Impact of Technology In Indian Education System

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Complex tasks in the past have now become much more accessible and seamless. All are possible because of ongoing technological advancements due to which the standard and quality of living have risen rapidly. In the field of education technology has transformed learning and improved educational offerings significantly.

The adoption of technology inside the classroom improved learning, increased engagement of students and virtual programs. Now, technology has become a mode of investment for productive learning, as teachers also want more of it in their classrooms. In Indian Education System, the use of technology in the learning process is a debatable phenomenon. Many schools believe that adoption of technology is crucial inside the classroom, while some schools still believe in old practices of teaching.

India stands at a high adult literacy rate of 30%, and with this rate, it is struggling to disseminate education, especially in remote areas with low connectivity. But, with the availability of affordable smartphones, computers, and internet education have become cheaper and more accessible easily.

Technology and its impact in Indian Education Sector

Today, India is considered as one of the fastest-growing markets for e-learning based products and services. It is expected that this segment will bring reformation in the Indian Education System. Even the government is aiming to increase digital literacy of the country by implementing policies for technology-based learning. In India, education technologies appear to have been taken quite seriously by many state governments such as BSE Odisha, Maharashtra Board, etc.

When it comes to teaching, technology provides countless online resources to improve their process of teaching. Using different apps and online study resources, teachers can enhance their traditional methods of teaching, keeping students more engaged. In the field of education, the use of technology has changed the face of it. Both teachers and students benefit from various educational technologies.

In India, many colleges and universities are integrating an online Learning Management System or LMS platform into their web portal. Students can remotely log in to access course material and also attend live classes with teachers. Along with it, students can also check their board results by logging in to their website portal. For eg: MP Board students can check their result by registering into their respective Telangana Board portal.

Now, our present stage is such that we cannot imagine a life without technology. It acts as a boon for us. But, it should be used positively and constructively, or else technology could become a curse for our lives.

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