numbers.
    3. Fegan didn’t get the gig.
    4. Fegan cracked the shits.
    5. Fegan blamed Seymour.
    6. Fegan was accused of bullying.
    7. Fegan was investigated.
    8. Fegan was found guilty of bullying.
    9. Fegan should have been dismissed and removed from office.
    10. Jackson did a (more than) fair deal with Fegan.
    11. Fegan resigned from her employment.
    12. Fegan retained her position as Branch President.
    13. Fegan gained a paid position on the HESTA Board.
    14. Fegan pocketed the cash.
    15. Fegan signed a settlement agreement.
    16. Fegan abided by the terms of that agreement – for a while.
    17. Fegan had a change of heart.
    18. Fegan started turning up at the HSU ever more frequently.
    19. Jackson pulled Fegan aside and reminded her of the terms of settlement.
    20. Fegan cracked the shits – again.
    21. Fegan mounted a coup against Jackson and Hudson.
    22. HSU staff mounted a protest against Fegan and her bully-boy antics.
    23. Fegan cracked the shits – again.
    24. Fegan was charged and suspended for bullying.
    25. Fegan’s supporters on BCOM carried on her dirty work.
    26. Fegan’s supporters on BCOM unlawfully terminated three staff members for engaging in lawful industrial action.

    If anyone can explain what happened between fact number 15 (‘the settlement’) and fact number 21 (‘the coup’) I am sure that we would all love to know.

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 18, 2009, 22:49
  389. Sorry, wrong she does not ring me I only have contact with her on Facebook.

    If it is true that the factsspeakforthemselves, ok there is a problem, but as I said before
    it should be sorted out professionally and not in a forum like this. Funny, I was bullied and I had nobody to go to. I know that you are going to call me everything from a child predator etc. so go for it. The members are not buying it

    Posted by irene webber | January 18, 2009, 22:59
  390. Yes Irene, there is a problem.

    I agree that the situation should have been sorted out professionally – and it was. I refer you back to fact number 10 (“the more than fair deal”) through to fact number 15 (“Fegan signed a settlement agreement”).

    You are wrong about the members Irene. They have concrete evidence before them and they are outraged – in particular by the unlawful sackings. Frankly, it’s time you got off that fence and declared your position on this fact alone.

    Jackson has given the members the power to resolve this situation through democratic means. The meeting on FEBRUARY 11 is where it’s at. Fegan is trying to stop the meeting from proceeding, but she can’t. The members have control and the members will decide what’s right.

    “I’M READY”

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 19, 2009, 8:25
  391. Firstly, once again, I am not supporting either side – only two people know the truth.

    In answer to Marty Tolpuddle

    1. Why have the three sacked workers not lodged unfair dismissal claims.
    2. If the independent investigator found her guilty why was she not sacked
    And why was not Worksafe called in, she was not the only bully.

    Now to the factspeakerforthemselves

    1. I can remember a meeting called by Jeff where is announced that Pauline
    Had been appointed national Secretary, At the meeting the person who is
    Accusing her of bullying was very very emotional and thanked her for both
    Her personal and work help over the many difficult years before.

    2. Can remember not long before I left that something had gone amiss
    With the appointment – did not know what – but did not see any tantrums

    3. Will not comment on the bullying because I have issues with the one who
    Is claiming she was bullied.

    4. If you resign you resign, you are gone – cannot understand this.

    5. If there was a settlement agreement, then that is the end of it.

    Again, I cannot understand why this has reached a stage where worked are pitted against workers. Whichever side wins, there will obviously be casualities.

    All I hope is that your union gets back on track

    Posted by irene webber | January 19, 2009, 10:57
  392. Hi Irene,

    I don’t work at the HSU so I can’t answer some of your questions, however I’d like to comment on this one –

    “1. Why have the three sacked workers not lodged unfair dismissal claims.”

    * I don’t know if they haven’t?

    * The AIRC arn’t really in the habbit helping dismissed workers. Last financial year they received 6067 unfair dismissal applications 18 of these resulted in arbitrated reinstatement. THAT IS 0.3%.

    * The fastest arbitrated reinstatement took six months.

    * It is the bosses court. of the most recent 18 appointments to the AIRC 17 have been employers.

    * Bills don’t get paid, mortgages default and (as all of us know) lives get ruined when unscrupulous and dishonest managers unlawfully sack people. Isn’t that why people work for unions? To stop this bullshit?


    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 19, 2009, 11:23
  393. Well surely there is somewhere they could go to with their grievance – lodge something with Trades Hall or ACTU. As to the last paragraph I was not there and I do not know what happened, were you.

    Posted by irene webber | January 19, 2009, 11:38
  394. C’Mon Irene,

    From what I have seen you comment on you are not dumb and are well aware that employment law has been slanted so it is in absolute favour of the bosses.

