Gas Mask Water Pipe

 Gas Mask Water Pipe

This new combination of beauty and utility is the ideal gas mask water pipe. The mask has a rubber outer layer, adjustable head straps, and eye covers that enable smoke to be trapped in the mask when you inhale. On the back of the pipe, there is a carb hole to aid in measuring the strength of the smoke.

  • Measurement: 8.5 inches
  • Construction: Acrylic
  • creative: gas mask
  • Water pipe type
  • Rubber air filtration system
  • one-size-fits-all
  • A carbohydrate-free hole
  • Colors: Different

The variety of colors and styles may vary depending on availability. This product is solely meant for use with tobacco. As there are significant shipping restrictions in place, the item cannot be sent to international locations at this time.

Anyone who has ever visited the ahead store has probably seen the gas mask bong in action. And although most individuals have undoubtedly seen one of these devices before, much fewer people have actually smoked out of one of these contraptions. …and what exactly is going on with the gas mask bong? Is there anybody out there who even knows what they are? Is it worth it to buy them? Here’s all you need to know about the process.

What’s the deal with the Gas Mask pipe, anyway?

The idea behind a pipe gas mask is straightforward. You essentially put on a gas mask and load it with marijuana smoke in order to create your own personal hot box.

If you’re looking to purchase a gas mask pipe, you can usually find them at any head shop or, depending on where you live, even a reasonable number of corner stores. They’ve also become a common sight at a number of street, art, and music festivals, as well as other similar gatherings where merchants sell a range of items. In general, you should anticipate spending between $40 and $75.

Design of gas mask pipe:

Another aspect of the gas mask bong’s typical design that is very straightforward: This device is, in essence, a simple gas mask that is attached to the end of a bong. The bong part of the device is removable. This makes it simpler to fill and empty the water tank, as well as to clean your bong and load your bowl of weed after use.

Bong Instructions on How to Make Use of a Gas Mask

Not to fret if you’re wondering how to use a gas mask bong; it’s not that dissimilar from striking a normal bong.

Add water to the bong before securing it to the gas mask. Put as much cannabis as you can into the bowl now.

Remove the gas mask from its case by loosening the straps at the rear and sliding the whole thing over your shoulders. In order to use a gas mask, make sure the mouthpiece is securely fastened. To make it more comfortable and secure, tighten the straps a little more.

Slide the bong bowl into the bong, light it, then blow through it to clear out any remaining smoke. Smoke will begin to pour into the gas mask at this moment. Ideally, you should be able to exhale freely without having to force air down the bong if your gas mask is functioning correctly.

Fill the bong with air until you’ve cleared it completely, then relax in your own customized hot box. When you’ve had enough, just remove the straps and lift the mask off your face. Be careful not to knock the bong part of the device around too much, since it may become clumsy in certain situations. Depending on your preference, you may want to first unplug the bong before removing it.

Smoke is escaping.

Depending on the situation. Aside from being quirky, gas mask bongs aren’t very useful. However, despite their appearance, they are not a very efficient or effective method of getting high.

Why? Because you’re essentially pushing your face into a whirling bowl of more or less inert smoke for most of the time if you’re using a pipe. It is true that the initial inhalation of smoke straight from the bong will be high in THC, but after you exhale back out into the gas mask, there is no need to continue inhaling it in. Unfortunately, it is a large portion of what will be in your bong gas mask after your first solid hit.


A number of disadvantages may arise as a result of this. The notion that utilizing a gas mask bong would get you extremely high is somewhat diminished, to say the least. It will provide you with the same high as any other bong would.

However, due to the fact that you are sitting in a cloud of smoke, your eyes may get irritated and/or dry. And, more than likely, it will not be your most enjoyable weed-smoking session. You will be sitting in a cloud of smoke from the cigarettes you just inhaled, which is not very pleasant or entertaining.

Whether or whether it’s worthwhile.

With that in mind, the bong gas mask is a delightful novelty item that serves no purpose other than to be amusing and entertaining. In the event that you and your pals are interested in this kind of activity, it may be a pleasant addition to a party or your next smoking session.

Yet, even in that case, it is cumbersome since you must unstrap the mask, remove the bong, and then repeat the process every time you want to give it to someone else, which is time-consuming. Outside of the context of searching for a novelty or a gimmicky method to smoke marijuana, the gas mask bong is unlikely to be of much value to the average person.

Facts about gas mask pipe:

According to the facts, there are no substantial advantages to utilizing any of these items. There is no difference between using these and using a normal bong when it comes to getting high. In addition, they are a little unpleasant to use when you first start off.

Continue to use dabbing if you’re serious about discovering new methods to get very high. In comparison to flowers, concentrated marijuana provides a faster and more potent high while maintaining the same flavor and aroma. On the contrary, dabs have a more pleasant flavor and aroma than bud.

At the end of the day, a gas mask bong may be a nice addition to your paraphernalia collection—provided that it complements your own style. It is, however, not the appropriate aesthetic or mood for a large number of marijuana users.


Don’t rely on using a bong gas mask if you want a pleasant or effective method to get high. It’s not worth it. It’s best to stick to the usual repertory of joints, blunts, spliffs, bongs, ordinary bowls, and dabs if that’s your goal and you don’t care about the novelty of smoking out of a crazy contraption like a gas mask bong.

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