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List of Documents Required to File A Car Insurance Claim

As traffic on Indian roads grows exponentially, vehicle accidents are becoming more frequent, both on city roads and on highways. While buying car insurance ensures you of your safety in case of an accident, you need to file a timely and proper claim post an accident to ensure that you recover the financial losses you incur. It is advisable to keep handy all the documents you would need, both to make a timely claim and to ensure that your claim is settled satisfactorily. In case of a theft, though, the maximum burden that the insurance company will bear is the insured declared value (IDV) of the vehicle. The IDV in car insurance is the present market value of the vehicle.

First thing to remember when you get involved in an accident is to call up your insurance company to inform them about the mishap. Also remember that your insurance policy is valid throughout the country, so it is immaterial as to where in the country the accident took place. If your car is stolen, also, you need to call up and inform the insurance company immediately after lodging an FIR in the nearest police station. Your insurance company will deal with the claim process on your behalf, much as your lawyer would do.

Information to submit to the insurance company while filing a claim:

Submit the following details in writing:

Documents to be submitted while filing for an accident claim

Documents to be submitted while filing for a theft claim

Many people feel that the process of filing a car insurance claim is very tedious, but if you go around it in an organized way and if you produce all the relevant documents within given timeframes, it is actually a breeze. And moreover, you stand a better chance of your claim being settled in toto. Remember, though, not to carry out any repair work before the insurance company has surveyed the vehicle.

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