Seven amazing Facts about a royal family that you might not be knowing 

Role of the royal family

The royal family indeed help Queen Elizabeth ii with National and state duties. They also help Queen Elizabeth II welcoming guests in any royal or national engagements. The royal family is working for many charitable organisations, approximately over 3000 charitable organisations. They also have the responsibility to strengthen and unite the Citizens of the United Kingdom.

Over all-in-one, single year royal family attends over 2000 National and Royal engagements in the country or International. They also support organisations that promote the environment, education, health and medical facilities, etc.

Facts about the royal family

The reason why Queen Elizabeth II wore bright and bold colour clothes is not just because of her liking but also to make sure there her follower can recognise Thor even in the crowd of thousands. The queen doesn’t want to go without watching her. This is counted as one of the weirdest facts of the royal family.

The fact that Queen Elizabeth 2 celebrates her birthday twice a year is quite weird. It is not about just being a royal. The key answer is something different. The official birthday of Queen Elizabeth 2 is celebrated on 21st April. Although to celebrate her birthday publicly, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her birthday on the second Saturday of June.

No, they don’t want to gain any mercy on their driver nor get into the good eyes of people. Sometimes members of the royal family drive their car just too often take a break from their luxurious lifestyle. This shows that sometimes luxurious life can also be a boring one.

Yes, you have read it correctly. While brushing the teeth, Prince Charles needs the help of the staff to take out his toothpaste. Not only this, even the shoelaces of Prince Charles should be ironed and flayed.

At the time when princes Diana got married to Prince Charles, she made the record of wearing 25 feet long dressing gown, which was designed by the Emanuel of Elizabeth and David. Amazingly she broke the record of wearing one of the longest dressing gowns in royal history.

There no such reason as to why every guest and Royal member should weigh their weight before participating in a Christmas dinner.

Almost every member of the royal family doesn’t prefer to, or they are not sent to any school or colleges; instead, they are trained by the professor and coaching teachers at home right from childhood. Fortunately, Kate Middleton is the first person to get an official degree in 2005 from St. Andrews University.

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