Tips After Arriving at Your New House Starting With the Installation of the Berkey Water Filter

You have just arrived at your new house after spending days or even weeks relocating. It was a lengthy and grueling process. You had to say goodbye to the people you love, and it also made you emotional. However, you decided that you would live a new life elsewhere, so you have to stand by your decision. Upon arrival, your job isn’t over yet. We need to do many things, starting with the Berkey water filter‘s installation.

You have to guarantee that there is clean and safe drinking water in your house. You can’t rely on tap water since it might contain pathogens that will make you ill. Bringing the water filter will also prevent you from purchasing mineral water in a local store. Apart from being costly, it can also damage the environment. Installing the water filter is just the beginning; these are the other things you need to do.

Get a rest

Before you start anything else, you have to get a good rest first. You were exhausted because of the long trip. You also worked hard to pack all your things and finish the relocation on time. Don’t force yourself to finish the job if you feel tired. Besides, there’s no need to get things done within the day.

Call the pest control

Even before your arrival, it’s best if you already ask for help from the pest control company. You need to get rid of bugs for health reasons. If you have children, there are more reasons you request the services of a pest control company. One bite is enough to make someone sick. You don’t want to start your new life with someone getting ill.

Disinfect everything

You can’t guarantee that your house is clean. Even if the previous owner cleaned the house before your arrival, there could still be dusty surfaces. Ensure that you disinfect everything using appropriate cleaning agents. You can even hire a cleaning company to do the job.

Check out the vital local areas

It helps to get to know the entire area. It would be easier for you to find the places you need. For instance, if you need to go to the market, you already know how to get there. You should also know the best route to go to the school where your children are going to study. It helps you not to get stuck in traffic. During emergencies, you know where to go.

Inspect all your things

Although you spent time protecting all your belongings before loading them in the truck, there could still be some issues during transit. Ensure that you inspect all the boxes and guarantee that nothing was broken or damaged along the way. If you hear something broken inside the box, you have to open it right away. You can also check if the box itself has dents or scratches. It might affect the items inside.

Unbox the important items

Putting all your things inside a box for relocation might take time, but it’s just as time-consuming to unbox everything. Therefore, you have to start by taking out the things that you need to use right away. It includes kitchen utensils, a few clothes, and fresh goods. You should also take out the cover of the furniture and appliances that you need to use immediately. The rest of the containers can be unboxed later when you have more time.

Greet your neighbors 

Before you become too busy settling down, don’t forget to greet your neighbors. Let them know that you have just transferred next door. It would help if you started with the right foot forward with these people. They can be your friends, and they’re the first ones to help you during an emergency. Besides, you don’t want to live next to someone who hates you. It could lead to an awkward relationship for several years. Bring a lovely welcoming gift from your previous home. Introduce your entire family. If you intend to host a housewarming party soon, your neighbors should also be invited.

Make sure all utilities are running

Check if all the utilities are working well. It would be a disaster if your house doesn’t have electricity or running water. You can immediately ask for help from a repair company to address the problem. It will be too uncomfortable if your house doesn’t have running utilities.

Keep your house secured

Security should be your priority. If other people saw you moving in, they would know that you’re new to the neighborhood. You can be a target of robbery attempts. On the first day, you should install a security camera. You also have to check if the gates are working. Change the locks and have a new set of keys. Your family should be the only one with access to the house.

Attend to the needs of your pets

If you were exhausted during the transit, your pets might also feel the same way. Make sure that they are doing well. If you notice that they have some symptoms, you should look for a local veterinarian. Pets might also get stressed out because of these significant changes. They also don’t like to travel to distant locations. Open the container which holds the pet food and accessories.

Compute your expenses 

You might have to live in a tight budget for several months due to the expenses incurred. Once you have already settled down, you need to sit and recheck your costs. You don’t want to go beyond the budget, especially if you started a new job. You won’t have a regular income source in the beginning, and job security isn’t there yet. Tell your children to make some lifestyle adjustments so you can make ends meet.

It can be exhausting to settle down, but it will soon be over. Don’t rush the process, and take your time to decorate the house. It will be your home for several years, so there’s no need to get things done within the week.

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