Tips to start your moving company

At any time of the year and in any area, locality or region, there may be someone who requires the removal service, whether for residential, commercial or organizational removals, which opens a lucrative path for the entrepreneur with great opportunities, as It is true that these cases occur very frequently and with the activity of the market, businesses have generated new services included that often determine the decision of customers. From the business news ledger you can now know the best.

If you plan to start your own business with this activity or at least you have it within your possibilities, in this section we will tell you everything you will need to set it up and in this way, better consider this business idea.

Pay close attention to each of the points that we will begin to name to execute this business idea.

Moving business activity

Moving businesses specialize in the movement of elements, furniture, materials, goods and other series of articles whose size or material makes it difficult to move them in a conventional way, therefore, many people hire companies that offer this service and that have the vehicle, the packaging materials and the personnel familiar with these processes for this type of situation.

Services that you can offer: Many moving and freight companies are only responsible for taking people’s belongings without further ado, but there are another series of services that you can add to increase your profits to the extent that you offer everything that people need, such as: packing of belongings with boxes, adhesive tapes, corrugated cardboard, protective plastics, styrofoam for glasses, etc., storage service and even rental of units for whatever they need, however, keep in mind that this depends on the staff and the conditions of your business, because it is not only about promising the client, but also about fulfilling. The comforting thing for you is that Shiply, a great online resource has established this business with many of these services currently running. They can assist you in moving your family pets safely.

Get permits to start your moving business

Like any other business, it will be necessary to have the necessary operating licenses to offer the service legally and in accordance with the conditions of the law. For this, it will be necessary to have the registration in the government office in your city and provide the necessary documents to obtain the operating permits. Remember that these vary according to the location and the rules of the state in the place where you are, so it will be necessary for you to go personally and find out everything you need.

Location for the transfer business

Although, although this type of business specializes in travel, so you will spend much more time outside, a large operating premises would not be entirely necessary, although this depends on the services you want to offer and how you want to propose them. A small office or a small premises can be enough if you plan to sell all kinds of packing material for moving, as well as a space where people can go to rent one of the moving vehicles and make quotes, otherwise, if it is you Who will be in charge of doing all these processes, it will be enough with an office area where you have a telephone to schedule appointments and coordinate services.From the biography Bashar Ibrahim also you can know a great deal now.

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Material that you will need to start this type of transfer business

Within what you are going to need, we cannot leave aside the vehicle in which you are going to properly provide the service. This must have the precise dimensions to be able to store a large part of your clients’ belongings, although the ideal is to have at least two vehicles of different sizes that fit the main needs of the clients.

Personnel needed for the moving business

Unlike other types of businesses, in moving and moving, it is extremely necessary to have the hand of staff for the entire process, from packaging (if you offer it), to the arrangement, loading and unloading of the elements. The key to finding suitable personnel must not only be based on strong arms, but also on the organizational and efficient capacity to accommodate and care for the elements.

In principle, you can have one or two more employees, and over time, the staff may increase according to the needs and service times. Keep in mind that if you plan to have a customer service location, you will also need staff for care.

Market study in this moving sector

Analyzing the market will allow us to know the state of the business, such as the prices that are being handled, the conditions and services that are proposed, location and means of dissemination of the competition, among others that will allow us to improve our launch and operation strategies of the business.

Organization of moving service costs

Establishing the costs that the service you offer will have is an extremely important aspect of the business, which can vary in each situation and which depends on a wide variety of factors that we must take into account. Among the elements that may vary the cost of each moving service, are: mileage, number or quantity of elements, weight, travel times and places, necessary labor, necessary packing material, means of transport (dimensions, purchase or vehicle rental), payment for personnel, prices that are handled in the market, among others.

Promote your business as a moving service entrepreneur

To launch your business, it will be necessary to take into account that those who are in the situation of looking for moving companies, will mainly do so with quick searches on the Internet, local directories or simply by recommendation, so it will be necessary to cover all these areas. Distribute flyers in the area where you are and if possible, notices in other places to facilitate your contact, as well as business cards, a website and social networks. There are groups and Internet pages where you can also sign up for potential customers looking for your service.

Problems that may appear when starting your moving business

During the moves, we probably have the reference of loss of minimal objects and elements that can be spread, however, the responsibility, most of the time, falls on the personnel who are in charge of the move, so, to avoid this type of drawbacks, it will be necessary to create a contract detailing the type of service that is being acquired with the company, as well as the entire process and, if possible, the amount of elements that are going to be moved.

Final recommendation for your moving business to be successful

Being one of the most commonly requested services anywhere, competition can be very broad, so innovating and presenting better customer services should be your top priority. To do this, you can emphasize the possible services that we name at the beginning to add to the central activity, as well as fully comply with the arrival times and conditions (taking into account possible delays and always communicating any eventuality to the client). Make your customers loyal with the best service, this is a plus for the arrival of new business.

The moving sector has evolved and with the so-called real estate boom, opening a  company  of this type could become an interesting  business idea  if you have everything you need and plan.

Perhaps a new entrepreneur with sufficient capital, as well as the necessary equipment and machinery, will find it profitable to start a moving company. Remember that for a move, an independent who has a van can charge up to S / .150 for a short trip (San Miguel to Jesús María, for example) and without charging (S / .50 for a loader assistant). A day can be made between two and three trips (S / .300 per day and S /. 1,800 for six days of work).

Through , Karla Huamán,  Acuarius Mudanzas Commercial Accounts executive , explained that they are basically logistics operators whose most outstanding services are: removals, transportation, packaging, warehousing, and rental of units. She stressed that, in addition to offering a good service, it is necessary to differentiate itself from the competition by offering added value in terms of packaging or speed of service.

The potential clients of a moving agency are divided into:

-Natural people.

-Legal persons.

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What is needed to equip this business?                                                    

-Own units (Various sizes).

-Local (garage – warehouses – office).

-Trained staff

-Insurance and full-risk guarantee

-Competitive prices

What type of premises is required?

At least a local of 300m2 to start, in this place all operations must be centered, office, warehouse, garage among others.

What are the main costs?

-Investment advertising

-Training to staff

-Maintenance units


-Country office or warehouse (if applicable)

-Personal working by day

What aspects should I not stop monitoring?

-Try to have a portfolio of clients.

-Verify the formalization of the company through the  Sunat website .      

-Insurance for staff.

-Constant GPS monitoring.

Where do I find the supplies?

Karla Huamán listed some possible places of purchase:

-Center of Lima -Multitop


-Film pack


-Trupal, among others.

Do the prices of inputs change a lot? What does this depend on?

They are relatively variable. This depends on the seasonality of the  input , which participates in the manufacturing process of the final good. This happens more frequently in products such as: tapes, stretch film and corrugated cardboard.

What type of services should be hired for a corporate move?

1.- Electrician

2.- Carpenter

3.- Painter

4.- Glazier (If necessary)

3.- Systems and / or network engineer

4.- Moving company (With experience in the service)

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