MMR Boosting: Why anyone would order it in Dota 2

Many Dota 2 players these days often find themselves in a bad position when they are trying to get the better rank. That happened due to high competition of the game and long average of the game. Very often it takes more than one hour to finish one match.

This way outsource services are coming in. Such as service which hired the best players who now provide their services to a usual player who seeks for the fastest mmr boosting on the internet.

Using such service you may get Matchmaking Rating equal to 6000 or even more. However, in such a situation, it will be much harder to not lose such a position because of the highest competition of the top-ranked players.

Except, using boosting services (the fastest way to get the high rank), there are more simple but slow ways to get the desired MMR. For example, you can start to read educational guides and work on your mistakes during Dota 2 ranked games.

Dota 2 MMR climbing

But remember that without learning the basic features you will never be a good Dota 2 player. Such things as proper matchups, macro understanding where the enemy is and where you MUST be, and micro control of your hero, which is incredibly major for core roles (1 pos Carry, 2 pos Mid Laner, 3 pos Hard Laner).

But if you see that you know all the basics and have a great understanding of the Dota 2, then you need to learn in-depth mechanics of dota 2. You need to know how to use meta champions, how to perform successful roams and other things. Learn them from professional vods, you could find thousands of them on the web. Learn by watching streams of professionals, who are always playing in the Twitch, but also you could learn the Macro by watching major tournaments. If you will be attentive enough you will see all the macro movements of the whole team and later you will be able to use this knowledge to see the whole situation on the map.

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