Top Kitchen Trends of 2020

As a homeowner, you know every part of your home is very important. If you love cooking, then you surely wanted your cooking area to be as pleasing to the eye as possible. Like any other parts of the house, the kitchen also deserves to be renovated as needed.

With this, kitchen designs are being updated each year. However, traditional kitchen styles continue to do their best to stay in the sector. Contractors are doing everything to make homeowners think that they still have something to upgrade to in their kitchen.

In 2020, there are top five kitchen trends that you should watch out for.

Flextension layout

This trend helps you maximize the space that your kitchen has. There are several types of flextension layout. You can do an L-shape layout or U-shape layout.

Colorful kitchens

If your kitchen has a plain set of walls over the years, maybe it is time to do a new look for it. You may try doing a colorful type of kitchen at home this 2020.


To achieve the best kitchen design ever, you don’t just change or update the colors and the space your kitchen has. You should also know the importance of having sustainable materials that you use in your kitchen. You help yourself with energy but also the planet.

Integrated appliances

A perfect kitchen also consists of integrated appliances which are built-in devices that are less exposed in the kitchen so you can showcase other items that can be seen in the kitchen like your countertops, sink, and kitchen cabinets.

Smart kitchens

As the day passes, the world becomes more technologically advanced. There are already smart devices that can help you ease the chores you do at home such as refrigerators, and dishwashers.

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