Top tips for choosing the perfect hydraulic hose for your project 

Choosing the right hydraulic hose can be quite a tricky road to navigate if you need help knowing where to start. Especially for new hydraulic tool users, understanding the basics of a hydraulic hose is vital before going and buying one for your company.

Choosing the perfect hydraulic hose for the right application can guarantee that system runs efficiently without running into hurdles. Moreover, with the hydraulic hose market rapidly growing with a CAGR of 6.8%, there are quite a few options and variants to choose from. In fact, Phoenix itself has quite a few companies and providers that offer good-quality hydraulic hoses.

So, how do you make the right choice when it comes to hydraulic hoses in Phoenix AZ? To know more about tips and tricks you can use to simplify your choice, read on!

Tips for selecting a hydraulic hose for your project

Here are the few top tips and tricks you must keep in mind while choosing the right hydraulic hose for your application:

  1. Check the material of the hose

You need to consider the material of the hose on the basis of the conditions you intend to use it. To elaborate, the outer layer of a hydraulic hose is generally available in a wide range of synthetic rubber materials.

There are certain materials that are perfect for applications where regular materials might undergo abrasion. However, these materials may not blend readily, and hence it might be a more expensive purchase. For instance, Neoprene is a synthetic material that is generally flexible across extremities in temperature. Furthermore, it handles abrasion pretty well.

  1. Pressure rating

Another important factor to consider while choosing a hydraulic hose. To pick the right hose for yourself, you must choose a hose with a maximum working pressure rating higher than the normal hydraulic system pressure. If this isn’t considered, there is a chance that the hose might just burst if the water pressure is higher than what the pipe can sustain.

  1. Temperature conditions

The temperature at which the hose is generally placed and used also plays a major role in deciding the hose you might want to buy. For instance, if your hose is being used in a steel assembly line where there are boilers and other such equipment, you will have to choose a hose accordingly.

Furthermore, a hose passes a wide variety of fluids, namely: oil, steam, fuel, water, gas, etc. Hence, these hoses are designed specifically based on the type of fluid it passes. Since all these fluids have different boiling points and combustibility, they need specially designed hoses.

For instance, oil is flammable and is a lot more temperature receptive as compared to water. As a result, if you need to pass an oil hose through a hot area, you need a specially designed hose that can withstand the temperature and keep the oil inside insulated and away from the heat.

Wrapping up

Hydraulic hoses are designed for specific purposes and hence differ in make and functionality. Therefore, understanding your hydraulic hose needs comes before anything else. There are quite a few fittings and options that cover an extensive range of applications.

So, make sure you choose a hose that fits all your applications and requirements. Consider all the above factors in depth when it comes to making the right choice of hydraulic hoses in Phoenix AZ. Choose the perfect hydraulic hose for an efficient and smooth system.

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