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WASTED: Mark Latham’s words of hate for his mates and men of honour

marklathamWe love rebels. But Mark Latham’s vicious attack on his former friends Gough Whitlam, Joel Fitzgibbon, the Prime Minister’s wife, former NSW Premier Neville Wran is not a rebel song. It’s a primal scream.

Except for Latham’s views about foreign policy, particularly the United States, which were clearly rooted in hating every established power in everything regardless of values, he had a lot to offer in terms of his scepticism for bureaucracy and a search for solutions that might help make the community a better place.

But what are to make of someone who pays out on Gough in his 93rd year? The same Gough who gave him his first job in politics and sang his praises everywhere.

The press has focused on his abuse of the armed forces, who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the nation. We wouldn’t and they wouldn’t question Mark Latham’s service to his country and the weird kind of bravery required to serve the community that way. He shouldn’t denigrate all those heroes in the Armed Forces who risk injury and their life to keep us safe.

But what’s especially sad is his hatred of Joel Fitzgibbon. He does everything he could to embarrass and hurt him in this column. But anyone reading the Latham Diaries knows they were great mates. Mark Latham’s “better life” seems a very barren and desolate place indeed. Here’s the column from the man whom the Financial Review should really give the shaft.



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  1. Tim Gartrell makes his greatest contribution to Australian politics today- rightly pointing out that Latham hates the gravy train so much that he had the more generous super scheme shut down for others, but gets it himself.

    This is the same bloke who hates soldiers so much but was itching to go to Gallipoli at ANZAC Day in first class at taxpayer expense- or even better, on a RAAF VIP jet.

    Do as Latham says, not as he does.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 12, 2009, 11:33
  2. His ex-wife was right – Latham’s personal world is a very dark one. Wishing you every future unhappiness Mark, Byron

    Posted by Byron in Wahroonga | June 12, 2009, 11:57
  3. Andrew, you should do us a public service and name and shame all those MP’s who voted for the grub in the leadership challange.

    Doubt that any of them will have it listed on their CV’s as a highlight

    Posted by Bring Back the Biff | June 12, 2009, 11:57
  4. Hey RDR, remember when you would remorselessly ridicule every detail of Bruce Atkinson’s appearance … quit living your sham life.

    Posted by The 4 day a week Macca from Kew (but not for long) | June 12, 2009, 12:06
  5. Hey Richard Dalla Riva, remember when you would remorselessly ridicule every detail of Bruce Atkinson’s existence … quit living your sham life

    Posted by The 4 day a week Macca from Kew (but not for long) | June 12, 2009, 12:07
  6. & to think that without that handshake, this bloke might have been pm. still, he’s right about labor & the gravy train

    Posted by Astounded of Melbourne | June 12, 2009, 12:08
  7. “pays out on God Gough in his 83rd.year”??? Could that possibly be “in his 93rd.year? Then again it probably doesn’t matter,he was an arsehole when he was 83 and he still is.Latham might be a bit twisted and bitter but he sees it and calls it just as it is.

    Posted by Anonymous | June 12, 2009, 13:09
  8. Thanks for that, duly corrected.

    Posted by VEXNEWS | June 12, 2009, 13:11
  9. The thing thqat hurts most ALP insiders the most, without a shadow of a doubt is that the things Latham says are very very close to home.

    The ALP in 2009 is all about “professional” politics, i.e. the gravy train. The Libs are just the same, and it goes to the point that most Lib and Labor MPs could be easily swapped into opposite camps without them having to change any idealogy, for lack of a better term.

    Look at Jason Clare, David Bradbury and some of the other young turks of Rudd’s government. All of them could be Liberal MPs and nothing about them would change.

    Labor as we historically know is is long gone. Latham’s bile infested comments have the ring of truth.

    Posted by Donk | June 12, 2009, 14:11
  10. Dear Mark,

    Do traditional Labor values include being a loudmouthed opinionated violent yob??

    Posted by Anonymous | June 12, 2009, 16:24
  11. Ball lickery is one of my favourite past times.

    Posted by Mark Latham | June 12, 2009, 16:54
  12. The thing that turns my stomach about Mark, is he kicks in the guts everybody that ever believed in him and supported him, with each new rant.

    Fitzgibbon supported him all the way even when it wasn’t in his political best interests, but stuck by him, thats what mates do.

