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Why is Switzerland engaging in sanctions-busting with Iran?

The notoriously historically morally ambivalent Swiss authorities think sanctions against Iran have gone too far and are laughing all the way to the bank by doing dirty deals with the Islamic Republic…

The US State Department reported over ten years ago there is conclusive evidence the Swiss purchased gold stolen by the Nazis from individual Holocaust victims and failed to return it.

The New York Times reported:

Sources who have read the report told Reuters it will contain proof that Germany not only sent Switzerland gold looted from the national treasuries of the countries it occupied, but also gold taken by the Nazi SS as loot from individual victims, something that the Swiss National Bank has previously denied as late as a month ago.

The SS looted personal jewelry, watches, rings and even the gold dental fillings of their victims, many of them Jews herded into notorious death camps like Auschwitz.

The gold from the camps was then sent to the German central bank where it was resmelted. Some of the items arriving at the Reichsbank bore the stamp Auschwitz as well as the names of other concentration camps, U.S. archival documents said.

The sources told Reuters that investigators had found the smelting records of gold sold to Switzerland by the Nazis and it showed conclusively that victim gold was mixed in with bank gold.

Documents to be appended to the report show that after the war, Switzerland returned to the Allies only about 15 percent of the looted gold it bought from Germany in return for Swiss francs, which were used to buy war materials and food.

According to documents, including some previously released ones, Switzerland knowingly received looted gold and in certain cases even asked the Germans to obtain it for them.


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