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When will the next federal election be? #auspol

Next federal poll could be as early as 3rd August and as late as 30th November 2013, with a double dissolution impossible..


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  1. A double dissolution is impossible in terms of being held before July 1. As there is no trigger. But a Doouble is never the less still on the cards if not the next election one soon after that. Antony Green continues to make poor assessments in his analysis. If Julian Assange runs for the Senate he will have a string chance of winning a seat from the Greens. Much depends on above-the-line preference deals and if other parties place Assange ahead of the Greens. Under our current electoral system the Greens could easily become the wasted quota and the biggest loser.

    Posted by Public Decider | December 18, 2012, 1:49
  2. 2013 will reveal the real Union-Labor Government, State and Federal, and will be the final nails in the coffin for this lot of rabble. Police investigations into the H.S.U will expose many, and the N.S.W I.C.A.C Independent Commission Against Corruption investigation and hearing, into some very powerful N.S.W Labor politicians will be explosive and should yield results around March 2013. Any educated human being living in Australia, would have to shake there head in amazement at the thought of other’s actually considering voting Union- Labor at the next election. We can only hope that the incoming Government in 2013 have the courage to instigate a Royal Commission into the Union-Labor party, and that the whole sorry mess can be cleaned up. Australia and Australians deserve at least this.

    Posted by Roberto | January 1, 2013, 16:31