Delicious Mother’s Day Special Cakes For Different Types of Mothers


She is a nurturer, guardian angel, confidante, and your best friend. She is your mother. Since the day you were born to present, she has played every role bestowed upon her with diligence, passion, and love . Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty; sometimes angelic, sometimes devil, it’s only a mother who goes from happy to angry in nanoseconds.

Here’s to honouring every type of mother in every shade over delicious cakes.

1 Best Friend Mother: ” Har ek friend zaroori hota hai.” Aur maa jaisi toh koi dost ho hi nahi skti. If these are your thoughts and feelings, we caught you. Your mother is more like a friend figure to whom you share your deepest secrets without any hesitation, then make friendly chit-chat sessions with your mother more smooth and creamy over a chocolate heart-shape cake. We suggested chocolate because it’s everyone’s friend. No haters!

2 Tech-Savvy Mother: There is a universal saying that ” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But, your mother is a woman who defies this convention. It is because gadgets are her first love. From smartwatch to iphone, she is a hipster when it comes to appliances. As she has all, you are wondering what to give her on Mother’s Day? How about Mother’s Day cake designed as an iphone for surprising her? Well, you bet yourself, you are floored with this suggestion and she will also love it to the core.

3 Artistic Mother: She is born with creative hands. Hands that love to create and craft miracles. Therefore, her soul lies in handmade gifts rather than materialistic pleasures.  You must have noticed that she has kept safely all your handmade cards that you made for her because she can smell your love in them. This time, wear the chef hat and bake a cake for her. By decorating the cake reveal to your mother that you got the artistic genes from her. Go for simple frosting ideas like sprinkles, swirls, messy ruffles, etc.

4 Picture-Perfect Mother: ” How dare you! Tumhe koi haq nahi banta ki tum itni khubsoorat lago.” ” Kaun hai ye, jisne dobara mudke mujhe nahi dekha.” are the favourites of your mom, without a say, she is the diva! When she is having her share of lows or you want to make up for your mistakes, look no further and beyond than a photo cake. Frost the cake with some of her picture-perfect moments and watch her happy tears rolling down her cheek. Photo cake is apt for all the occasions such as birthdays, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, so whenever in doubt, grab a photo cake.

5 Extravagant Mother: From her clothes to jewellery, everything radiates royalty, and luxury. She is a sheer personification of grace and elegance making the rest of the world feel envy.When it comes to pleasing her taste buds, a two-tier or three-tier cake is the perfect choice because it is another synonym of opulence.

If you have a mother who best-fits in any of these categories, you know the best cake to order for her.

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