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While Greensparty and UN loons wrongly revile Israel, they’re silent about genuine evil in the world

The Gambia’s ‘eccentric’ title-fetishist president His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor President Yahya Jammeh recently ordered the immediate execution of all death row prisoners to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Previous exploits include ‘persuading’ HIV positive patients to stop taking medicine in order to try his own herbal remedy and ordering security forces to round up, attack and torture 1000 witches after he claimed sorcery had killed his aunt. He is still invited to attend Commonwealth of Nations and United Nations gatherings. He also decreed in 2009 that he’d “cut off the head” of any gays or lesbians remaining in Gambia against his instruction to depart. That very same year he was invited to address the United Nations General Assembly where, naturally, he denounced Israel. While in New York, the despot met President Obama and the First Lady, and later falsely claimed to have received several US awards. President Obama reportedly recently declined an opportunity to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

And yet many of these international fora, Greensparty politicians and others with an anti-Semitic agenda continue to focus their supposed international human rights concerns on the robustly democratic, cosmopolitan, diverse and civil-rights respecting Israel. They claim Israel is an apartheid state, on a par with the whites-only rule of the pre-Mandela South African regime, despite Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, having substantial representation from Israeli Arabs. It is no more an apartheid state than Australia or Britain or the United States is, countries not without their challenges but who are pluralist, culturally-diverse societies that are mostly successful at confronting and defeating racism and certainly don’t permit it officially or institutionally. While not perfect, Israel, Australia and other developed democracies are shining cities of decency on a hill compared with the scum regimes of places like Gambia.

This double-standard and deception is just as dishonest and dangerous as Nazi myth-making about banking conspiracies. Why Australia bothers bending over backwards to get on the United Nations Security Council when the UN plays such a vital role in perpetuating this vile deceit is something that not even the extensively media-trained ‘ask your own question mid-interview and answer it’ Kevin Rudd could explain. A United Nations that gives this Gambian tyrant the kid-glove treatment, honouring him with speaking opportunities, while denouncing Israel is unfit to continue in its current form.


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  1. Well spoken Vexnews.

    The citizens of democratic countries like Australia, Israel and the United States should hold their governments to a higher standard than despotic regimes.

    However, it infuriates me that leftist commentators sitting in their comfortable armchairs in democratic countries excoriate their governments and those of similar democratic countries for trivial failures while totally exonerating the manifold excesses and abuses of truly horrible regimes that routinely round up innocent children, women and dissidents and execute whole villages after brutally torturing them.

    Democratic countries should abandon the United Nations and set up a new forum that has proper entry requirements – such as the rule of law, respect for human rights, robust democratic institutions with functioning oppositions, a free media, personal privacy, limits to government power and recognition of private property.

    Posted by Giuseppe De Simone | October 3, 2012, 19:59


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