    Once his words inspired me now I wish to apologise to the Australian People for ever standing on booth for him.

    He’s now just a self absorbed jerk, with few mates left I suggest.


    Posted by Wallis | June 12, 2009, 20:32
  13. Oh so vicious and so true. Latham just cuts straight to the truth, what is the problem with that? The nasty vile truth about this current crop of toads such as Clare, Marles, Arbib, Fitzgibbon (the whole lot including Rudd) is on show, they are exactly as Latham describes. As for his description of the ADF, priceless & can we stop with this shit about them defending the country and our freedoms. They are defending US capitalist interests, like they always have. I hope Latham becomes more and more bitter, and he keeps getting writing gigs, I love it. Th ALP should make him, Gough and PK PM, DPM and Treasurer-we need excitement back in politics.

    Posted by Oh so Vicious | June 12, 2009, 21:28
  14. Hear, hear on Latham’s comments on the military but the usual suspects will be outraged because the ruling class knows too well that it has entrusted the ADF with the guns.

    And praise for Latham for expresseing his views openly under his own name instead of the pathetic custom on the internet of hiding comments behind infantile pseudonyms.

    Posted by Michael Rogers | June 13, 2009, 2:36
  15. Reading Mark’s diatribe is much like reading that of Sean Rawson’s, former Councillor for Olympia Ward. What a nutjob.

    At least Anthony Carbines has the integrity to run on the issues and not finger point.

    Posted by Anon | June 13, 2009, 9:45
  16. Why does everyone pick on this bloke he is everything the ALP stands for but was too stupid to follow the Rudd type spin doctors. God he has the credentials to be a good Labor man. Branch stacking, bullying, self promoting, greedy,and a self eddifying liar. Gee is it that hard to become an ALP leader?

    Posted by jack | June 13, 2009, 13:52
  17. Hudson and Latham the same fate

    Posted by I want to be secretary | June 13, 2009, 21:46
  18. Fegan and Latham same fate

    Posted by John Clancy | June 13, 2009, 22:18
  19. I’ve had four abortions

    Posted by Pauline Fegan | June 13, 2009, 22:23
  20. How dare you dirty scum have a go at Mark Latham, he was the ALP’s only hope of an intelligent future. As for the ADF he is spot on they are a pack of over-rated idiots.

    Posted by anon | June 14, 2009, 0:30
  21. Latham speaks the truth, lets all just admit it and learn to live with it.

    The current Labor bunch are a souless bunch of self-serving ghouls.

    All of them have sold out. There is no belief system in any of them.

    They exist simply to gratify themselves and their greedy egos.

    No one, Rudd included, in the Federal government can attest to believing in the “traditional values” of ANYTHING let alone the Party.

    They are a bunch of spivs, tricksters, pollsters, branch-stackers, grubby lawyers, dull hacks, toadying weaklings, morally bankrupt yes-men and women.

    The blind leading the blind, Kevin Rudd, the diplomat, company man and social conservative sees being Prime Minister of Australia as a stepping stone to his dream career…in the U.N.

    Australian politics has never seen a more dismal period.

    Posted by Natural selection | June 14, 2009, 1:21
  22. Mark Latham is such a vile beast. I am so relieved we were spared him as prime minister.

    Posted by Sian Morton | June 14, 2009, 22:09
  23. I gave up my children

    Posted by Pauline Fegan | June 15, 2009, 14:32
  24. Mark Latham is spot on – Go Mark. The man’s got courage and conviction and meatballs refers more so to the bureaucrats in the defence forces and ministers etc rather than the soldiers per se. The machine men couldn’t control him so they turned on him after Labor lost the election, he stood for those values of old Labor all now a memory. New Labor all controlled by factions and machine idiots. Go Mark you the man.

    Posted by Swordfish | June 17, 2009, 22:48
  25. I have no idea how Andrew Landeryou comes up with the notion that Mark Latham is “bashing” Whitlam or “hates” Joel Fitzgibbon. Seems to me Mark is just continuing to tell the truth about politics in this country and telling his old mate he is much better off out of it. Another truth Latham repeatedly tells is about the Australian media being simplistic, biased, lacking in proper reasearch and puppets of the system. Another example is on show here I feel.