    That is why workchoices was brought in.

    The ACTU and Trades hall are just peak bodies, they are not ‘the law’ and they have no jurisdiction (or ability) to deal with these kind of issues.

    Why can’t you get over the fact that there maybe fairness and justice in this – there just isn’t (and in the meantime mortgages are gouing into arrears and bills arn’t being paid).

    As for your second comment. I was not there but I have seen the resolution from the BCOM (written by them and acted on by them). It says that the BCOM instructs the Secretary to sack Terry Seymour, Peter Stephenson and Melissa Jacka for organising a group of workers to hold up signs in the foyer of the HSU.


    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 19, 2009, 11:55
  395. WHY is Urban gift ware a non UNION company?

    Posted by I can smell death | January 19, 2009, 13:16
  396. Yours in unity

    Pauline Fegan


    Posted by Joke of the week | January 19, 2009, 14:43
  397. I am perplexed by the Fegan camp’s shadowy allegations of credit card impropriety against Jackson and Hudson.

    In analysing whether her allegations are elementarily factual , and therefore logical, one has to consider a number of points.

    Are any of the allegations specific in detail? No there is not one specific detail presented, therefore we have empty rumours and conspiracy theories.

    As President for the last 3 years , Pauline Fegan was responsible for the finances and paying of the bills. Why did she not notice any impropriety before she was suspended from Office, or a year ago, or two years ago, or 3 years ago?
    There are only two possible answers to this question.
    1) Pauline was incompetent and neglectful in her duties, making her just as accountable,
    or 2) Pauline is making the allegations up.
    Taking into account the lack of a single SPECIFIC allegation, the latter is the most likely scenario.

    How did Pauline notice the alleged impropriety after failing to do so for the previous 3 years, after she was suspended, and did not have access to the books? There are two possible explanations.
    1) Pauline teleported the books to Urban Giftware HQ, and then had an acquaintance from the CIA decrypt the sophisticated code concealing the alleged impropriety.
    or 2) Pauline is making it up as she goes along.
    Considering the fact that humans do not posses teleportation technology, and considering the fact that there is a 10 million to one chance that Pauline has a relationship with an overseas Intelligence Agency. The latter is the most plausible explanation.

    I therefore compute that the Fegan camp is spreading false and illogical information. The quaint human expression is ‘running a smear campaign’.

    I calculate that only an organism slightly less intelligent than a goldfish could possibly believe these allegations.

    Posted by Mr. Spock | January 19, 2009, 18:01
  398. MMMMMMMMMMMM A UNION official running a non union company on the side, i wonder what the ACTU think about this?

    Best i talk to them

    Posted by Union free gift ware | January 19, 2009, 18:45
    HSU members rally outside the law institute of victoria on the 27th of January at 3.30 PM, this is your chance to let FEGAN and her thugs know what you think of their behaiver. further details will be posted on your notice boards this week.
    WE the MEMBERS want our union back!!

    Posted by Members voice | January 19, 2009, 19:18
  400. Will fegan sack every one who turns up to the demo?

    Posted by time and motion | January 19, 2009, 21:15
  401. Jackson its very close now and then what are you going to tell those staff that have been sucked in by your lies telling them that a meeting is going to fix the problem. The auditors are coming in and you are finised after that. Things must be getting a bit tough but they are going to get a lot tougher, just remember the federal court can’t be bought or promised a pay rise or a job. There is no way out this time you and your wife have to many emenies and even your own side are starting to get nervous that all may not quite right and have started to spill their guts hoping that they may survive.

    Posted by lbw | January 20, 2009, 8:14
  402. Not out Lbw.

    In regard to a meeting, have you got a problem with democratic process Lbw? Let me assure you that there were ample signatures on the petitions for the meeting, I understand that getting them was a doddle.

    For the record I understand that Jackson has not promised any one, anything. HSU staff are standing up to gross injustice, they don’t need inducements and have not flinched in the face of intimidation. Fegan is the one dispensing empty promises and assurances, along with her fictitious smear.

    You’re misreading the situation sunshine, Fegan has not had the respect of staff for a long time, although she was too bloated with self importance to have a clue. All good unionists know that these battles are won on the ground.

    You say the audit is coming, and your point being? Audits will be Fegan’s big and insurmountable problem.

    Jackson’s people spilling their guts to survive you say, pitiful attempt at misinformation sunshine. The self serving cowards are on Fegan’s side, of that you can be certain.

