Role of Reception Security Guard in Bristol  

Are you wondering what is the importance of reception security guard in Bristol? A reception security guard is a security officer at reception who is responsible for a wide range of customer and security services such as Signing visitors in and out, switchboard operations, and front-line reception for visitors and staff.

Every company has a reception area through which visitors and employees pass through. It is the duty of the reception security guard to greet visitors in a friendly manner. Not only this, the reception security guard has a lot of other responsibilities as well. In this post, we have talked about the role of the Bristol security guard at reception of any business premises.

Importance of Reception Security Guard

The reception security guard should have comprehensive knowledge of security systems, strong observation skills, good decision-making skills, physical strength, and the ability to remain calm under pressure.

The reception security guard has a key role to play in the security of the premises. The reception security guard represents the company and has an autonomous position. The guard has a lot of responsibilities.

The security at reception is responsible for the security of a building. The guard will monitor visitors’ activities, their movement in and out of the premises. They will provide required and valuable information in case of an emergency evacuation. An exact list of people in the building is essential for headcount.

Moreover, the security guard will monitor access to the building. Patrolling the building and keeping an eye on signs of intrusion. The reception security guard will even investigate disturbances and contact police in case of an emergency. They are capable of operating surveillance systems to make sure everything is in order.

The reception security guard will handle all the courier deliveries. In addition, the reception security guard will even take phone calls and provide support to the reception staff and help visitors with directions.

Since reception security guards are experts in both receptionist and security services, they perform duties like inspecting packages and bags along with maintaining secure logs and access cards. They also operate detecting devices like metal wands and detectors. In addition, they make sure the alarm systems are operating properly.

Therefore, a reception security guard is crucial for keeping the building safe and secure.  There are several Security companies in Bristol. Unfortunately, not all companies are trustworthy and reliable. Having a trained and trustworthy reception security guard is indispensable because it will help your company create a first great impression. This is where your company can create the right image.

We, at Mobile Patrol Bristol, have a team of professionally trained and competent security guards. All our reception security guards will ensure your premises is safe. Our experts have receptionists and security training. All our security professionals are qualified in performing a wide range of activities including monitoring visitors’ activity, keeping an eye on suspicious activity, assisting with mail deliveries, contacting the police in case of emergencies, and much more.

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