    Posted by Stephen Wells | May 6, 2010, 2:18
  26. The Australian soldier: “Meathead … of limited intelligence and primeval interests” Hmmm… Let’s put aside the fact that I’m a former soldier who has a degree and a “primeval” interest in politics, and take note of the fact that this description of our diggers is coming from THE BIGGEST coward, thug and general “nobody” to ever enter Federal politics in this country. I’m sure that two of the unofficial reasons Latham wanted to pull troops out of Iraq immediately was his own personal concern that, if he had to visit the troops, they would probably have turned their backs on him and secondly, he would have to wear grown-ups nappies in case the sound of gunfire in the distance made him a little unsettled. Latham, you’re a coward and a bottom-feeder and will have contempt and zero respect from mainstream Australians long after your sick existence is dust and bones. Enjoy the darkness, “Cobber”!!

    Posted by ringwraith | June 24, 2010, 13:23
  27. Yellow ‘journalism’ such as Landeryou’s has ceased to amaze me. Comments such as @ringwraith have ceased to stun me. What a shill you are Landeryou and what a demented knucklehead you are ‘ringwraith’ (do you use this handle online while gaming, where you fantasise about being a war hero?) you have no idea what you are talking about, in a word; CONTEXT. You fail to interpret correctly the context of Latham’s usage and both of you are obviously brain-washed by the MSM propaganda machine; your delusions have struck you both dumb! I am an ex-servicemen, twice wounded in combat and a recently retired journalist that covered war in S.E Asia and the Pacific for 11 years – so get a grip ‘ringwraith’ and the rst of your ilk!

    Posted by Veritas | June 25, 2010, 10:18
  28. I feel Mark you have turned into a very bitter person who did not have your heart in Labour as if u did u would not be so critical you need to get on now and get a life.!!! Give some credit where it is due. Do something for your community which would be more fruitful for you and neighbours.

    Posted by Barbara Riordan | July 6, 2010, 16:44
  29. I think Latham had it right on the money in his description of the current Aussie Digger. Ah, the memories, of idiots setting off fire alarms in barracks with dry chemical extinguishers, causing the fire brigade to come at the cost of taxpayers money. A frequent event! Then there’s the people who do a fight club get-together in the rec room. Still more people playing Battlefield Two and Counterstrike, if they’ve not drunken themselves to a stupor or to hospital! Then there’s the smuggling of underaged girls into Barracks. But wait there’s more! Drugs!!! Yes Drugs! It’s a bigger problem than most people realise in the ADF, way before that idiot commando overdosed in Afghanistan. Where I was based at there were a number of these morons getting their stuff from dealers in a bar at a certain well-known university. Yes they are Meatheads who want the glory, the medals and the bragging rights, who absolutely have no clue about real war and its effects. If they have seen vets in the mental hospitals who have seen real action in past wars, such as Korea and Vietnam, then they will wake up, but not likely I think. The army are already a bunch of crybabies after 17 dead diggers in 9 years of fake war as evidenced from that farewell video that they made to pay tribute to their dead mate. Today’s soldier is a far cry from the real soldiers and heroes of the past! They were REAL MEN, not like the glorified princes and princesses we’ve got today!

    Posted by Timothy Jacobson | July 24, 2010, 16:48
  30. this guy is a total loser and should be striped of any befits that he recieves.

    Posted by colin sharp | August 9, 2010, 23:56
  31. As an ex serviceman with “limited intelligence” it might upset some of those criticising us to know that I am enjoying my $1,000 (and rising) fortnightly for life military pension. Oh by the way I can earn as much as I want in another career without it effecting that pension. I started getting that pension for life at 41. I earned it for being prepared to give my life for my country.

    Posted by Gavin Treloar | August 11, 2010, 2:06
  32. The comments that Aussie soldiers lack intelligence is utterly offensive. These people are worthy of our utmost respect. How could we not deny this type of honour to our modern soldiers. Link to photo at Australian War Memorial:


    Posted by Dumblemore | August 11, 2010, 3:22
  33. just saw latham on tv. great to see someone telling the truth about the two parties. concluding statement a bit puzzling.abbot should win as aussies love to vote in leaders who kick them in the guts viz peterson,howard kennet,brumby etc etc

    Posted by mark elliott | August 15, 2010, 21:02