    We’ll see who’s smiling when the fat lady sings, and it won’t be Fegan.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 20, 2009, 8:41
  403. Hey Captain Marvel I think you should be starting to worry about yourself, no wonder your fighting so hard who is going to employ you, you can’t even go back to disability. You would be truly suprised if you knew who was talking to her, and if Jackson is so sure he is safe then tell him to let the audit begin. I think not, I don’t think even his mate Ian Dick would think giving youself pay rises is legal. Never mind I am sure he has given you a good excuse for that or has he told you it never happened.

    Posted by lbw | January 20, 2009, 12:05
  404. Unlike you lbw I am not controlled by self interest, and that’s something persons of your ilk can’t get their head around. I will steadfastly back what is right, and not run to the hills when it get’s tough.

    You have interestingly indicated that Fegan intends to sack more people, although your disability reference is off the mark.

    And what about the audit? Where’s the allegation idiot? Are you referring to the ‘rumour’. Is it not Fegan that sought an injunction
    in the Federal Court against an independent audit?

    Is it not Fegan seeking to stop a democratic members’ meeting?

    Fegan and the BCOM want to select an auditor, to audit allegations against themselves. Ever heard of ‘conflict of interest’ Einstein? And let’s talk about the Auditor they want. Yes the firm that give ABC Learning a clean bill of health 6 months before they collapsed, causing a nationwide child care crisis. Do your research dimwit.

    As for Jackson giving himself pay rises, well how would that get thru the President (Fegan), Office Manager and the BCOM if it were not legitimate?

    Again all we get from your side is shady innuendo and threats, don’t we?

    Crawl back into your hole yellowbelly.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 20, 2009, 13:32
  405. P S LBW I smell the stench of desperation coming off you, keep posting.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 20, 2009, 13:36
  406. DEAR LBW,

    How are things going Pauline, some very interesting research into how you have JUST become aware of all these so called crimes by Jackson has led to the finger being pointed to your mate the office manager,has she been leaking misinformation and douments to you, now i would think that the only proper process would be to have this matter investigated by the POLICE! Do you agree Pauline?

    Posted by Union free gift ware | January 20, 2009, 16:53
  407. Fellow delegates beware,

    Fegan and her bandits are calling delegates at home seeking their address and other details. any calls or other lies from this group should be reported to the HSU.

    Posted by LONG LIVE JEFF JACKSON | January 20, 2009, 17:41
  408. So FEGAN the TURD is using Jacksons enemies in the ALP for support, was this not the great Unionist who claimed Jackson was too involved in the ALP?

    Posted by No Union giftware | January 20, 2009, 18:29
  409. Please tell us Fegan what you you have offered Shorten and Theo?

    Dont hand over the hsu to Fegans ALP mates!

    Posted by Moses | January 20, 2009, 20:50
  410. Mmm we’re bringing the ALP factional upheaval into this. Basically Brumby trying to save his skin. Yet still the people of Victoria are dusting off the baseball bats. No relevance to the HSU.

    Posted by moses' concubine | January 20, 2009, 22:38
    Why should any delegates report to the HSU if Pauline Fegan contacts them – Jeff sent a letter to all members and to have this dealt with fairly, should she not be allowed to contact anyone.
    Union free giftware – you are a disgusting excuse for an individual bringing the office manager into it. I thought she was your best friend too.

    Posted by irene webber | January 20, 2009, 23:36
  412. No Irene, a bully who orchestrated the unlawful termination of three senior staff should not be contacting members. That person should do what is in the best interests of this union and stand down.

    We need to lead by example. Jackson acted on the findings of the bullying investigation. He did what was fair and just – for staff, for members and ultimately for Fegan. She has reneged on the deal.

    I will not support any person who bullies others – no matter who they are.

    I condemn any unionist who sacks a person for taking lawful industrial action.

    My actions are driven by my strongly held union beliefs. What drives you Irene? I’m still waiting to hear you say that sacking a person who takes lawful industrial action is wrong.

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 21, 2009, 8:26
  413. b

    Posted by onno | January 21, 2009, 10:15
  414. To All Loyal Members of the Health Services Union
    Victorian Number 1 Branch

    I have remained silent long enough.
    In recent times you may have seen documents circulated by the State Secretary, Jeff Jackson, and his supporters alleging impropriety by me and the majority of the Board of Management Committee (BCOM).
    The documents allege financial impropriety by me, but so far, no evidence has been produced to support the allegations. Jackson’s off-sider, Shaun Hudson has brought a charge against me under the union’s rules, late last year, but he hasn’t produced any evidence either.

    I have at all times maintained my innocence, and will prove the charges unfounded and untrue, when Jackson and Hudson finally get around to giving me a hearing under the rules.

