5 Reasons why public service matter

Most of the people who join public service are focused to make a positive change to society and making a better place to live. When the public sector works in the right manner it will put a positive impact on society.

Here are 5 Reasons Why public service matter:

Benefits packages:

As the private sectors are rapidly increasing their businesses by focusing on profits and neglecting the quality of their work environment, due to which government sectors jobs have become more competitive and valuable than ever.

When you work in a public service sector, the organization provides you benefits like better healthcare facilities, maternity benefits, and also provides you better retirement plan. During the time of recession, private sectors can experience downfall but the government sectors always remain stable and the employees have not to worry about their salaries or anything.

Job stability:

Due to extreme competition in the market, the private sectors are rapidly increasing their business to gain more profit, but with the increase in the business market, there are lots of changes that come with that. Businesses have to continuously run with the market pattern to maintain their growth but with growth, they have to make various changes in the business, and with competition, the chances of success and failure also increase. It means that the job in the private sector is not stable, whereas the government sector works very slow than private sectors and the changes in the public sector are very less, so it provides the best job stability with a regular salary.

Work and life balance:

The private sector does not provide better job stability as they more focus on their profits. People who work in the private sector get very little time to spend with their family and not even a proper break period is provided which make it a more stressful job for an individual.

The government sector provides flexible work and also gives proper paid time off to their employees. Also, they provide fixed holidays and there is an off at every festival. One of the best things about being in a public service sector is you get paid timely.

Career progression:

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” said, Colin R. Davis.

Well, working in the public service sector can provide you various opportunities and also it helps you in developing your skills. The organizations also provide you trainings so that you can compete with different challenges and improve your strength to achieve your goal. The government sector helps in your career progression also.

A sense of service:

If you want to do something for your society and want to make positive change in society then working in the public sector will provide you deep satisfaction. While working in public service you will get the opportunity to help and improve the lives of others who need some help. Your talent can help in shaping your society.

Karen Mccleave Attorney served the public for 30 years, a best example for public service. She appeared in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, primarily in York Region, Dufferin, and Simcoe counties.

Karen McCleave Toronto handled a varied caseload, including domestic assault, sexual and child abuse, complex frauds, and murder.

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