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WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE: Latte-sipper Steve Lewis reflects on old chums in Rozelle

When in Rozelle, Canberra Press Gallery Daily Telegraph heavy-hitter (once legendary for being the highest paid student union official of his time) Steve Lewis favours Il Piave as his local latte provider or somewhere suspiciously close to the up-market eatery strongly favoured by pork belly seeking gourmands. The dashing scribe was sighted on trendy Darling Street just this morning around 11 o’clock with a woman, most probably the missus, chatting away, with observers swearing on their mochacinos that “James Ashby” and “Godwin Grech” were both invoked in the same sentence. With friends like these, Comrade Lewis may not need enemies, concerned colleagues have noted.


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  1. Lweis’s father, an ex-communist party member, would be rolling in his grave

    Posted by jonathon thurston | June 16, 2012, 20:17
  2. re Steve Lewis’s Tele article today about school visits to Parliament House. His wife does or, until recently, worked in the Parliamentary Education Office. I hope he hasn’t compromised her or her colleagues as a source in his enthusiasm to serve the Liberal Party

    Posted by jonathon thurston | June 25, 2012, 19:42