14 Services Offered by a Property Management Company

Companies that manage properties offer many services to owners of properties and financial backers. They are valuable in helping them properly manage their assets. These services can vary depending on the company’s specialization and the client’s needs. In this article, you’ll learn some of the top services offered by these companies.

Functions of Property Management Companies

One of the major roles of a property management company is selling and buying of real estate. Below are some of the services rendered by property management companies.

Tenant screening and placement

These companies assist property owners in finding the best tenants by undergoing intensive background checks, including rental history, criminal history, and credit checks. They also handle the marketing and showing of vacant properties.

Repairs and maintenance of property 

Property managers coordinate routine upkeep and fixes to keep properties in great shape. They also promptly respond to tenant maintenance requests, arranging necessary repairs or maintenance services.

Property inspections

The inspections of properties routinely are performed to survey the state of the property and highlight maintenance needs. They make sure that inhabitants comply with lease/rent terms. These inspections help prevent potential issues from escalating.

Management of finance 

Property management firms manage the financial aspects of owning property, including budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting. They give property owners constant financial reports indicating expenses and income.

Advertising and marketing

Property managers utilize several marketing techniques to draw in potential occupants. This includes advertising vacant properties through various channels, such as online listings, local publications, and social media.

Lawful compliance 

These companies also ensure landowners comply with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. They help property owners avoid legal issues related to rental properties.

Vendor management

Property management firms have a network of trusted vendors and contractors for maintenance and repairs. They arrange contracts, manage vendors’ performance, and guarantee cost-effective services.

Property upkeep and landscaping

Keeping up with the property’s curb bid is fundamental for drawing in and retaining tenants. Property managers oversee landscaping, lawn care, and exterior maintenance to enhance property aesthetics.

Tenant move-in and move-out procedures

Property managers handle all aspects of the move-in and move-out process. These include property inspections, security deposit refunds, and ensuring tenants comply with lease requirements.

Tenant retention programs

To reduce tenant turnover, property managers may implement tenant retention programs. They offer incentives and address tenant concerns proactively.

Renovation and improvement recommendations

Property managers may advise property owners on renovations or improvements. The advice is useful for increasing the property’s value or rental income potential.

Investment property advice

Property management companies offer guidance on purchasing and selling investment properties. This helps clients make informed decisions about their real estate portfolios.

Eviction services

When necessary, property managers handle the eviction process. These include serving notices, filing legal paperwork, and coordinating with law enforcement if tenants refuse to vacate.

Vacancy management

Property management companies work to minimize vacancies. They conduct regular inspections, market properties effectively, and promptly find new tenants when a property becomes vacant.


The services listed above can altogether help property owners. They relieve them from the everyday obligations of overseeing rental properties. These companies bring resources, expertise, and efficiency to property management. It helps property owners focus on The results are more focus on other areas of their investment portfolio.

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