How to Add  Goat Milk to your Pet  Food and Diet

Your pet needs to get sufficient moisture in its diet. Today’s reality is that most pet foods are manufactured with less moisture, meaning most pets feeding on such foods end up dehydrated. However, pet foods are designed to have 65% moisture which cannot be compensated for by drinking water. Moisture in the pet’s body helps absorb nutrients, blood circulation, and proper functioning of body organs. You should consider adding moisture to the foods if it is too dry. One way to do this is by adding goat milk which you can buy from Paws Food Express.

Adding Moisture to Pet Food

Raw goat milk is an excellent addition if you feed your pets kibbles. It delivers sufficient moisture to the meal and helps add electrolytes, proteins, enzymes, and fatty acids. All these are important additions as they boost the pet’s overall well-being.

Unless the food has a moisture content that is 76 percent and above, it must be added more moisture to avoid dehydration. There are foods whose formulation accommodates this level of moisture in them. However, for freeze dried foods, there is a need to add more moisture, which is when goat milk comes in handy. It is the perfect way to add more value to kibble and adds minerals, electrolytes, enzymes, fatty acids, and proteins. Note that goat milk has a 79 percent moisture content.

Including goat milk in your pet’s diet is important. You can buy goat milk at Paws Food Express anytime you are ready to hydrate your pet food. We will deliver the perfect blend of goat milk anywhere in Houston. We also do deliveries in Pearland, Sugarland, Katy, Richmond, Spring, The Woodlands, Cypress, and Kingwood. All you must do is give us a call, and we shall gladly deliver the goat milk to you.

You can always serve it as a complete meal for cats and dogs. It also works perfectly as a topper or can be used with dry meals, such as kibbles.

Working Around Picky Eaters

Finding the right type of food for your picky pets is difficult. Pets, like humans, will struggle to eat certain foods if they are picky.   This may lead to starvation if not resolved. For such pets, the best option is to choose freeze dried foods. You can start by crumbling them, not a bowl, and adding goat milk. This is one of the best ways to help rehydrate the food and make it safe for your cats and dogs. It is important to let your pets get used to consuming rehydrated pet food.

The advantage of feeding your pets hydrated food is that you directly protect their internal organs. It helps keep their kidneys, tissues, and other internal systems in good condition. The overall effect is that the pets will be healthier. Invest in rehydrating your dry pet foods if you want your pets to have a long healthy life free of any medical complications.

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