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WHO’S HEARTLESS? SMH writer claims Syria is kinder on asylum seekers than Australia

pacificsolution The cruel irony of the late Howard years for the Liberals is that its Pacific solution policies were so successful that illegal entry of asylum seekers was made a non-issue.

The public felt reasonably reassured that Kevin07 would continue with the very similar policies with the same effect – next to no boat arrivals.

As recent history has transpired, Rudd’s mixture of policies has left Gillard and the new Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen with a world of pain and an ever-increasing number of boats.

So it is with interest that VEXNEWS follows the heated consultations of opening a detention centre in the sleepy hollow in the Adelaide Hills as part of the Labor Government’s attempts to deal with overcrowding in other centres.

VEXNEWS contributors have not always been enthusiastic supporters of Jamie Briggs but we acknowledge he is on to something in supporting those South Australians who don’t want a detention centre. Even Premier Rann doesn’t like it much.

Contrast this to yet another Fairfax offering of sneer and national smear. Richard Ackland who claims Syrians have been more generous towards its Palestinians and Iraqis, than have Australians.

‘Yet it (a Palestinian refugee camp) was filled with bustle and life. No one was on the roof screaming about freedom or sewing their lips together.’

Ackland is more qualified about the treatment of Iraqi by Syrians:

However, when it comes to Iraqi refugees, the Syrian response is different and it shows that politics invariably gets in the way of what is usually an open-hearted approach.

But rest assured, Ackland doesn’t hesitate to lay the blame of the great Western occupiers, including Australia, for this humanitarian problem. He failed to illuminate in his rush to criticise.

Palestinian refugees make up about 400,000 people or about 3 per cent of the population of Syria. Many live in mandated refugee camps ran by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). Most stem from the original 70,000 refugees from the 1948 and a minority from Golan Heights from the seventies. The UN pays for most of the basic needs while the Syrian Government uses their presence and lack of full assimilation for anti-Zionist political purposes, a useful tool for a secular police state.

As for the Iraqi refugees in Syria, Ackland acknowledges many have returned home and only the very rich are welcomed. About 700,000 them arrived in Syria originally welcomed by the dictatorship as fellow Ba’athists. Then the Iraqis ran out of money. The UN High Commission for Refugees, funded mostly by Western nations, now provides income support.

Western countries do take Iraqi refugees out of Syria. Quite appropriately the US has done most of the heavy lifting with more than 35,000 have resettled in the US since 2003. Australia and Canada have absorbed about 2000 each.

That is resettlement by queuing which according to Ackland and the Australian left doesn’t exist. The UNHCR recommends only ten percent of the refugees be orderly settled in a third country like Australia or Sweden. Those are reserved for those with genuine Convention on Refugee ‘nexus’ reasons such the strong possibility of persecution for returning Assyrian Christians to Sunni and Shi’ite attacks.

The rest are expected to return home to Iraq as the situation improves. Some Ba’athists will never return as they know there are those with revenge in their hearts for the evil deeds done in Saddam’s name.

Ackland’s real mistake is to make a point of moral difference between Syrians and Australians. The ABC and Fairfax repeat the mistake, again with regards to the Adelaide Hills town hall meeting to resist officialdom’s new plans for detention centres.

Heated town hall meetings represent a robust indicator of our democracy. It is something that will never occur in Aleppo or Damascus under Syria’s dictatorship.

Run by a religious minority, the Alawites, in the name of Ba’athism which is just a form of Arab fascism, Syrian immigration policies are not responsive to ‘three word slogans’ as the Prime Minister has put it.

It is pitiful that basic rights and freedoms among Syrians are non-existent and rarely championed. It’s a pity too Syria is a source of instability in the region, including truck blasts in Baghdad and the infiltration of pro-Syrian post-Ba’athist into Iraqi armed and security organisations.

No wonder few Iraqis want to return.

(There is modest progress: according to the Iraqi Government, only 20,000 returned and nearly 90,000 internally displaced has returned home this year)

It is a pity the Australian Left think Syrians, enduring tyranny and unable to speak up for their interests have big hearts, while Australians are falsely cast as moral Lilliputians who will never aspire to a Phar Lap sized ticker. 

The Australian Left come only to condemn and castigate and not to enlighten or educate. Their starting point is self-loathing and that is why the they are losing the debate on ‘irregular arrivals’ – again.


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  1. Well lets tow all the boats to Syria and they can live there if it is such a nice place to be. FFS.

    Posted by Southern Charmer | October 22, 2010, 15:17
  2. So how come those 70,000 refugees from the 1948 weren’t given Syrian citizenship, why are they and their descendants still held in camps by their Arab brothers rather than being absorbed into the local population like we do here in the West?

    Posted by G. David | October 23, 2010, 16:38
  3. SMH


    Posted by MICHAEL B | October 25, 2010, 22:50
  4. Strangely enough, these far left flakies at Fairfax have traditionally shown no tolerance whatsoever for genuine asylum seekers and boat people who escaped Hitler’s murderers. The people of Israel who rebuilt their lives after world war two are routinely villified in Al Age and the Syrian Morning Herald by Fairfax’ excuse for journos like McGough who reckons the Hamas Charter should be ignored because nobody takes it seriously. Just like those who said nobody takes mein kampf seriously in the 1930s. These are dangerous people.

    Posted by Peaceman | October 25, 2010, 23:46
  5. I watched a very interesting doco on the weekend about a Mufti siding with Adolph and setting up concentration camps in the Middle East in return for a promise of a Free Arab State after Adolph won the war…… It appears that not much has changed then…….

    Posted by Southern Charmer | October 26, 2010, 12:58
  6. Over 700,000 Jews were forcibly driven out of Arab countries when the Arabs started the 1948 war with Israel.

    Every single one of them was resettled and went on to make a future for their children. You never hear about them and most people are unaware of their existence or their plight.

    Compare this to the Arab-Muslim-UN project, which perpetuates the ‘refugee’ problem forever, as a political tool against Israel. Rather than reducing the refugee numbers, the UN has acted to increase them.

    According to the UN definition of Palestinian refugees, a girl born in Lakemba, in 2010 can be classified a Palestinian refugee. No, I am not joking.

    A worthless organisation for a hopeless people.

    Posted by Dan Lewis | November 1, 2010, 9:54