Top 5 Face Mask Bandanas Currently Trending in the Market

With the Coronavirus pandemic still afoot, the market is filled with different kinds of masks all serving different purposes and requirements. So, it is not at all a surprise, to see more stylish and chic facemasks come to market.

One of the most popular choices is the bandana. However, using a handkerchief as a bandana to cover the mouth probably does more harm than good.

A recent study conducted at Duke University found that the common square-shaped bandanas do not offer much protection in stopping the respiratory droplets from coming in contact with our face. Unless you are looking to keep your mouth and nose clean of dirt and dust while going out, then these bandanas are not as effective a PPE tool.

However, if you like the look of a bandana, then consider buying a bandana style face mask that offers more protection against microbes and viruses. Some of the best bandana-styled face masks will not resemble the square piece of cloth and will come with interior protective layers.

Top 5 Face Mask Bandanas in 2021

If you wish to buy a bandana, here are the top 5 choices of 2021

Multi-functional Face Wrap Bandanas from Whizley:

One of the most top-rated facemask bandanas in the market, the Multi-functional Face Wrap Bandanas from Whizley has been designed and manufactured in FDA registered units. Each bandana pack contains pieces of bandana sporting various designs.

Buy a bandana pack from Whizley and you will get 5 masks sporting the following designs:

As suggested by the name, this bandana can be used as a scarf, neck warmer, and headband as well. The universal sized bandana is made out of 100 percent polyester and comes with moisture-wicking properties. The bandana is machine washable and has been reviewed to be quite durable and stretchy.

Classic Maroon Bandana Face Mask by The Bandana Blanket Company:

This non-medical bandana from The Bandana Blanket Company comes with double interior layers for protection and is also fitted with an interior pocket for the filter. The bandana sports a pleated design and is 7 inches by 3.5 inches in size.

It comes with elasticated earloops for a proper and comfortable fit. While the maroon colored bandana is the most popular in the market, it is also available in other colors as well. Moreover, the company has decided to donate a portion of the sales for COVID-19 relief efforts.

Reusable Face Mask Bandana by Urban Outfitters:

If you are looking to buy a bandana featuring the paisley color theme and print, look no further than Urban Outfitters. With a length of seven inches and a width of 3.75 inches, this non-medical mask looks like a normal bandana from the outside. The durable yet stretchy earloops are soft and won’t chafe behind the ear. The bandana face mask is made entirely of cotton and comes in lighter colors like lavender.

Reusable Face Mask from Levis:

These Levis bandana face masks are available in three shades and can be reused after proper cleaning. One of the best features of this mask is that it is reversible with one side sporting the paisley pattern and the other side featuring a solid color.

Use whichever side matches your outfit of the day and stay chic and stylish even during the pandemic. The Levis non-medical mask comes with adjustable cord ties as earloops for a comfortable fit and wear. This reusable face mask comes in two sizes small and large with the latter fitting most of the adults quite comfortably.

Coastal Rose Bandanas:

There are myriad ways of wearing this bandana face mask. You can use it as a bandana, a scarf, face covering, a neck gaiter, a balaclava, and more. The bandana comes with stretchable earloops for better comfort and fit. The bandana is made of moisture-absorbent fabric that keeps the respiratory droplets from coming in contact with your nose and mouth.

In Conclusion:

Healthcare workers and researchers are working tirelessly to provide and protect us with the best care possible. It is also our responsibility to do our bit and protect ourselves by using the standard PPE tools. Proper bandana face masks are not only stylish but also effective in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Buy a bandana to stay safe and keep everyone else safe.

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