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Would ban on “property developer” candidates include those adding a granny flat to backyard? #nswpol

NSW Labor is still reeling from corruption scandals so a “blanket ban on property developers” as candidates has been proposed. Would this include anyone adding significantly to their own home? Adding a granny flat? Or even those who subdivide their property to sell off parts of a backyard that is surplus to requirements? The mind boggles…

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“The changes the Prime Minister will demand in the NSW ALP will be strong new anti-corruption measures and a blanket ban on property developers standing as Labor Party candidates in NSW,” Labor sources said..


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  1. a definition according to the on line slang dictionary “crud” noun-uncountable a euphemism for “nonsense” “thats just a lot of crud”
    the nsw alp is a disgrace, a disgusting embarrassment to its mostly…. idiot followers.
    paul keating….rubbish
    kevin rudd ……rubbish

    like dinosaurs post Jurassic ..like the laser beams of Tahrir square……GET OUT…GAME OVER…KRUDD OUT

    get out of govt u rubbish retarded people…actually julia was the best of your bunch…

    We here in WA hate your filthy labor corrupt guts
    We are going to grind you(labor) into the red dust of the pilbara

    Posted by rime | July 4, 2013, 12:49
  2. Branch stacking is the curse that is killing the once proud Labor Party. Look at the Membership? Most so called Members are old to very old, not much young Blood. Go to a Branch meeting and you find if you are lucky about 8 to 10 Members there. The new Blood soon work out what a farce this is because come Party elections hundreds turn up with the Branch Stacker instructing them how to vote. Why put up with this conjob? The Party needs to be cleaned up from the top down and stop putting up second rate Lawyers, Baby faced apparatchicks and Union hacks.

    Posted by Brimbank finest | July 4, 2013, 15:12
  3. The choice is yours, vote for the miners and those big business who have and continue to corrupt the political system and unions or join the resistance.

    Posted by Hsam | July 4, 2013, 23:48
  4. for donations meet at Flemming r/c, cash only

    Posted by Reg | July 20, 2013, 21:59


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