Five Signs Your House Has A Plumbing Problem

How do you know there may be a plumbing problem? When there are Odd sounds from the faucet, tub, toilet or ceiling; these are a great signal there may be something wrong. No one wants to admit or accept there could be an issue, however avoiding or denial of that one fact may cost you so much more in the end. Plumbing issues can be contained within two definitive categories, emergency(usually requiring immediate action), and provisional(allowing more time and options). Going over some possible scenarios point to imminent plumbing issues. Pay close attention as it may save you time and money in the long run.

Oh No It’s So Slow

It is difficult to miss when a sink, tub, or toilet’s flow is slower than normal. Slow drainage is caused by debris build up through hair, soap, and other residue becoming trapped in crevices and spaces within your pipes and drains. Over time the problem will persist increasing to the point where water may clog, rise, and overflow presenting a larger problem. Take note and make some decisions based on what you observe. You may be able to address it simply yourself or need to reach out to a professional plumber in the more serious circumstance.

Always Look Up

The ceiling is your home’s covering and protection so taking a look above regularly looking for brown spots, water marks, or discoloration of any type are a great rule of thumb. What may one day start out as a small spot over time becoming larger is not to be ignored. Getting to the bottom or in this case the top of things should be your sole focus. There must be your objective to find the source of that stain pronto.

Toilet Talk

Talking means a lot as such that the toilet should be pretty silent until in use. However sounds like gurgles, and tank noises signal the possibility of something amiss within the system. That sound is not occurring for no reason but speaks to a blockage somewhere.

Odor Alert

The aroma coming from the drain provides the true picture of your skin’s health. Many times odors that are foul, unpleasant, and pungent are there to let you know something is wrong and may be a small issue hopefully not a larger indicator of major problems. Do not ignore the smell or try to cover them up. Remember that bacteria grows here within the drain pipes of sinks and tubs. If after thorough cleaning there is a persistent unpleasant smell then there may be a clog, blockage, or worse case scenario break that is causing the problem. If there is a break that may impact the major plumbing line definitely needing the attention of an experienced professional company such as Tinley Park Plumbing.

This High Rise

There is no desire for increase or rise applied to the water bill. Water usage and consumption can be averaged and shown by the meter that measures it for the household. If there is a rise in this usage the cause is often traced back to a major leak and should be investigated by a professional plumber like Tinley Park Plumbing.

These five signs are just the tip of the iceberg of possible problems one can have with plumbing. The indicators are there and should be taken seriously even at the earliest foreseeable time. Whether it can be solved easily and with little effort or requires a trained, licensed plumber the signs above are great at revealing just where you are in your pipes, fixtures, and system. Take heed and address all that you see, hear, and smell in your plumbing.


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