All that you need for Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting is a process of investigating paranormal activities. It is an adventure that not only gives you an adrenaline rush but also sends chills down your spine. Remember how that disclaimer ‘Based on True Story’ in horror movies would scare you and make you wonder if ghosts exist. Well, interestingly ghosts exist and you can find them out with the help of Ghost Hunting Kits. From EMF sensors, a camera with night vision to EVP Recorder, these kits have various types of equipment with the help of which, ghost hunters collect shreds of evidence of paranormal activities. Also, the Ghost Hunting Kits aren’t that expensive as they are thought to be.

Here is how various equipment in Ghost Hunting Kits work and their estimated cost:

Night Vision Camera: Most of the paranormal teams prefer nighttime to carry out their investigation. The normal cameras don’t come in handy when it comes to recording in low or no light. This is why Night Vision Cameras are used by experts to record the proofs of ghostly activities at night. Night Vision Cameras can capture crystal clear footage at nighttime when there isn’t sufficient light. A decent Night Vision Camera costs around 70 USD.

EMF Sensor: An EMF detector or Electromagnetic Field Detector is one of the most commonly used tools of paranormal Investigators. As per the paranormal phenomenons, the presence of any spirit or ghost in a particular space causes high electromagnetic radiation. To locate the source and spot of this high electromagnetic radiation, EMF sensors are used. Usually, such strong radiations come out from electronic devices like cell phones. But if there is not an obvious source of radiation present in the room then it could be a ghost or spirit. You can get an EMF sensor for 40 USD.

EVP Recorder: EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon and EVP recorders are highly efficient when it comes to recording voices without distortion. One of the prominent reasons why paranormal experts invade the ghostly world is to find out what lies there and if the spirit has something to share with the world. To record the voices/noises from the ambient background, the use of an EVP recorder is carried out by paranormal investigators. These recorders can record voices and noises of low frequencies that are not audible to the human ear. A good EVP recorder costs around 35 USD.

Infrared Thermometer: We all know that we can’t see ghosts, then how would one detect its presence? Here is when Infrared Thermometer comes to the rescue. Ghost hunters often use Infrared Thermometers to record the presence of any paranormal entity. According to paranormal science, if there is any ghost or spirit is present in the room, there will be a cold spot in there. This means, a particular space with a lower temperature than that of the room. This is detected with the help of an Infrared Thermometer. A good Infrared Thermometer costs around 16USD.

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