Garage Door for RV Buying Guide

The day has come and you have bought one of the most important things aside from a brick and stick home item a person can buy and that is a recreational vehicle. This is your home away from home and one of your prized possessions now how are you going to keep it safe from the outside elements? The fact of leaving it exposed to the elements may not sit well with you and you have got a great garage to keep it in or you are going to build your RV a dream home, either way, garage doors are going to be an important addition.

The important items to take into account an RV are the structures that are on top of the RV. Many modern and older RVs come with air condition units on the roof, solar panels, television dish setups, and the like. This creates an extra calculation for measuring the size of your garage door and the pitch off the ceiling on the inside of your garage to accommodate your RV’s size. 

The general rule of thumb is that a common twelve-foot high garage door will suit your needs just fine. The typical width of a ten to twelve feet garage door should accommodate most typical RV’s. The fifth wheels which are generally much longer and are towed with a large pickup truck create a bit more calculation and its storage area can be as long as twenty-two feet or more.

If you are looking in Texas do not worry there are many professionals ready to install a garage door for RV Texas right for you, They can come out if it’s a remodel to make your garage bigger or starting from scratch to create a dream storage area for your RV, travel trailer, or fifth wheel. 

The garage doorway is very important to get a good measurement not only to not cause damage to your RV or fifth wheel but also to make sure you can comfortably walk around your RV in case you ever need to get inside the engine compartment or any of your side doors.

A garage door for RV Texas will only take you a few minutes of searching to find a great professional to help you, Texas is well known for RV travelers and with that being said there are many companies that are willing to help and answer any questions you may have. The best place to keep an investment such as an RV or fifth wheel is in a garage. 

The natural elements outside can take its toll on a vehicle, especially an RV. The sun can cause damage over time to an RV’s tires. There is also hail damage that can happen depending on what area you live in and most of the plastic covers on top of an RV do not tolerate hail very well. The roof of an RV can last much longer without having to be resealed if kept inside of a garage as well. These are just a few of the items to take into account when you are thinking about protecting your recreational vehicle.

The best thing a recreational vehicle owner can do is to build a great garage to keep their home away from home on wheels safe from the outside elements. The important steps to remember is to measure the length, width, and take into account structures on top of the RV and build a structure with an appropriately sized garage door. Checkout this link –


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