    At the same time they have made vicious and false accusations against a majority of the BCOM members alleging that they have conspired with me to destroy evidence of my wrongdoings. What utter nonsense. I believe that the committee members have seen lawyers to issue defamation claims against Jackson and Hudson for this libel. What triggered this attack on these BCOM members was that they were concerned about failing performances of our Branch and passed some resolutions to allow them to find out about how Jackson and Hudson have been running the Branch. For example, they resolved that:
    (a) Jackson should provide statement of the balances of any bank accounts in the Branch’s name or on behalf of the Branch;
    (b) Details of the roles, responsibilities and remuneration of all employees of the Branch;
    (c) Information about the number of financial and unfinancial members of the Branch;
    (d) Copies of any agreements entered into be the branch for the expenditure of more than $200 a month or $2400 a year;
    (e) The Branch’s accountant, office manager and assistant secretary meet with me, the Senior and Junior Vice Presidents;
    (f) That Jackson provide each BCOM meeting in future with a report on the Branch’s finances, industrial issues, expenditures, and membership; and so on.
    Jackson has not complied with any of the resolutions passed by the BCOM. Instead of making unfounded accusation against those BCOM members who are giving their time and energy to look after the affairs of the Branch on behalf of all members, Jackson would do better to explain why is not prepared to provide the BCOM with basic information about what he is doing in the Branch. He is not there as a dictator or one-man-band. He is supposed to be accountable and if he has nothing to hide then he should have done what the BCOM requested.

    So why is he making all these completely unfounded, deceitful and untrue allegations. Because he is trying to distract you away from calling into question the proper operation of our Branch including examination of its financial affairs under his rule.

    The rules of the Union provide that the BCOM is the governing body to monitor and ensure that your Branch money is secure and not used fraudulently. For that reason, BCOM passed resolutions to have a general audit examination by Pitcher Partners, a large independent national accounting firm of all the books, records and accounts of the Branch.

    That general audit examination is to include the financial use of member funds by Jeff Jackson and the Assistant State Secretary, Shaun Hudson. As well, the BCOM members who Jackson says are in a cover-up conspiracy with me, have also directed that the audit examination will investigate the allegations against me, and I support that because I have nothing to hide. However, Jackson, is fighting tooth and nail to stop the audit. We have already had one visit to the Federal Court to get the audit started, but Jackson is still preventing the auditor from coming into the office and so it looks like another visit to the Federal Court will be necessary.

    Instead of throwing mud at others, why is Jackson so afraid of letting the auditors in to the Branch? Why doesn’t he let the auditors do the report do all members can know what is really going on in their Branch and with their money, instead of all the rubbish which Jackson is putting out.
    And instead of all the infighting which he has caused, why has he not attended to the important industrial issues in the Branch.

    1. The Public Sector Clerical Review- This crucial matter should have been settled in September 2008. There is no closure. Rather, it has so far been handled so appallingly that our members are now at risk of obtaining no reasonable outcome whatsoever. This is despite BCOM’s request for particular strategies to be put in place to secure our members’ interests. Our concerns were ignored.

    2. Public Sector Collective Agreement- Until now, there has been no preparation relating to a proposed Public Sector Agreement which is due in March 2009. This is a huge exercise where you, as members, should have been surveyed 6 months ago in order to obtain your input. Previous experience demonstrates we should have been in negotiations a long time ago.

    3. Private Sector Acute and Aged Care Sector Collective Agreements– Many have expired and so far have not been renegotiated in the interest of our members.

    4. Royal Womens Hospital – Contracted out.

    5. Western Health Review- Under the direction of Jeff Jackson very little opposition was provided to the restructure.
    In a last desperate effort to avoid the audit, Jackson has arranged for a general meeting of members on 11 February 2009 where he wants members to amend the rules so that he will not be answerable to anyone. That basically will give him complete control of the Branch and its funds. He is still peddling his untrue allegations and trying to hoodwink the members.
    I ask all members not to be fooled by Jackson.
    I have to repeat that the Auditors role is to look at all the allegations of financial misappropriation including those against me. So far Jeff Jackson has sought to confine any financial Audit to me only. You can make your own mind up about that. Members, if I am prepared to have the books opened up, why isn’t Jeff Jackson? So desperate is he that he has refused entry of the Auditors or the BCOM into the Union building. So desperate is he that he has posted 24 hour security guards at the Union building to stop the entry of BCOM so as they can perform their duties
    It is most unfortunate that BCOM now have to use Union funds to get to the bottom of the financial issues – but they have been left with no other option.
    In sheer desperation Jeff Jackson has advised me that he has sacked me and will not let me attend any workplaces.

    I call upon you to keep an open mind and question the motives which drive our Branch to where it is.

    Please make sure that you get this letter out as far and wide within our membership .

