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World marvels at Iran’s technological innovation for amputating thieves’ fingers

The Islamic Republic of Iran is modernising, automating the process by which it amputates the fingers of thieves…

One thief, found guilty of robbery and adultery, lost one finger to what appeared to be a new automated device for public finger severing, copped 99 whip lashes and three years in prison. It is unknown whether the Republic has plans to export the technology to other jurisdictions. There are a number of markets that might be interested including Iran’s mortal enemy Saudi Arabia, Sudan and others.

It could have been worse, the Iranians occasionally sentence those convicted of adultery to death by stoning. Recent reforms mean they no longer stone to death minors.


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  1. We sure could use one here in Vic.That shifty MP from Frankston had his Finger in the Till.

    Posted by Taliban fan | January 27, 2013, 15:55