Men’s Fashion: 6 Types of Bags Men Should Have in Their Closets

Everyone, both men and women, brings a lot of things when going out. You have to get a wallet, phone, water jugs, and your alcohol due to the pandemic. It’ll be impossible to hold all of them in your hands alone. And most of the time, men feel uncomfortable bringing a purse or a clutch bag because it’s not yet part of the norm. However, this gender stereotype will only inconvenience you.

If you need more convincing, here’s why gents should also bring a bag and what are the types of bags you can use.

Why Men Should Also Use Purse or Mini Bag

You’ve lived in a society with strict rules regarding gender expression. And sometimes, this can become discriminatory to all people because it limits you to do the things you want, even as simple as using a mens clutch bag. Let this article show you the simple reasons why it’s okay for the gentleman to bring a purse or a mini bag.

Now that you know why men should also bring a purse or a mens pouch. You can also learn the basic types of bags you may need for different occasions. Better continue reading to learn more about bags!

Different Types of Bag Men Should Try

Set aside the gender norms, you’ve heard how your father complained that your mom had a lot of bags. And men should only have a backpack or put their items in their pockets. Guess what? Your mother is right; having many bags can make your life more convenient. Although the fashion world is more familiar with women’s handbags, you should also learn about the different bags men should try.

Here are the different bags, including a mens pouch, purse, and more.

1) The Backpack

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Let’s start with the classics. You’ve already used a backpack back when you were still a student, and everyone knows what a pack looks like. It’s also a gender-neutral item because girls and boys can use it.

The only difference is the bag’s design. There are designs catered for men and others for women. The best times you can use a backpack are for schooling, travelling, or bringing many items.

Although you need to bring a moderate amount of items because heavy backpacks can damage your posture, you can go for a mini bag or mini backpack for a lesser weight if you want to get a few things.

2) A Clutch Bag

Do you want to become more fashionable, or perhaps you’re a working professional who needs an appropriate bag for a suit and tie? Well, a clutch bag is a good fit for your attire. It looks like a bigger wallet with more compartments. You can put your IDs, documents, wallets, and other small items appropriate for your errands.

On top of this, amens clutch bag can also go along with your fashion style! You can easily pair it with your OOTD for your Friday night out, vacations, going to the mall, and more! A clutch bag is also easy to carry because it’s small and portable.

3) Tote Bag

A tote bag is one of the most convenient bags you can use. You can just put anything you want inside it because it has no compartments. You can also bring large items as long as the quality of the tote bag is durable and resistant to damage. You can also include your mens pouch and purses for additional items through tote bags.

For sure, you already know the image of a tote bag. The only difference is the design. The good thing about tote bags is that there are many kinds of designs because you can print an image. Finally, tote bags are also suitable for groceries or shopping to reduce plastic usage.

4) Cross Body Bag

Crossbody bags are one of the trendiest fashion statements nowadays. Aside from its stylish reputation, a cross body has many benefits! You can go hands-free with cross body bags; many styles go along with accessories, and they are affordable! You can use this when crowded places because the bag clings to your body. For this reason, you can prevent pickpockets and other ill-intentioned people efficiently.

5) Designer Bags

Men can also splurge their money on designer bags. They can buy a branded mini bag for their birthday or graduation. Or perhaps, you can give it to your husband or boyfriend for your anniversary. Designer bags can also improve their overall fashion style and make their OOTDs more stylish.

6) Duffel / Gym Bag

If you’re an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, a duffel or gym bag can be a convenient item for your needs. You can put your clothes, big water jugs, and other necessary items for physical activities. Aside from this, you can repurpose your gym bags and use them for your travels.

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