5 Reasons Leaders focus on charitable giving

Business leaders are constantly faced with a decision: to help or not to help. Some would argue that every business leader should focus on charitable giving, that selfless acts help gain more customers and value. Also, it will improve the company’s reputation in better ways and you will feel satisfied when you help others. One of the influential examples is Thomas Kane a Chicago-based financial executive, currently working as Managing director at Merrill Private Wealth Management. Other than work Tom Kane Merrill Lynch donates much of his time in supporting various charitable organizations and also volunteers in different charity events to help people in need.

Here are 5 Reasons Leaders focus on charitable giving:

It makes you feel happy:

Well, when as a leader you have the vision to make a difference in the society and you are ready to support the community in their needs, does not matter if it’s time, money, or anything that can be used to help someone, then it will give you inner satisfaction, peace of mind, and happiness, too.

You will be satisfied with what you have:

The perceived truth of this world is that everyone who works hard does so to earn more money so they can buy what they want, they can eat what they want, and wear what they like. There are times when people can take their success and assets for granted. Helping those in need generally helps leaders, and every human being, to cultivate humility and gratefulness for what they have. 

It builds social connections:

Social connections are very important for both professional and personal life. In personal life, we connect with those who we care about the most but in professional life, we need to create chances to build social connections. When you as a leader give back to the community or to nonprofit organizations then there will be many chances for you to meet new people and grow your network. The more your network and connections grow, the more gates of opportunity will open for you to get success in the future.

It gives you some purpose:

When you have already created your future plan and you understand the purpose of your goal, it gives you the true meaning of life and also makes you feel satisfied and happy altogether. When you contribute to helping others in the community to make their life better, this will encourage others to follow your path and help others to achieve your vision.

It gives you a sense of community:

If you have the vision to make a difference in the community and want to help others to create security in their lives in a better way then you will need help. You will need a group of people who can work together as a team and generate a positive impact for your chosen cause. As a leader, you can encourage your employees to join your cause and together, you can create positive change in society.

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