How to make custom dome stickers?

Spill the beans! People can’t wait to know. Custom dome stickers are invading the market fast that people start to ask questions about how they are made and where to buy them.

What are custom dome stickers?

Custom dome stickers are labels that are custom-made on high-quality vinyl or a polyurethane dome applied to the surface by using our label doming equipment. They are original stickers that can be printed using any polydomed finish making a new 3D effect also called domed labels. The finished product is a crystal clear polyurethane that is put on top of the sticker which makes it look 3D.

Are dome products waterproof?

Yes, domed labels are one of the most waterproof and durable label choices that you can keep for years. The plastic dome covering makes it water-resistant which enables the product to last for many years.

Will domed products turn yellow?

It’s a big no. Polyurethane custom domed labels will not turn yellow. They remain crystal clear for years and years making them a great investment for your company. They can leave a strong marketing impact with a long life span making it a wise marketing move.

Dome products are your treasure because you can keep their beauty forever. Every dome product is a bespoke expression of art and when used properly, it can generate profit for your company or business.

It is interesting to see a small item turning into a beautiful product with lots of potential for growth with the addition of dome products. They are able to turn an old idea into a fresh and profitable one.

Made into perfection, custom domed stickers are an excellent method of creating a brand, giving life to your company’s old image.

Where to buy custom domed products?

With the creative ideas of artists at Kinbrook, you will be provided with custom-made dome products in no time. They are your go-to custom dome makers. With lots of energy to produce attractive designs, you will be satisfied and happy to have these items with you.

Kinbrook is the name you can trust in custom dome products. They make high-quality dome stickers for your company, church, organization, stores, schools, and all commercial establishments Australia-wide.

Highly recommended for their exceptional work of art, Kinbrook is tagged as the doming innovators. Having been in the business for more than 20 years, Kinbrook takes pride in its uniqueness and love of work. They always make valuable and state-of-the-art custom domes stickers for your needs.

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