5 easy ways to address common business cybersecurity concerns

Cybersecurity threats and attacks remain a concern for businesses around the world. The ongoing pandemic has only made things worse, with more employees working from home. As businesses adjust to the new norms and limp back to normalcy, there are a few things that can actually help in addressing various business security concerns. Here is a quick list for help- 

  1. Focus on password creation and storage. Password hacking is real. The obvious solution is to create passwords that are hard to hack. One of the best ideas would be to create passphrases, which have at least 16 characters, including uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Password management is another aspect that needs as much attention. If your employees are not using password tool yet, you can recommend one. 
  2. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is critical. If your company is not using Multi-factor authentication (MFA) yet, you are already missing out on cybersecurity basics. MFA requires a user to offer more information than just the password and username. This could be something like a onetime password, or even a security question. Bypassing MFA is not simple for hackers. 
  3. Update all software and firmware. Manufacturers often release patches for their software on a regular basis, which are meant to fix the existing vulnerabilities and offer a better user experience. Ensure that these patches are installed right away, not just for software, but also for firmware. 
  4. Reduce access. Every company needs to have an Identity & Access Management suite in place. The purpose of such a tool is to ensure that only people who need access to a resource have the necessary rights. There needs to be complete transparency and control on how access rights are managed and updated. 
  5. Train your employees. This is probably the most important step that a business can consider. Training employees is a must, because they are the ones handling your resources and data. Hackers often try different social engineering techniques to get valuable information from employees. With a more alert workforce, such attempts can be thwarted. 

Businesses have to understand that cybersecurity is not just a team’s job. Every employee that is accessing resources, data, and tools of your business is as much responsible for ensuring cybersecurity as anyone else. If you haven’t trained your employees on basics of cybersecurity, consider hiring experts, who can conduct workshops and training programs. Also, make cybersecurity a part of the onboarding process. 


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