3 Things to Know About Food Safety Regulatory Compliance

Foodborne diseases are not a thing of the past, and food safety regulatory compliance is more important than ever. The FDA is continually working on finding new ways to deal with foodborne disease incidents. Here are the three most important things you have to know about food safety regulatory compliance so you can stay safe.

Focus is Shifting from Responding to Preventing Foodborne Illness

So far, the food safety system was built on the principles of a reactive model. Once a foodborne illness occurs, the FSMA inspects the case and introduces solutions. According to the FDA, FSMA is shifting focus from responding to preventing foodborne illnesses. The new proactive model will be able to prevent foodborne diseases and significantly reduce their incidence.

The goal of a new approach is to improve public health and facilitate the economic growth of the food system. Thus FSMA introduced a set of 7 rules that affect all parties involved in the global food supply chain:

Product Quality & Safety Remain Primary Concerns

The global network of food trade is continuously expanding. All parties ranging from manufacturers and suppliers to distributors and logistics companies are facing the same challenges:

High Adoption Rate of Product Tracking Technology

The only possible solution to the challenges the food supply chain is facing comes in the form of real-time integrated monitoring (IM). These solutions allow all parties in the food supply chain to adhere to food safety regulatory compliance.

Rooted in state-of-the-art technology, traceability solutions will help companies track their products and entire shipments in real-time, thus ensuring compliance, visibility, continuity, and productivity. When companies know at all times where their products are, product safety and quality are easy to control.

Knowing these three facts about food safety regulatory compliance will help you re-assess risks and use the new solutions to respond accordingly and maintain compliance.


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