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How to Determine the Custody of the Child in a Divorce Case 

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During the divorce procedure, you may think about your lives and your future. Mostly, the couples seeking divorce would be interested in having everything from their matrimonial home. It may include the children born out of wedlock. Divorce is not easy to handle by the entire family. It does not only affect the couple but the children and other family members equally. However, the Sandy, UT Divorce Lawyer and Family Law would ensure working in the best interest of the entire family. Apart from working in the interest of their client, they would ensure working in the best interest of the children. 

Child custody is a serious issue in a divorce case. The court or the lawyer would not be able to determine the best interest of the children, at least emotionally. The court and the lawyer would work on available facts to determine the best interest of the child in the divorce case. If a spouse has financial troubles, he or she may not be deemed fit to take care of the child. However, it does not entail the emotional bonding of the child with either parent. The court could allow for the right of access to the child for the other parent. 

The earning capacity of the parent may not be the determining aspect. However, the capacity to provide a secure and safe environment would be important for the child. Lack of earning is not a ground for disqualifying the mother from taking care of the child, as the father would be asked to provide child support. 

Usually, the mother is the custodial parent for a child of tender age. However, after attaining a noticeable age, the wishes of the child would be the deciding factor for custodial and access gaining issues. The best interest of the child would be applicable in the case of mutual divorce.

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