Secretarial Services Offers in Hong Kong 

Despite the number of employees you already have at your company, you still need a company secretary, under The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. This may also mean engaging in Hong Kong secretarial services, which is highly beneficial for your business as company secretarial services would boost workflow efficiency and productivity within the company.

If you are looking for a good Hong Kong company secretary, you should get the best service provider there to meet your company’s needs. 3E Accounting Hong Kong is an innovative Hong Kong corporate service provider that would provide efficient and immediate services with the ideal turnaround time you need. As they function well in today’s technological set-up, you can count on this digital new-age accounting firm that functions through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

How Does 3E Accounting Hong Kong Function as a Secretarial Company?

3E Accounting Hong Kong is a multi-functional secretary company that could achieve your day-to-day clerical duties for you. Their services include:

Organization and maintenance of corporate and statutory documents of your company

As a Hong Kong secretary company, 3E Accounting provides you with services that include organizing and safekeeping all of the company’s documents. This would ensure that all proceedings and dealings of the company is well-documented and can be kept safe for future use.

Filing of annual return

Filing your annual returns does not have to be a hassle anymore. 3E Accounting Hong Kong can easily file your annual return for you even before the due date.

Assisting the company to observe government regulations

Since companies are subject to government regulations, having a company secretary would be helpful in order to ensure that your company is able to adhere to the government regulations to prevent conflicts in the future.

Preparing board minutes

Having a set agenda before every meeting is beneficial for an efficient flow of the meeting. It also ensures that all points would be discussed, which is why a company secretary would be helpful in the achievement of such.

Arranging law-mandated general meetings yearly

General meetings required by law can be easily arranged with the help of secretarial services because they can better coordinate with others and you can achieve proper delegation of work within the company.

What is 3E Accounting Well-Known For?

3E Accounting is well-known for being responsive and fast-paced which ensures cost-effectivity. Apart from being a Hong Kong secretary company, they do other tasks as well. Here are some of the program packages they offer.

Routine Packages

The following packages are free unless stated otherwise:

Non-Routine Packages

The following are some, among many, non-routine packages 3E Accounting offers:

Services They Offer

3E Accounting promises that your future success lies with them because of their credible experts that come from different professional backgrounds.

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