How to Buy Scolymia Online?


Do you have a large freshwater fish tank? Many people who get into the fish tank would like to take on the challenge of coral. Although coral looks like just a stone, it is actually a very complicated and very alive organism. Scolymia corals are some of the most expensive and hard to get a hold of corals. But it can take an average fish tank and turn it into a beauty. Where can you get scolymia and how do you take care of it?

Where Does It Originate?

100 percent original Scolymia originates in many different places in the pacific. The Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia and Australia are a few places that Scolymia are popular.

Where is it for sale?

Scolymia coral for sale can be found at pet stores that are popular for fresh water fish and equipment. Scolymia can be ordered and is stocked by most major pet stores. However, it is a little pricey because it is super popular and harder to find than average coral.


Scolymia coral comes in many different varieties. There are tons of colors and breeds available. And if you know what you are doing, you can breed and have different varieties of the Scolymia coral. Coral is very responsive to light. Different amounts of light can produce different coral. But you have to be careful because too little or too much light can also kill coral.


There are so many factors that go into different corals and create different reefs in a tank. The chemistry in the tank is one major factor. Calcium, carbonate and magnesium are the top factors that can play into tank chemistry and the way that your coral reef looks. Another big factor is water flow. Coral reefs and especially Scolymia don’t enjoy a lot of water flow. So the less the water flows the healthier the reef. To an extent. There also needs to be a certain amount of flow to take output from the reef away.

How to Feed

You need to be sure that your coral reef has adequate feed. Corals typically like to feast on wastes from the ocean so your fish waste is usually helpful in providing good food. Be sure that you are offering a healthy well rounded amount and breeds of fish. Along with that, if you need to there are commercial coral feeds that are available to help supplement. These different feeds can help produce different colors and a healthier coral reef in your tank.


There are many places to purchase Scolymia reef online. However, you will want to be sure that you are using a reputable brand so that you are sure to get a good quality of coral. You would hate to spend money on a reef that just dies quickly. Along with that, the beautiful reefs are the healthiest. So when you open the box with your coral for your tank you will want to see a beautiful coral not one barely hanging onto life. If you are looking for scolymia coral for sale it may be best to start with your local pet shop where you can see the reef before purchase.


In the end, Scolymia corals are harder to get a hold of but absolutely beautiful. Different breeds and varieties make a different color coral. You can change the coral simply by changing the food your reef has available, the chemistry of the tank and the flow of the tank. Air and water access also will change your reef. If you are looking for scolymia coral for sale then check out your local pet store or online.


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