Do You Need To Install Evaporative Cooler In Your Home Or Office

When summer starts, homes and offices can become uncomfortably hot. However, it goes beyond inconvenience in the workplace. It could cause absenteeism and also reduce productivity. While it’s easy to choose to install an evaporative cooler in your home, companies resist because of the cost. That’s where evaporative coolers win the evaporative cooling vs air conditioning debate. It is cost-effective and an environmentally choice. It will save you electricity bills for homes and offices, and it also requires very little maintenance to remain efficient in its cooling tasks. It is a solution to indoor spaces because it provides you with fresh, cool air at all times through the natural evaporation process. If you’re still wondering if you need to install an evaporative cooler in your home or office, below are some reasons.

It’s Simple and Natural

One reason you should consider installing an evaporative cooler in your home and office is its simplicity. It is pretty easy to install, and some models do not require any installation at all. It also provides you with fresh air through the natural evaporation method. This feature is a salient point to note in the evaporative cooling vs. air conditioning debate. Unlike the refrigerated air that air conditioners distribute, evaporative coolers always introduce 100% fresh air into your home and office. This way, it optimizes the air quality while reducing air pollution.


One of the salient reasons many people are skeptical about installing a cooling appliance is the initial and outgoing cost. However, this is a salient feature in the cooler’s favor in the evaporative cooling vs. air conditioning debate. It costs far lower to purchase than an air conditioner. It also consumes 90% less electricity than an air conditioner does. The same goes for the setup and maintenance costs. Evaporative coolers need very little maintenance to provide optimum performance.

Environmentally Friendly

Another reason why you need to install evaporative coolers in your home and office is its carbon footprint. Evaporative coolers have a much lower carbon footprint than air conditioning systems. Air conditioners make use of refrigerant gas to keep your home and office cool. These refrigerant gases are considered quite toxic and harmful to the environment. However, evaporative coolers operate differently. They make use of minimum electricity and water consumption that doesn’t hurt the environment. If you’re watching your carbon footprint, the evaporative cooler is the best choice to keep you cool at home and in the office.


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