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How To Calculate the Lighting Size for Your Hallway?

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Minimum watts required

Measure the length of your hallway. To calculate the total wattage necessary for your hallway, you have to multiply the length and width. Multiply 1.5 with whatever result you get now.


For a 5.5-foot-wide, 30-foot-long hallway, the total wattage required would be

(Width) 5.5* (Length) 30=165

165*1.5= 247.5

On an average, you can choose 250 watts for your hallway.

How many fixtures are required?

The number of overhead fixtures required is usually calculated by dividing the length of your hallway by eight and subtracting one from the final result. If your hallway is 30 feet long then, you must divide 30 by 8. The result would be 3.75. Now, the round figure for 3.75 is ‘4’. It’s time to subtract ‘1’ from ‘4’. When you do this the end result would be ‘3’, which means you would require three fixtures for your hallway.

How many watts does each fixture require in this case?

In the above example, the minimum watts required are 250. The required number of fixtures is ‘3’. Divide 250 by 3 now. When you do this, the result would be 83. If you round up this figure, it would be 90. This means each fixture requires around 90 watts.

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