    Pauline Fegan
    President Victoria Number 1 Branch

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 21, 2009, 10:23
  415. While you are in the mood for sharing Pauline, please respond to the following questions:

    1. Did you resign from your employment following the bullying investigation in 2008?

    2. Why did you demand to know who was involved in the peaceful protest on 14 November 2008?

    3. Did the BCOM sack three senior staff for holding up signs during a peaceful protest?

    4. Do you think that it is acceptable for unionists to sack staff who participate in lawful industrial action?

    5. Were Anastasia Hondros, Jenny Banks, Sonya McCormack and three security guards loitering with intent outside the HSU office on 11 December 2008?

    6. Were they there to remove the three senior staff who they directed the Secretary to dismiss at the BCOM meeting the previous day?

    7. Were you also loitering with intent in the streets surrounding the HSU office on the day in question?

    8. Do you think that a reasonable person might find this type of behaviour to be intimidating?

    9. Do you support bullying behaviour in the HSU?

    10. Did the BCOM deliberately sack Jacka and Seymour to make sure that no work could be done in preparation for the public sector negotiations?

    11. Do you really think that it is in the best interests of members to negotiate a new agreement prior to its expiry date when they are prevented from taking industrial action until after it expires?

    12. Having observed the behaviour of the Government during the Health Professionals negotiations, are you naive enough to think that we could get a good deal for our members without applying industrial pressure?

    13. What did you do to prevent the contracting out of services at the Women’s?

    14. Did you play any part in negotiating superior entitlements for members affected by this appalling Government decision?

    15. Did you know that there is a strategy in place to align the Private Acute negotiations with the Public Sector negotiations to make sure that our private sector members aren’t disadvantaged in any way?

    16. Do you seriously expect the Brumby Government to negotiate with the HSU will all of this bullshit is going on?

    17. Are you going to allow the members to have their say at the February 11 meeting, or are you going to waste more of their money on Federal Court action?

    (PS – Get your own alias!)

    Posted by thefactsspeakforthemselves | January 21, 2009, 11:03
  416. Ah, Pauline – you do visit this site. Cool. But I don’t think it isn’t cool to use another persons alias – you don’t want to add identity theft to your list of misdemeanors.

    Now, since you visit, could you please answer the original questions…..

    * Why did you meet with George Stamas the Cleaning Contractor (GJK Services) and Theo Theophanus in Athens? Please don’t expect us to believe it was a social gathering.

    * Why did you order the BCOM to sack 3 HSU staff for their Union Activity?

    * Why did you not challenge the independent findings of serious bullying against you? And why did you subsequently resign to the BCOM?

    * If you want to lead the HSU, why won’t you face the members at an election in 2010, the democratic way?

    * Do you believe that you and 8 BCOM members (9 people) constitute a majority of 16000?

    * Why are you seeking to stop (despite your alter ego’s hot wind) the General Members Meeting on 11/2?

    * Have you, the self appointed leader, ever won an election? In fact do you accept that you are the only incumbent Secretary in HSU history to lose an election?

    * How do you form the view, that you and the BCOM can appoint an Investigator to investigate allegations against yourselves?

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 21, 2009, 12:58
  417. What a sad and pathetic attempt at a shit sheet Pauline, No mention of the sackings, no mention of you non union company, no mention of you being found guilty of bullying.

    Here’s a little challange for you, Take Jackson on in a debate in front of the membership! Are you prepaired to do this?

    Posted by Non Union shitware | January 21, 2009, 14:26
  418. I am expressing my opinion as I am totally confused and common sense seems to be out the door.

    1. Sacking of three staff members for a legal demonstration. I would have thought
    That this was not a sackable reason. What lead up to this, had there been festering
    2. I thought that the elected persons were done so by the members and that the
    BCOM were chosen by the elected officials. What has happened here.

    3/ It is mentioned that Fegan was sacked for serious bullying – well, how is she still

    4. I find it interesting that this case of bullying was taken seriously when others
    which were raised were ignored.

    5 Why did Fegan keep her HESTA fees, do not know but the Darebin Mayor (from
    what I am told) had two salaries last year.

    6. Why were the members of the previous No. 5 not asked to vote on the amalgamation (takeover) by No. 1.

    7. Both sides are accusing each other of serious misuse of members money.
    Why not report it to the police (it is a crime you know).

    8/ Why was this misuse of members money let go for so long. Have you an Accountant working at the union

    I really feel sorry for the members they are getting information from both sides as now it is a very personal vendetta and there are very hardworking staff who must be suffering.

    Of course I expect all the vile comments about me, so just keep going with them.

    Posted by irene webber | January 21, 2009, 15:03
  419. We love you Irene xxooo

    Posted by May Gob be with Jeff | January 21, 2009, 15:13
  420. Irene,

    Did you know that the issue of the sacking has been raised by you about 10 times. Each time you have been trying to mitigate the circumstances, each time you have said that there must be somthing behind it each time you have tried to say there must be another side.

