How To Fold Towels Like A Luxury Hotel

Ever wondered what it is about hotel bath towels that make them so different and perfect and soft? They have a different impact on the visitors who stay in the hotel, even for a short period. To get the ideal crisp fold at home, you will have to ditch your standard folding methods.

Here are a few folding methods to fold your cotton towels online like a luxury hotel:

1.Classic Hotel Folding Method

This technique works and creates clean edges and is the best for towel sets on an open shelf or bench.

2.Bar Folding Method

This classic technique is best for folding bathroom towels and helps keep them organized. In addition, it leaves them easily accessible, so it’s easy after you have a quick shower.

3.Wear Reducing Folding Method

This method helps prevent extra wear and minimizes potential wear along the crease caused by a towel bar.

  1. Fold your towels in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold in half widthwise and place the short ends together.
  3. Fold in half widthwise the last time for a wide, flat fold that’s easily storable. If you have less space, you can fold it in thirds instead of half on the last fold.

4.Spa-Style Rolling Method

To add a luxurious touch, you can also display your towels in a spa-inspired rolled arrangement. This looks good and also is a space-saving technique. This works best for the ones stored in baskets or open spaces.

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