Here’s How Watches Can Help Men Look Fashionable

Style represents the essence of a person and a well-dressed man gives off quite an impressionable outlook. A watch is an accessory that can seamlessly elevate a look pairing the right watch is very important to tie the whole outfit together. Watches give the appearance of a well-put-together man and certain things need to be kept in mind while choosing the right watch.

Watches for men come in various sizes and styles. Owning multiple pairs is one way to go but making a smart choice can help you make sure that one watch matches all your fits. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

A watch is meant to pair with your outfit and not be the showstopper. It has to elevate your look and help make it look complete. A watch that is too blingy might take the attention away and tends to look tacky at times. When buying branded watches for men, try not to get caught up in how fancy it looks and go for something timeless. 

Watches for men come in different straps. If you plan on wearing a metal watch, match the metal aspect of every item you would be wearing. This includes cufflinks, belt buckle, the buttons on your pants, zippers, and any possible jewellery. Mixing gold and silver can make your look shabby. Ensure that the watch you buy matches the metals of most other wardrobe pieces you own. 

Similarly, match your leather straps. If you own a leather strap watch, make sure the colour matches your belt and your shoes. The rule of thumb of matching your belt and shoes applies to your watch strap as well.

Outfits vary depending on the occasion, as should your watch. Dressy watches for men should be paired with formal whereas casual watches for men should be paired with sporty or everyday wear outfits. Wearing a rubber strap sports watch with a formal suit can look very out of place. Keeping two separate pairs is ideal in such situations. If not, choose a minimal watch that can be worn with either style but for being a notch above the others try owning different watches for different occasions.

Colour sets the tone of the outfit. Watches for men come in many different colours. Neutral colours are the optimal choice as they match nearly every outfit. Keep light-coloured watches for daytime wear and darker tones for evening wear. Despite this, choose the watch that matches appropriately the colours of your entire outfit. It won’t do any good if the watch itself does not match.

Watches for men are to be worn on your wrist. Although the cuffs of your shirts also fall on your wrist, never wear your watch over it. It is absolutely okay for your watch to get hidden underneath but it will not look good if the watch rests on top of your shirt.


Watches for men can make them look extremely fashionable if styled well. For this, it is important to not impulse buy a watch but to treat it like an investment. The more time you spend on making the right choice, the easier it will be to style your outfits later. Take into consideration the colour, width, and style of your watch before buying. Own a few different pairs and experiment instead of sticking with just one style. This will ensure that you are ready for every occasion with ease.

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