    Here is what happened – for 18 months Pauline has been destabilising Geoff and bullying staff, in November ’08 about 95% of the staff said enough is enough and protested against it. She didn’t like the protest so she then conspired to sack the percieved organisers.

    Not once have we seen any justification for the sackings (after numerous requests). Yet there has been a mountain of evidence to show that the sackings were revenge by a sycophant and her incompetent henchman. Until there is any evidence to the contrary I think it is time to get off the high horse about there being something else behind it. If you would like more information, can I suggest you contact one of the sacked workers? (Or better still contact one of the BCOM – but be sure to get back to the rest of us, as we would love to know what they have to say about the situation).

    On point 3 it has been mentioned several times that she resigned from her paid position with the union by was permitted to stay on as president/chair.

    On the other issues I am sure that others with more in depth knowledge of the union will be able to fill you in.

    The representatives on the JJ side of the camp appear more than forthcoming with requests for information – the other side do not appear so.

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 21, 2009, 15:54
  421. While you are in the mood for sharing Pauline, please respond to the following questions:

    1. Did you resign from your employment following the bullying investigation in 2008?

    What bullying investigation? or do you mean the lackey that JJ hired to conduct an inquisition.

    2. Why did you demand to know who was involved in the peaceful protest on 14 November 2008?

    What peaceful demonstration?

    3. Did the BCOM sack three senior staff for holding up signs during a peaceful protest?

    Is the protest you are referring to the one where the BCOM members were verbally abused by Seymour and company?

    4. Do you think that it is acceptable for unionists to sack staff who participate in lawful industrial action?

    No. Who was sacked for that reason?

    5. Were Anastasia Hondros, Jenny Banks, Sonya McCormack and three security guards loitering with intent outside the HSU office on 11 December 2008?

    Intent to do what?

    6. Were they there to remove the three senior staff who they directed the Secretary to dismiss at the BCOM meeting the previous day?

    Not that I am aware of.

    7. Were you also loitering with intent in the streets surrounding the HSU office on the day in question?

    Intent to do what?

    8. Do you think that a reasonable person might find this type of behaviour to be intimidating?

    More info required

    9. Do you support bullying behaviour in the HSU?

    No. Thats why the dismissals took place

    10. Did the BCOM deliberately sack Jacka and Seymour to make sure that no work could be done in preparation for the public sector negotiations?

    Seymour would not work in an Iron Lung

    11. Do you really think that it is in the best interests of members to negotiate a new agreement prior to its expiry date when they are prevented from taking industrial action until after it expires?

    It is always in the best interest of members to negotiate better benefits

    12. Having observed the behaviour of the Government during the Health Professionals negotiations, are you naive enough to think that we could get a good deal for our members without applying industrial pressure?

    With JJ in charge and taking his orders from Kathy who knows?

    13. What did you do to prevent the contracting out of services at the Women’s?

    More than JJ

    14. Did you play any part in negotiating superior entitlements for members affected by this appalling Government decision?

    Did what was necessary after JJ sold them out

    15. Did you know that there is a strategy in place to align the Private Acute negotiations with the Public Sector negotiations to make sure that our private sector members aren’t disadvantaged in any way?

    This union under JJ has no strategy

    16. Do you seriously expect the Brumby Government to negotiate with the HSU will all of this bullshit is going on?

    I don’t expect anything from the Gov while JJ is in charge

    17. Are you going to allow the members to have their say at the February 11 meeting, or are you going to waste more of their money on Federal Court action?

    Where is the petition?

    Posted by the facts speak for themselves or do they? | January 21, 2009, 16:39
  422. Postings have not improved during my absence.

    Now that we have a General Meeting in February perhaps the truth will emerge.

    The question I would like answered is:

    Has Fegan,Hudson or Jackson had their fingers in the till? If so one, two or all need to go.

    I expect that this post will be dismissed as a Feganism.

    Posted by Attaturk | January 21, 2009, 16:51
  423. Thanks Marty, finally got it – two very strong besties have a falling out – and it continues
    into a war. Somewhere along the line the well known bully who had caused many staff to leave, felt she was bullied by Fegan (remember Fegan had been friends with this person for over 10 years and had helped her out on many occasions) and went to the other warring strong one and alas the whole thing begins. By the both both the Secretary and Assistant Secretary knew only too well about the bullying in MST. Got it now, how stupid of me.

    Okay, for the meeting in February why not make it essential that both the claims of misappropriation of union monies are cleared up, the person(s) guilty charged and then the members can decide who is the liar.

    Then when this is all cleared up, look at the BCOM someone made a mistake with their choices.

