How Often Do I Need to MOT My Vehicle?

It is vital that your vehicle’s MOT is kept up to date – for your own safety, the safety of others and your adherence to UK law.

Not only does an MOT test ensure that there are no immediate serious problems with your vehicle and no minor issues that may become exacerbated over time, but it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a current MOT certificate, unless you can prove that you are on your way to a pre-arranged MOT test.

But exactly when should you book your MOT – and how often does your vehicle need one?

In this article, the team at CJ Auto Service, expert mechanics and providers of MOTs in Warrington, explain the timescales involved.

A Brand New Car or Van

If you bought your vehicle new, it won’t need an MOT test for three years.

This can be confusing for some people, as they understandably wonder “three years from when?”.

The answer is: this three year period should be counted from the vehicle’s date of registration. Even if you don’t have the vehicle’s paperwork immediately to hand, you can use its number plate to find out the date of registration from the DVLA, as they hold a range of useful details.

You should book your MOT for a date that is on or before the third anniversary of your vehicle’s registration to avoid having to drive it with an out of date certificate.

A Car or Van that is Over 3 Years Old

If your vehicle has passed the three year mark mentioned above, it will need an MOT test every 12 months, on or shortly before the anniversary of its last one.

If you have a second hand vehicle that is over three years old, you should have been given its latest MOT information upon purchasing it. If not, or if you can’t find it, you can use a specialist area of the website to look into your vehicle’s entire MOT history and work out when you should book the next test.  

A Motorbike

Usefully, motorbikes owners simply need to adhere to the same regulations as car or van owners. A new bike should be MOTd before or on the three year anniversary of its registration date, and a second hand bike should be MOTd every year.

This rule goes for the majority of cars, vans and bikes, with the exception of specialist vehicles like taxis and ambulances – some of which require MOTs every year following their registration and are not eligible for the initial three year gap.

For further information about getting an MOT test in Warrington or the surrounding areas, or if you have a vehicle that requires maintenance or a service, simply contact CJ Auto Service today by calling 01925 589066 or emailing

We’ll be happy to hear from you – whether you wish to book an MOT Warrington or you’re just looking for a little advice or guidance.

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