How to repair cars: A Sneak peak

Whether it’s windshield wipers, headlights, or brake pads, a variety of automotive wear parts are replaced over the life of the vehicle. The price of spare parts makes car owners want to at least be able to save the additional costs of a visit to the garage. With a little manual skill, some repairs can be done on your own. We explain to you in which situations you can take the initiative of the car repair alone, and when it would be better to trust a professional. Learn more from kevsbest now.

The fundamentals of a homemade auto repair

Until a decade or two ago, it was possible to change individual auto parts in series from all manufacturers yourself. All they had to do was look at the engine compartment and have a lift to undertake many repairs on their own, from the brake, the shock absorber to the gearbox.

This is of course still possible, but has become more difficult over time. The increasing number of electric cars is the cause, more and more car components are equipped with sensors and are controlled electronically. Even if you can always change even a few more parts on your own, this number is getting lower and lower.

Most people don’t really dare get close to components, especially those that are electrical. If an adjustment is not correctly made, the vehicle may, in the worst case, refuse to start or interpret the driver’s approach in a dangerous manner. The most important automobile repair is therefore this one where the interventions consist in repairing a purely mechanical damage or that is related to electric cars.

You can repair these auto parts without difficulty

What you can repair yourself obviously depends on the series, the year of production and the technical capabilities of the vehicle. The areas where a do-it-yourself auto repair or exchange is most successful are, car parts delivered quickly

The bulb:

In case of failure of one or more bulbs, you can easily screw one back yourself and save yourself a visit to a garage. This applies to all traditional cars, in which classic bulbs are still used. A xenon headlamp lives longer, but requires going to a specialist workshop in the event of a fault. You can also clean or polish your headlights on your own.

Windshield wipers:

When your windshield wipers wear out and no longer provide a clear and precise view in the event of snow or rain, you must change them as soon as possible. A simple removal and then a fitting of the wipers allow the change to be within everyone’s reach.

Varnish and bodywork:

From the small scratch to the warping of your body, you have the possibility of giving your vehicle the desired appearance. Of course, it all depends on the extent of the damage. When applying varnish to a tear or stain caused by rust , care must be taken to choose the correct color.


Changing your tires is also a possible undertaking that you can do alone. For modern cars, you only need to pay attention to the electrical sensors responsible for controlling the air pressure. Here it is worth consulting a specialist company so that you can change your tires on your own in the future.

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