    Let us hope that everything is sorted out and the HSU is returned to normal, but I am afraid there will be blood on the floor before that. What a shame for the members.

    Still waiting to hear why former No. 5 members were not asked to vote on the amalgamation/takeover

    Posted by irene webber | January 21, 2009, 17:05
  424. Pauline sweetie, good to hear from you, you have been busy today. Emails to loyal members which you have kindly posted here, providing entertainment for all, your alter ego Attaturk remerges pretending to sit on the fence, and a response to thefactsspeakforthemselves’ questions.

    You have spent a lot of time typing, no doubt punctuated by downing sedatives and cruising Lavalife, yet saying nothing. In fact you may as well as hung your sizeable arse out the window of Urban Giftware HQ and farted like a trumpet, because that would have been more informative and genuine.

    In your responses to thefactsspeakforthemselves you:

    1. Fail to address the question regarding your resignation, and refer to the Investigator of bullying complaints against you as JJ’s lackie.

    Fact: You resigned to the BCOM early last year at a BCOM meeting, minuted and on tape. You did not object to the Independent Investigator, and participated in an interview with her. If you had had reservations about the Bonafides of the Investigator you would have objected and refused to participate. Industrial Relations 101. LIAR

    2. The demonstration was peaceful and silent. LIAR

    3. You claim the BCOM were verbally abused, although the protest was silent. Furthermore, about 25 people were involved in the protest, and you picked out 3 to sack. LIAR

    4. You deny that they were sacked for taking industrial action, yet that is what the resolution clearly said, minuted and on tape. No mention of verbal abuse. Also, explain why the issues real or imagined were not put to them in an appropriate process. LIAR

    5. Why would Hondros, Banks, and Mc Cormack call Security Guards when they were locked out of the building?

    6. You deny that they were there to remove the sacked three. This is exactly what the resolution directed, minuted and on tape. LIAR

    9. You say you don’t support bullying, and that’s why the three were sacked. Again the resolution, minuted and on tape, was clear as to the reason for the sacking. The words bullying or verbal abuse were not mentioned. LIAR

    10. Your comment regarding Seymour is a tad hypocritical. What exactly have you done in the last two years. Two or three roster reviews? Spending one day a week in your oversized Office watching Dr Phil.

    11. You did not answer this question sweetie. Your comment was a very broad generalisation, so broad it doesn’t even qualify as spin. You know you get nothing out of the government without applying industrial pressure. Again IR 101. LIAR

    12. Again you failed to answer this question, because you don’t want to answer it. LIAR

    13. The contracting out issue at the Women’s, you say you did more than JJ without saying exactly what you did do. You always fall down when it comes to specifics don’t you. Why? Because you’re a LIAR.

    14. How did Jackson sell them out? And what precisely did you do? Specific detail is absent. LIAR

    15. The Union under JJ has no strategy you say? Well here’s one of many, the strategy to target the fast growing Aged Care sector. Result, membership growth of 6,000 from Aged Care and about 600 EBAs in the Sector. Your strategy in 1999/2000? Sit in your Office with your sycophants, crying about the breakdown of your love affairs and hope for the best. FOOL

    16. You query JJ’s ability to handle the government. Oh I’m sure the Government negotiaters will shudder when you and Yianoulatos walk in the room. FOOL

    17. Finally you query the existence of the petition for the General Meeting. Your lawyers have it sweetie, don’t live in denial. LIAR

    Your samrtarse adolescent responses may work on your minions, but be assured the membership are a lot smarter than that.

    Posted by Captain Marvel | January 21, 2009, 18:17
  425. Dear the Facts speak for them selves or do they,
    What a pathetic responce, why dont you come down to the office in the morning and meet with the MAJORITY of staff who support Jeff, funny how Fegan took so many years to make these claims aginst Jackson and Hudson dont you think?
    intresting How the boss of a non union company is stacking the union BCOM with other bosses.
    anyway we look forward to seeing you in the morning.

    Posted by The end is nigh | January 21, 2009, 18:20
  426. Just debate Jackson in front of the membership thats all you have to do, Just name the time and place and the rest will be done for you, are you up for it or not?

    Posted by 200 dim sims | January 21, 2009, 18:26
  427. Marty, I would love to speak to one of the sacked workers, they have my phone number

    Posted by irene webber | January 21, 2009, 20:17
  428. Just bring on FEBRUARY 11 so we can oust Fegans rubbish and get some good union staff back to work!

    Posted by Anistasia stole my lunch | January 21, 2009, 20:36
  429. Irene, you say that you would “love to speak to one of the sacked workers”. I think that is a totally disingenuous, vacuous statement.

    I have read with interest the comments that you have made regarding the sackings and the complete lack of compassion that you have demonstrated for the three senior staff who were summarily dismissed two weeks before Christmas.

