Introduction to mobile slots

In recent years the online casino industry has grown considerably, especially the online slots market due to the rise of mobile casino options available. There are now similar versions of these land-based casino slots games available to mobile users via online casinos and applications. The accessibility and convenience for mobile users playing a game they may have played at a real-life casino is just one of the factors why many players are turning to mobile slot games as a way to pass some time.

Land based casino slots or mobile casino slots

Players using mobile slot machines are able to have the same entertainment value as a land-based casino player. The traditional card-based casino games do not offer the same feeling though, where the dealer interaction can be a factor in whether a player chooses to go to the casino or spend their money elsewhere.

With slots however, you are usually playing alone or yourself and a friend are sitting on machines next to each other, the same can still be done with mobile slots so the appeal remains the same in that respect and both players can enjoy the thrill of playing.

Land based casinos though have of course the added value of complimentary food and drinks to keep the audience fresh at the table as well as other entertainment for example live bands, lounges and other restaurants to dine in at and bars with live sports events showing, still having access to video slot machines and table games with live dealers.

Some popular mobile slot games

In the world of mobile slots, players can try their luck on many original slot machine versions or try some of the newer imaginative versions, designed that even the players who enjoy live casino slots will find fun and authentic. Using the same gameplay mechanics, players can play whilst being on the move and short bursts to kill time whilst travelling.

The slots still have the same options, features, bonuses and rewards as a typical machine in a land-based casino. Some of the most popular mobile slots are Egyptian Rise, Berryburst, Birthday! Dead or Alive 2, Finn And The Swirly Spin, Big Blox, Pyramid:Quest For Immortality and Crystal Lotus. These have a typical return to player percentage or RTP, of above 96%.

In South East Asian countries such as Thailand, mobile slots are immensely popular with almost all the casino in the country mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. One such mobile casino called luckycatslot has a series of what they call ‘Joker Video Slots’ from Playtech and Habanero which are popular, such as A Night Out, Football Rules, and Thai Paradise by Playtech slots development as well as Captain’s Treasure progressive jackpot slot also by Playtech. On top of this, Sparta by Habanero. All of these are mobile video slots often called xo slots in the SEA market.

Where to play mobile slots and what to look for

Mobile slots are a very lucrative market for betting sites and online casinos and there are so many options available. Some popular sites include Red Dog Casino, Intertops Casino, Lincoln Casino and Vera Vegas. In Asia there you have Joker123, Kiss918, Mega888, and Luckycatslot.

There is a lot of competition of course in this market now, so it is best to try to find an online casino that offers good rewards and realistic pay-outs. The ability to move funds in and out of an account with an easy withdrawal system is also an important factor when choosing a mobile slots game, making sure that players feel there is good security on the application is also important so check that they have a good reputation, the application is kept up to date that there is good customer service too.

Mobile slots an option for the serious or casual player

Overall the mobile slots market offers players an experience easily accessible to them and this is only going to grow as mobile phone technology improves, with smartphones operating faster, having better quality screens as standard and a longer battery life. With so many slots available and a simple “pick up and play” feel, these slots can be an enjoyable way to spend a few hours without having to leave home or endure the many distractions and the hustle and bustle that comes with going to the casino. If you only go to the casino to play slots then mobile slots might be the perfect option for you.

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