Three Tips for Mentoring Next-Generation the Right Way

In the 21st century, business trends and technological advances are at peak. Statistics show that nearly half of the young minds fluctuate while choosing their careers. What about the ones who believe in Entrepreneurship? Yes, you heard it right. This century is stacked up with innovations and the idea of possessing a new identity. The quality of being an entrepreneur is itself risk-taking for a business platform to reach heights.

Are these young minds of Next-Generation getting enough mentorship to forge ahead and succeed in starting their career? Young employees need coaching and mentoring to improve their skills, roles, and experiences in this business world. They are the Next-Generation, who will lead the company into the future. One of the major concerns is that young people aren’t getting the right coaching and mentoring they need to equip to lead in complex environments and under pressure.

An example of a great mentor is Reza Satchu Alignvest’s Co-founder. Reza Satchu is an entrepreneur and Co-founder of Alignvest Management Corporation, a leading private investment firm.

Psychology and Research show that many companies don’t have a scheduled strategy for preparing this future generation. Some companies have very meager budgets for their training and some limited resources that can train them in the right way. These are contributing to the factors of neglecting such a crucial aspect of any business. Unpreparedness and incorrect training will leave your team of young aspiring people clueless and not ready to take charge. Entrepreneur ideas will fall if these young minds are not appropriately trained. Their sheer understanding of business and profit will lead to the future of any company. 

Three tips for Mentoring Next-Generation the right way:

Identify the skills and wisdom:

Mentors need to evaluate what skills and knowledge are required in order to sustain the organization in the future. Every company has a goal set by previous leaders and business owners. Being a mentor, you need to learn about the attributes required to train your batch of young people.

Hoping for the best and prepares you for the worst:

Some of your mentorship schedules should cover conflict management training, effective communication, flexibility to adapt, innovation, accountability, and performance appraisals. 

Rightly said by Maya Angelou, an American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist, “Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, and unsurprised by anything in between.”

Mentor and also be mentored!

Learning never stops. It’s a proven fact that nobody knows the world’s knowledge, so we learn a lot of new things every day. While mentoring the youth generation, the mentor also can discover new possibilities from a different perspective. So, one should never say no to learning despite the position one holds. When one is master at tapping the necessities of an entrepreneur and others can be the jack of all trades. This is often said to be cross-generational mentoring, where rapport is set in a two-way direction.

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