    I don’t know you, in fact we have never met, but I am happy to give you a peak into my world:

    – I was sacked by the BCOM.

    – I was sacked because I held up a piece of A4 paper depicting the word SHAME.

    – The BCOM decided that this was not the kind of thing that a manager should do.

    – They decided that this behaviour constituted serious misconduct.

    – They directed the Secretary to dismiss me without notice or payment in lieu of notice.

    – Then, they turned up at the office the next day with security guards to make sure the job was done.

    What these people have done to me is wrong. I find your reluctance to condemn their behaviour disgraceful.

    Posted by Mother of Two | January 21, 2009, 21:11
  430. Melissa, I have not met you you are right – i really struggle with the fact that a BCOM can sack a worker – they were not elected – but if the rules state that they can – then the rules should be changed. This whole thing, in my opinion, has gone past the sackings and is way out of control.
    Again, in say get the thing sorted out the guilty party go and the union move on.

    Posted by irene webber | January 21, 2009, 21:21
  431. and by the way Sacked Mother of Two
    even Terrie Seymour would tell you that I am the most compassionate person and in some instances too much so.

    Posted by irene webber | January 21, 2009, 21:23
  432. Thankyou Irene, I commend you for finally seeing the light.

    I agree that changes need to be made to the rules to prevent this kind of thing from happening to our union again.

    I also agree that the BCOM members who are responsible for the unlawful terminations should move on.

    Posted by Mother of Two | January 21, 2009, 21:44
  433. It’s late.
    I want to go to bed, but I can’t without making a brief comment on today’s posting.

    I got into the union movement about 8 years ago when unionists were about as popular George Bush.

    I did it to fight the kind of injustice that I have see in the last four comments. I joined the movement so that all workers could have input into their working lives, and I did it so that all workers could speak their mind at work without fear of retribution.

    Any person who condones this kind of action should be ashamed to call them self a unionist.

    To preach on this site (or any public venue) that this is acceptable is beyond contempt.

    To condone the actions of people who behave in this way goes against everything that UNIONISTS believe in.

    If you are still reading and not nodding your head in agreement – go and get a job at VECCI or Telstra or the Liberal party. You stinking pigs.

    Good night – I for one will be able to sleep.

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 21, 2009, 23:11
  434. Isn’t interesting that now allegations of theft have been made against Jackson and Hudson that the postings are now back to the staff dismissals. Why?

    My avice to Seymour, Stephenson, Hudson, Bolano and Company is stop commenting on this site as it adds nothing to your cause.

    The ordinary members that I have spoken to are sick of the innuendo, lies and half truths.

    Where are the resolutions that were passed by the BCOM? Send them out to us and let us form an opinion of what is going on. Jackson you have the minutes, distribute them.

    I agree that if the dimissals were unfair or unlawful that needs to addressed and I believe that whenever a General Meeting is held that is what will happen.

    The allegations regarding Hudson and Jackson that were distributed around last week are serious and need to be dealt with. Again I say if they are true then any person who misuses members funds should go.

    To you Mr assistant Secretary I am happy to turn up at your office and speak to the staff as soon as you and your comrades start using their own names on this site.

    Posted by the facts speak for them selves or do they? | January 22, 2009, 9:26
  435. Fuck me the inconsistancies of the last rambling is astounding.

    So are you saying that commenting on this site adds nothing to the cause? Given that you are squarely in the opinion that this cause should be defeated wouldn’t it be in your interest to have the postings continue.

    I put it to you – (given that you’d understand suburban legal speak) – that the postings on this site are a humiliation to the Fegan Followers. That is why the volume of postings from your side have increased.

    “Where are the resolutions that were passed by the BCOM?”

    You wrote them you idiot – you post them.

    If you agree that the dismissals were unlawful would you support an interim reinstatement of Stephenson, Seymour and Jacka?

    Perhaps the stupidest of all the inconsistencies appears in the last line – you say “I am happy to turn up at your office … as you and your comrades start using their own names on this site.” And then you sign off with an alias. The hypocrisy.

    Given that you are more than happy to sack people for being unionists why on earth would people reveal their identities to you? So you can sack them too?

    Posted by Marty Tolpuddle | January 22, 2009, 9:56
  436. In the interests of peace, freedom and harmony, after a very long season, we’ve decided to conclude the comments festival on this article. 434 comments is probably some kind of record.

    The HSU is a fine institution, much loved by both sides of your current hostilities. And I hope that you all think about that if you’re making comments elsewhere, about the damage that could be done to what you’ve all built together.

    Beware of pyrrhic victories, they’re not very satisfying…

    Posted by VEXNEWS | January 22, 2009, 11:55