Ceramic Tiles for Flooring – Are These Really the Next Big Thing? 

Renovation can be quite a fun task when planned properly. From finding the right size of tile to finding the right colors and textures and patterns, it’s all extremely refreshing. What poses an imminent threat to the prospect of trying to hold onto the idea of getting the floor redone is, budget. Who doesn’t, after all, want a spectacular floor that can redefine the aura of the house? Now, if you too are tempted with the idea of getting beautiful tiles to redo your floor and budget is trying to hold you back, then let us tell you, try ceramic tiles instead of going for real stones and real wood. 

Ceramic tiles come in such a stunning variety and such brilliant colors and textures that they’ll blow away your mind and what’s best about them is that they are super affordable too. So, on that note, let’s take you through some of the most wonderful ceramic floor tiles that you can pick according to the room you’re trying to renovate. 

Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom

There’s one special requirement that all wet rooms have, the tiles should be as water resistant as possible. And Soligo and the Tuileries are the two brand manufacturers that understand this requirement. Hence, they have come up with grade 4 and grade 5 ceramic tiles that are extremely water resistant. 

Here are some options to choose from. 

  1. Europa 
  2. Lienz gray
  3. Tortona 
  4. Arrakis 
  5. Axis
  6. Assen

Ceramic Tiles for Kitchen 

Kitchen floor tiles can explore a range of bigger variety in terms of texture. You can also try glazed and polished ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor. Some of the best options that you’ll absolutely love include the following few. 

On this note, let’s now give you some more reasons to pick ceramic for flooring. 

  1. Cleaning Gets Easier

Cleaning the floor wouldn’t be such an issue with ceramic on the floor. First, they come in bright colors and do not catch stains so easily. And second, they don’t catch fibers from carpets. So, warm water and a floor cleaner should be enough to keep your house clean. 

  1. Maintenance Cost Won’t Haunt You Anymore 

Ceramic tiles could be anything but expensive in every sense you can think of. Not only are these tiles made dense and strong but it’s also fairly easy to replace one damaged piece instead of getting the entire floor redone. 

Other benefits?

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