3 Ways of Designing a One-Wall Kitchen

When planning for a kitchen remodeling project, there is a lot more to consider besides selecting whether to use a contemporary or traditional design for the room. Homeowners have to consider the kitchen space for the layout to enhance not only the room’s look but also its functionality. Should you be looking for an interior design firm to remodel your kitchen, check out kitchen and toilet renovation packages such as https://www.acvision.com.sg/kitchen-toilet-renovation-package. Not only will you enjoy a peace of mind when it comes to design, you will also benefit from the guaranteed quality and items included and agreed in the package.

Many homeowners want to have an efficient kitchen; hence, want to put different kitchen appliances, plenty of kitchen cabinet Santa Ana, and countertops. However, not all people have kitchen spaces that are big enough to fit all the units they desire to have in their kitchens.

Luckily, there are different kitchen layouts available for kitchens with limited spaces, such as one-wall, galley, L-shape, and U-shape kitchens. The one-wall kitchen is one of the most popular kitchen layouts due to its efficiency and seamless integration.

Accordingly, this type of layout saves space in the kitchen as all the work areas, such as the countertops, sink, stove, and kitchen appliances are along one wall, providing more room for a dining table or a kitchen island. It can also provide extra kitchen storage and kitchen cabinet Anaheim, such as overhead cabinets and deep pull-out drawers.

The one-wall kitchen improves the functionality of the kitchen as the units, and the food preparation area is positioned in a straight line next to a long, linear wall. Homeowners can efficiently move around the kitchen and easily reach and access the appliances, ingredients, and countertops, cabinets to prepare food.

Although the one-wall kitchen layout seems to have a simplistic appearance, it can still be strategically designed according to the quality and style of the appliances and the arrangement of the kitchen units to maximize the efficiency and use of space. Homeowners who are eyeing to have a more efficient kitchen to cook meals faster can go for the standard one-wall kitchen build. It lines up the appliances and units, accordingly from cooktop with electric range, countertop, double bowl sink with built-in dishwasher, cabinets, to the refrigerator.

Moreover, they can go for the storage build design for a one-wall kitchen if they want to address the lack of kitchen storage. This kitchen design is more complicated than the standard one-wall kitchen as it would have:

Aside from the kitchen layout next to the wall, the storage build design also requires the installation of a separate kitchen island with a set of chairs that will serve as the dining area.

On the other hand, if homeowners want to significantly cut down the cost of their renovation project but still wants to go for one-wall kitchen design, they may choose the affordable build. Although this build will give them a smaller kitchen countertop, the layout will allow them to save money as they do not need to buy new kitchen appliances. To add more surface for meal preparation or dining, they can add a kitchen table that acts as the kitchen island.

Whether it is the standard build, the storage build, or the affordable build, the one-wall kitchen layout, provides a variety of advantages, such as conserving space and providing efficient storage. It also is significantly cheaper to install than other kitchen layouts as it only requires the installation of a few countertop surfaces and cabinets. This infographic of Mr Cabinet Care lists three ways of designing a one-wall kitchen.

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