Quick Guide Where To Place Plants and Flowers in Home

If you have recently shifted into a new house, thinking of renovating your home or simply interested in interior designing; we are sure you flip through numerous home designing magazines and Instagram pages. What’s one thing that’s common among all the platforms and pages related to home designing or interior designing? Well, that’s the incorporation of plants and flowers.

Decorating interior spaces with plants and flowers is a huge hit, and everybody just seems to fall in love with these natural beauties. In addition to the health benefits they have to offer, the advantages of making the place look bright, lively, and beautiful are like none other.

When you decide to make plants and flowers your home buddies, you add colour, texture, style to your home, which is the basis of home designing. While placing a pot in any corner would be no harm, but for the ones who aim at accessorizing their homes in a manner that instantly allures the senses, one needs to know the proper places to keep them.

From the books of renowned interior designers, we have listed the areas to adorn the home with plants and flowers.

  1. The HallWay Decoration: There is nothing better than being greeted with fresh flowers as you enter the home. Therefore, the hallway is one of the most desired places to show off your foliage and flower display. Something colourful and striking is always the conversation starter, not to miss the vase choices. You can set a unique vase with a bunch of flowers running up the hallway. Make sure the flowers add up to a tall something which can be admired from the ground level whilst walking the staircase. If you are more of a plant person, consider placing potted trees. With plants, you can create a striking balance with light and dark green foliage.

  1. Bedroom Beauty: Your bedroom is the last place you will head to and the first place you wake up. So, the importance of an ideal environment cannot be understated. The best way to lift up the visuals and mood is to add flowers and plants. When going for plants, we suggest you add air-purifying plants that help you sleep better. In the corner, you can have a plant or if you have a cabinet in the room, deck plants on top of it. Then, you can have a small posy of flowers on your bedside table. Choose the flowers according to the hues of your room. If you have a black/grey room, add soft coloured flowers. But, if you have a coloured room say pink, go for white flowers to balance out.

  1. Refreshing Bathrooms: Why leave the Bathroom alone? Because of the humid environment, it is ideal for houseplants. If there is a window that lets in enough sunlight, then it’s a great place to have plants. Add a refreshing burst of green to your routine with bathroom plants. Place the pots on the windowsill, wall shelf, or on a cabinet if there is any.
  2. Live Up Living Space: Transform your living space with flowers and plants. On the coffee table, have a pot of colourful blooms. Again, go for contrasting blooms, pick vases that are more creative for adding texture. Then transform the corner into centrepieces by placing pots of plants, herbs or fillers like Lavender, Baby breath, etc.

  1. Extend Shelf Life: One of the easiest ways to keep the space fresh and beautiful is to have plants and flowers on the shelves. Choose alternative cabins of the shelves to add plants and flowers, and in the rest, you can place decor pieces.

Style following these tips for a beautiful and happy home!

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